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Surf, fish and strike a Pose! 

In the past few weeks Barbados has hosted some entertaining events bringing in people from all over the world.  Matt and I got to play a small role in a bundle of them, so let’s review!

First up was a surf competition on the popular beach called Drill Hall, better known as Brandon’s Beach. Local Barbadians competed along side surfers from Hawaii, Japan, Brazil, Australia, USA, France, Spain and other countries. It was heavenly to witness!

I was lucky enough to watch Matt work his magic from the shore line. What a view, eh? Not everyone gets to work under a palm tree surrounded by happy people, beautiful scenery and positive vibes. #grateful

 Some of my favorite shots of the day…

For event details, results and more photos please visit

Ever heard of a fishing tournament ending at a yacht club with live music and a runway show? Me either…. until now! I don’t have many photos from the actual tournament as our part was primarily with the after party hosted at Port Saint Charles. Matt was the man behind the camera!

The drinks were flowing, the music was a hit (as always with Moo Town) and now the models take the stage! The dress attire may look familiar as this will be the third production that I’ve gotten to work with Kelly representing her unique boutique. These fun clips you can see in Kelly’s Kloset and Kelly does it again! 

Thank you Michelle and Kelly for the welcoming energy and wonderful experience! For more photos of the events above, please visit

Sneak peak for the next post… (Enter really excited face here!) 

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Hot with a 92% chance of muggy

I landed in Arkansas to visit an extraordinary girl that I’ve been able to grow up with and watch develop into a strong woman and nurturing mom. You’ve seen her before in several posts including Dear highway, will you ever end?  and Look Keka, I got a bullfrog! World, meet my cousin (more like a sister) Lana Lane. We didn’t have much time for quirky photos or big events, but we dig snag a picture of the road trip to Oklahoma- me, her and her family. 

Once arriving to Oklahoma we immediately started our giggles with her sister, which of course means my other sister(ish) cousin, Lacie Lane. Things that would never happen in her home: strangers– because everyone’s welcome with a smile, hunger– because she’d give you her last to make sure you’re fed, misbehaving children– momma bear means business! From left to right, Tennesee (Lacies daughter), Lacie, muah and Lana.

We all joined her son in his first soccer game of the season. You’ve seen sweet Dane in the post Time to work hard(ish).Once the cousins went back to their Monday routines I ventured to my family’s house for some sibling summer fun! Kind of strange to be writing after all these years as if you, the audience, knows these kids personally. I suppose if you’ve been following since the beginning you’ve seen them grow from little tykes in Till next time Oklahoma to the most recent in New found higher love.  Now they range from 6-18 years old! 

I was flattered when the boys invited me on a sunrise fishing trip. Just us, a few poles, bait and priceless time to catch up.

The walk home brought a bundle of fish and some growling tummies. I’ll give you one guess on what we ate for lunch…

Wondering what the temperature is in Oklahoma on a sunny September afternoon? 

Hot with a 92% chance of muggy. 

Our cure? Swim! Last year my carefree siblings were livin it up using a horse trough as a pool. Check out the turkey that joined them in the post You know you’re a country kid when… This summers swimming pool? Well from their mouths, “it’s a real one Keka!” (They call me Keh-kuh)

Have I a mentioned how lucky I am to be surrounded by such wonderful energy? These kids are irreplaceable.

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White sand in the Gulf of Mexico

Scenes from a postcard. Clear water next to white powdery sand, complimenting a blue sky and perky palm trees. I began to wonder if you could do one too many posts of this ambiance before they all start looking the same. I think not.  In my book, there’s never too much of the good stuff!

Lucky enough to live walking distance to the beach, I often found myself with sandy toes (amongst other areas) and salty wind in my hair. These are a random photos I took throughout the days either while on a run or just meditating my way through the afternoon in Panama City Beach, Florida.



Like most things in life, the more the merrier! We’re all getting to know Shanda (from previous posts) and on this day, we snagged a few chairs and headed for the water. Girl talk, wet feet and sunshine kissed shoulders. Yes please!


 ..and my favorite time spent with my sun loving mum.  



If you care to see more of this specific area, feel free to check out Beaches, boats and balladsHappy and healthy with sandy toes or Panama City Beach

See the tall buidings waaaayy down there? The second photo following was taken near there, the East end of PCB. (Plus I needed to squeeze in this handstand pic!)


Good night from Panama City Beach!


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Fishy fishy in the brook

I’d like to proclaim that I’m an outdoorsy girl that has no qualms with stomping around in gum boots, sleeping on the dirt ground and starting a fire with two sticks. All being true, I was excited to head to the local lake to go fishing with my good ol’ pops and the family. I can just see it now, dad, my brothers and I teaching the little ones how to cast a line…




Well, turns out my rugged backpacking skills don’t assist me when I have a live worm in my hand with instructions to “just stab it through the hook” and “really make sure it’s on there.” Yeah, no thanks.






As I was secretly hoping that I didn’t catch anything, (in fear of seeing a flopping fish struggling to survive the metal through its gils) I hear, “you got one Keka!” Oh great.


After politely bailing on the actual fishing portion of the day, I was able to capture some cute moments with the family. This was such a peaceful day that will be listed in the “feels like it was just yesterday” portion of my memories.


Excluding my new internal battle of fishing for sport, I’ll admit the afternoon was absolutely perfect. With family running through the dirt roads and ankle high grass, I found a sweet spot showing off the popular red dirt that Oklahoma is known for. Handstand time!


Quick pic update for those of you who have been following since day one. Here’s a sibling photo from a post 2 years ago, followed by our recent. I don’t know how they got older and I got younger!?



I’ll leave this as my last post in Oklahoma for the time being. Next stop is Florida where my mom is currently counting down the days until we reunite at the Panama City Beach airport.

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Does it taste better when you catch it?

As I boarded the bus I to my next volunteer spot, I reviewed the directions:
“Bus to Bahia transfer towards Manta then grab a cab to Santa Marionita. Get dropped off at the top, walk towards the nice beach and look for a fence with a sign that says Donkey Den“.
Hmmm, this should be good.

Knowing the adventure I have ahead of me, you can imagine the comfort I felt when aboard walks sweet Rocio! Remember her? She was the one that helped me get to Canoa and provided hours of Spanish practice due to her lack of English. Here we are on the last bus, followed by a photo from today.



To make it even better of a ride, I meet these friendly guys from Auburn. If you’re unfamiliar with California, they live in a city that hugs my hometown! Big, beautiful, little world out there.


Off we go to the next bus transfer. The last seat open was passenger side to the driver, score!






It’s a hot day and I’m pleasantly melting directly in the sun. The cure? Those silly little salesmen are back! I passed on the ice cream cone from the last bus…


…but this time I heard the word “yogurt” and you know it, I’ll take one please!


The man sitting next to me must have recognized my enjoyment from that frozen treat, because before I knew it, I was trying out this little delight. “Helado de Coco con chocolate” is basically homemade frozen chocolate coconut milk.



Finally arriving to Manta, Rocio directs me away from the taxi line and signals me to follow her. We hop into a cab on the outside of the terminal as she tries to explain my next step. I really didn’t comprehend anything until I was literally jumping into the back of a moving truck that was apparently going to take me to my final stop.




These little camionetas pack in as many as they can and head in one direction. You simple pound on the window that divides you and the driver and it stops long enough for you to jump out. This little trick costs $1 verses the $13 cab ride that I was originally headed for. Thank you Rocio!

I’ve arrived to “the top” where after a quick knock on the window and a smooth escape, I find myself standing at this view. Next step “walk to the nice beach and look for The Donkey Den”.






I’m greeted with a quick hello and an offer that made the entire journey feel like this was the experience I came for.

A few times a week, the locals gather with a enormous net and start with it out in the water to gather fish. Together, they pull against the wake for about an hour, slowly bringing it in towards the shore.





I must of looked like a kid on the side lines wanting a turn because with a big smile, a few of them invited me over to give a hand. Priceless.





As it gets closer, the small fish are jumping and the birds know what’s coming next… The catch of the day!

Side note: Really look at the first picture, can you see the boy in the background? Looks like he’s about to get a fish in the face!











During the festivities, a few of the local boys were adding a little fun by throwing fish parts into the air for the birds to snag. It was like playing toss with a puppy, these birds were all over it!




Once everyone got their share, which to my observation was just a casual distribution, the crowd disbursed and the beach cleared to a calm sunset. The end result of the towns effort was our fish dinners for the next few days!

Puts a beautiful new enhancement on the idea of “teamwork” to feed a village.




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