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Flappy candy ninja crush

Remember when playing outdoors until the sun went down was a daily occurrence? Back when 30 minutes of Nintendo was a treat? I can remember the adults having to find us outside to convince us to hydrate, not with gatorade, fruit pouches or pepsi… just good ol’ water. 

With that said, on this glorious afternoon we didn’t watch a movie or play some flappy-candy-ninja-crush game, we headed out to the woods for some tree loving, dirt stomping exploring!

Two kids, all the dogs, the cat and no surprise to us, Peppa the pig snorted along too! 



 I was so excited to see that someone had built tree forts out in the middle of nowhere! That was until Lana informed me they were actually hunting blinds. In my world… they’re forts.

  What hike would be complete without a silly face piggyback ride?!

Or just a free lift during nap time.

I spy a country kid!


What’s on his head? That would be his new found pet turtle named Franklin. Titus with his camo pants, a sun kissed snarle, side kick cat and a turtle hat classifies the following photo as my favorite of the day!


Handstand shot!  
The post could end here, but as all country kids know… checking for tics is just a part of the walk!  Toe to head and behid the ears, it’s a partner kind-of-thing. 


Tired kids, no tics and a workout for us… success!

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Sweet home… Arkansas?

I’ve returned to stay with my cousin Lana and her family for a well needed visit.  Here’s a post from my last jaunt through these neck of the woods, called Arkie to Okie, crossing state lines.

I recently came from the beaches of Florida where Palm trees populated the skyline and the nearest wild anilmal was a burnt spring breaker playing “Dude, where’s my beer?”. You can imagine how this new setting is refreshing and definitley provides a sense of country comfort. Let’s take a walk!

This house in the woods doesn’t classify as a farm, but there are times I feel like it should. Dogs, cats, chickens, roosters, a goat, duck and one curious pig named Peppa (that follows me on my run every morning).




With an enthusiastic 4 year old boy and a one year old little girl that I nick-named “Spider Monkey”, you’ve got to make time to burn through some energy.  I feel like this front yard is a great start!

Yep, that’s a trampoline you see in the distance.  This spring loaded circle-o-fun provides hours of endless games and the appropriate amount of nap inducing entertainment!

Meet Lana and her spirited little boy named Titus (or “Spider Man” depending on the day).

I don’t think anyone can get on a trampoline and not smile… Love. to. Jump!


This is my favorite trampoline photo.  A super-mom shining in the moment! 
  Moving on to the next option for kid-fuel ditribution, yard toys!




Hopefully tomorrow will bring a long walk and more playtime.  This is all of course dependant on the unpredictable weather of Arkansas.  Rain, sunshine, flash floods, tornado? All possible. We’ll see!

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Grass-bottom dance floor

Have you ever been in a yard and thought, “I could throw some epic parties back here” or “We should put a stage over there… and a bar on that side. Shoots, let’s bring in some portable bathrooms and a sink for the guests!” Well this family thought of it, did it and have been sharing their space for years now.  

If you recall, last time I was at this venue, I had come to surprise my mom for her birthday and the universe placed the band Heritage right in my lap. See that episode by clicking here.

What a wonderful return to the Williams Backyard Boogie!






Within moments of arriving, you begin to hear the unfolding of lawn chairs and the bottles of wine opening. By the time sound-check is over, there’s the smell of home cooked bbq and the energy of playful kids taking advantage of the wide open spaces.

This time, joining the grass bottom dance floor is some of the families and companions of the band, local artist that we’ve grown to know personally and a few new buddies (future travel partners). What a spectacular bunch!



  Let the tunes begin!


The smiling eyes next to me in the collage below has got to be one of their biggest fans.  With a heart of gold and a contagious laugh, I always enjoy sharing the dance floor with Miss Jodi. Here we are at a few shows from Tallahassee to Panama City… and now tonight!

Hey ladies, you know when you’ve been dancing all night in those uncomfortable shoes on the hard floors of a club? You should try barefoot, front stage on fresh grass and soft dirt. Glorious!


There’s really no need to set up the following picture… It’s just one fantastic photo bomb.

 Well done Lane… well done.

Say what?! It’s Dannica! This wonderful vocalist is the leading woman in Schatzi and The String Boffin that I introduced to you last year. Remember this post?

Tonight she joins me in a duo handstand photo. It makes me giggle that although we were several feet away from each other, she still managed to appear with her foot on my head. Figures since she’s a yogi.


“Got to visualize a better day… to materialize a better way”. The band Heritage

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White sand in the Gulf of Mexico

Scenes from a postcard. Clear water next to white powdery sand, complimenting a blue sky and perky palm trees. I began to wonder if you could do one too many posts of this ambiance before they all start looking the same. I think not.  In my book, there’s never too much of the good stuff!

Lucky enough to live walking distance to the beach, I often found myself with sandy toes (amongst other areas) and salty wind in my hair. These are a random photos I took throughout the days either while on a run or just meditating my way through the afternoon in Panama City Beach, Florida.



Like most things in life, the more the merrier! We’re all getting to know Shanda (from previous posts) and on this day, we snagged a few chairs and headed for the water. Girl talk, wet feet and sunshine kissed shoulders. Yes please!


 ..and my favorite time spent with my sun loving mum.  



If you care to see more of this specific area, feel free to check out Beaches, boats and balladsHappy and healthy with sandy toes or Panama City Beach

See the tall buidings waaaayy down there? The second photo following was taken near there, the East end of PCB. (Plus I needed to squeeze in this handstand pic!)


Good night from Panama City Beach!


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First Live Album! Absorb some authentic Heritage

There are only two (acceptable) reasons you don’t jam out to the band Heritage.  You’re either new to (welcome and enjoy!) or you don’t have the ability to listen to quality music (sorry for you loss). 

The Swamp Club, despite its name, is a clean venue with an elevated stage, unique decor and plenty of cold beverages being served.  

On this evening, the local fans were invited for the recording of Heritage’s first live album and I am ever so grateful that I was in town to be a part of it!



Three main ways to get to know these fine gentlemen:

1. Check out their SHOW link here, pick a date… and show up!

2. Continue to follow my blog (although I don’t do them the ultimate justice they deserve).

2. Read their BIO here (aweome, but not as cool).   


 Did I mention is was Cinco de Mayo?  

You know when you’re at a concert and they play that “one song”?  Here are a few pics snapped within moments of each other. Judging from the blurred dreadlocks and the hats in the air, not a smile was holding still!


…and clearly nobody was having fun.

Recognize the sweet smile next to me?  That’s Shanda from the previous post! This lady-o-fun brings all the right vibes, especially to a show like Heritage.  Wouldn’t have it any other way! 

For your convenience and my selfish desire for you to see more of these guys, please click on any link below:

 A man becomes what he thinks about

4th of July, Santa Rosa Beach style
Schatziti and the String Boffin
Beaches, boats and ballads
Surprise attack!

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The Grayton Beer Company

Back in 2011 Jamey Price began his journey of creating a beer that could be enjoyed by all. With a dream, (like so many beer lovers out the there) he started in his garage and low and behold years later, I get to introduce to you The Grayton beer company. After selling their delicious creations throughout the local community, they’ve recently opened up a taproom providing a comfortable and social environment to consume these delightfully flavored beverages.

Their website explains, “In addition to our year-round styles, our 25-tap draft wall also features small-batch brews as well as four guest taps from other Florida breweries”. 

Are you a beer connoisseur (or atleast claim to be)? Click here to check out their selection to see which you think would be your favorite!

I love playing games. Billiards, cards, sports, you name it!  Mix a playful atmosphere with a tasty beer, add a friendly vibe and hang up some local art and here’s what you get!


The two lovely smiles below are my new go-to partners in crime. I met Shanda only a few weeks ago and feel as if it’s been years.  Don’t be surprised to see her sweet face with me abroad some day soon! Lane can be described as extremely kind, hilarious (my cheeks often hurt after a game night) and genuine.

I’ll leave this post with a quality quote form the legend, Ray Charles. Read it, think about it… Good stuff.  
 For more about the local scene, please check out the Seaside post from last year!

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Seabreeze Jazz Festival

The Seabreeze Jazz Festival is an annual event that draws a crowd of distinct energy.  I’m confident that the magnetic pull is from a line up of upcoming artist like Ryan Montano to the smooth jazz heroes of Brian Culbertson and Al Jarreau. Since my mom is an extremely diligent worker and fabulous at making connections, this marks her third year behind the scenes. Now, I’m lucky enough to work along side her! 

We arrived early each morning in order to set up and prepare for the eager attendees.  Here’s a shot of the venue before the controlled chaos began.

I didn’t get the memo that there would be a race for a good seat, so you can imagine my concern when I saw several people sprinting.  Should I run too, what are they running from!?

Here’s a few photos I took during the weekend to give you an idea of the crowd. Packed solid and happy as can be!


I found Waldo.

I took a stroll to show you some of the vendors serving up authentic bites from Puerto Rican dishes to good ol’ soul food, crepes to taco’s, pizza, fried chicken and what’s a festival without funnel cake!

If you would of followed the sound of my moms voice (that she ended up losing by the end of the event) you would of found her behind the shiny glass where they stored and sold the Cd’s from the artist.

Check out the unintentional photo bomb from captain red hat. Well done sir… Well done.
My job during this heavenly weekend? I’m none other than the girl in the drink tent.  Who wouldn’t be happy to be behind a stand with wine, sangría and beer!
Take a good look and the gentlemen next to me.  Words that come to mind when I think of Rex: genuine, compassionate, honest and funny.  Wonderful news to the community, his day job is in the medical field working directly with the patients. It was such a joy to work (if you call it that) along side this positive bundle of energy!
Handstand shot!
15 hour days require a few necessary breaks and when would be a better time, than to get up close and personal with the powerful sounds of my moms friend Everette Harp.  She’s known this incredible artist since her days back in Sacramento working at 94.7 KSSJ Smooth Jazz!


A new addition to my playlist is the stunning, talented and ever so entertaining Mindi Abair. How can you turn away from a tall blonde in high heels wailing on a saxaphone?!


You’ve seen our view, now check out theirs!

If you’re concerned about a Florida storm brewing (we were), not to worry as the accomplished musicians will play rain or shine… and the fans? Well, they won’t go anywhere except back in line for more wine and a poncho! My favorite fella during the rain was the happy goer that simply placed a plastic grocery bag over his “fancy hat” to protect it from the moisture. Brilliant!


Creative shot of the day was the use of a small camera effect while watching the storm roll in.

Fun facts I learned about myself: I feel exceptionally important with a staff radio (they made fun of me for calling it a walky-talky) and I rarely pass up the opportunity to take a ride in a golf cart.
A special thanks to Renee, Mark and their family and friends for putting on the 17th annual smooth jazz experience. This ultimate weekend was clearly enjoyed by all! 
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