Happy Thoughts

I LOVE TO SMILE! I find myself smiling at odd things or actually laughing out loud, (which makes for an awkward moment when I realize I’m alone and totally cracking up) but hey, at least I’m smiling!
This page is dedicated to the small things in life that make the edges of our lips curl up, our cheeks get a little puffy and bring a sincere sparkle to the eye that can only come from genuine joy.

The list is in no specific order. I’m just adding to it as thoughts or situations present themselves to make a smile in my life… Or when I laugh out loud all alone and need somewhere to document it.
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1. When someone’s shoulder bounce when they are laughing. Better yet… The whole body laugh! Ya know, knee slappin, tear wiping, shoulder shruggin, belly jiggling, one hand in the air initiating the universal “please stop before I wet myself” sign. Yeh, that always makes me smile.

2. Elderly people holding hands.

3. Kids eating an ice cream cone. Scratch that, ANYONE eating an ice cream cone. There’s no way to do so and be in a bad mood. Can you imagine a heated conversation while eating pop cycles?

4. A happy (and usually emotional) reunion at the gates of an airport.

5. Jim Carrey stepping on bubble wrap in Ace Ventura Pet Detetective.

6. When my mom snorts accidentally during laughter… Honestly, just seeing her laugh in general makes me smile.

7. Any breath taking view from a high point on this earth.

8. A young boy fishing in the edge of a dock.

9. That fluttery feeling you get deep in your guts (that is usually accompanied by a smile) when you’re about to connect with someone you’vbe been yearning to see.

10. A group of men over the age of 80 sitting around a table with pitchers of beer and a deck of cards.

11. Frozen yogurt.

12. Little girls in huge high heels.

13. The look on someone’s face for the entire 3 seconds right before they sneeze.

14. When you miss the high five contact and have to do it again.

15. A couple on their wedding day.

16. Exaggerated jokes that have an awesome visual.

17. When you smile at a stranger (who looks far from being happy) and the crack a grin. This is especially superb with children and elderly.

18. A German telling a joke in English.

19. Adults sincerely laughing at a children’s movie.

20. A baby eating a pickle. Especially bite number two when the sour shock really sets in.

21. Giving a gift

22. Cherimoya Fruit

23. Segway Polo (Go Flying Fish!)

24. Finding an open “farmers market” while getting lost looking for a “grocery store”.

25. An over sized Sombrero.

26. An older woman on a motor scooter with a purple helmet and riding gloves.

27. An enthusiastic Irishman telling an joke. The joke isn’t the funny part.

28. Who wouldn’t smile at two toddlers each dragging their own roll-a-bout suitcase through an airport terminal while following their parents like little bright eyed ducklings.

29. Homemade Sangría

30. The unexpected path crossing of an unforgettable stranger (now friend).

31. The Dutch

32. Friends truly enjoying a meal that you cooked for them.

33. Picnics in the park

34. A Japanese restaurant waiter getting into a “bowing battle” with you as you leave and when you think his kindness has finally reached the max you turn back for one more glance and he’s in the street… Still bowing! He wins.

35. Perfectly unmatched socks

36. Your first ride (and everyone thereafter) in a tuk tuk.

37. Receiving a beautifully written letter from (what you thought was) a long lost path crossing.

38. Ice-cream in a resealable to-go pouch


3 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts

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  2. Andrea, I know! Good memories for sure…

  3. oh man, number 5 for sure! Remember how much we used to quote that movie? Lol!

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