Behind the scenes… tires, smoke, action!

You all know by now that my superstar husband is a photographer/videographer and content creator, brand builder, bus builder and, and, and…. pretty much anything he wants to be. I’m excited to share with you his latest project, producing a professional music video for a local artist! His position was to take the lyrics and develop visual concepts that go alongside them. Once the script was created, he picked up the camera to start capturing all the footage in which he’ll then edit and choreograph into the completed video.

In this portion of the video, the main character (our friend and multi-artist Velia Lala) is living out a fantasy of being center (literally) of an adrenaline filled, “bad girl” dream coming true. I’ll most definitely be posting the final video, but for now, I got permission to show you all a sneak peek of behind the scenes!

Side note: We learned that in addition to Rumba vacuums, Shanti is also afraid of drifter noises. (I kept her in our car for the remaining of the time poor thing).

Even sweet Shanti got to be a part of the mix, bring your baby to work day!?

A special thanks to Kluth Kickers for letting us tag along and providing the car, professional driver and drifting experience!

And now for the I super sneak peek! Click here and enjoy the short teaser edited by Matt!

For more about the main character and her incredible artistic abilities, see Velia Lala and what she offers at!

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