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How many trips to fill the sea with sand?

I’ve arrived back to Barbados after having survived the traffic filled, color stained, loud streets of Carnival in Trinidad. (Click here to get a glimpse at the controlled chaos of the greatest show on earth). A small recovery was necessary since I returned with what has been labeled as the “Post-Carnival cold”. I thought I’d take a day of decompressing in the white sand of my island home away from home and share what I observed during my meditative moments of being sun kissed under the Bajan Sky.

At first I sit with my knees bent up to my chest with only the tops of my feet being exposed as I’ve buried my toes into the warm sand. My view is the wide open sea slightly populated with a few paddle borders, small fishing boats and a large ship in the far distance. To my right are 2 twin boys and a middle aged man that by assumption is their father. The kids have the energy of puppies and appear to be around the hyper age of 5, maybe 6. Just beyond them is a woman in a large straw hat with a focused face as she’s clearly being swallowed into whatever book she’s reading. Just at her feet is a small toddler girl with a thick layer of sunscreen on her tiny nose and a pink cap decorated with Dora the explorer on it. 

To my left is another child with a knee board and rope who seems to think the ocean needs more sand. He proceeds to load up a pile on his board then run into the water making sure every grain is transported back to the sea. The 2ft short boy stands 6 feet tall as he wipes it off with pride before sprinting back to land for the next load. Makes me wonder what one would think if they saw a grown man doing such a thing.

Directly next to me is a couple of love birds not a day under 70. The gentlemen in freckle covered skin is matching to his silver haired lady and her hard earned wrinkles. They lay side by side as if to be inseparable. I’m close enough to hear the giggles as they discuss something that seems to be light hearted and entertaining.

As I look back to the 5 year old monkeys, they’re extremely excited as dad has now committed (with an exhausted if I must look on his face) to covering them in sand for the typical day-at-the beach event. With smiles and no movement, they hold perfectly still for the beginning of this process.

Book absorbed mom is now completely oblivious to her Dora exploring the sand that’s stuck on her fingers.  Tempted to get up and prevent this child from digesting small rocks, I realize that’s she probably not the first to do so and like most humans, will survive.

The elderly newlyweds have now given me even more hope for sincere love beyond a crush.  I don’t know if they met yesterday or are here to celebrate their 50th anniversary, but either way… It’s precious. 

I was not surprised at all when I gazed back to find the boy still trying to empty the shore back into the ocean. He’s probably plowed through a weeks worth of animal crackers and chocolate milk during his marathon of piling, pulling, dumping, sprinting and repeating. Maybe I should develop a fitness class on the beach. “Ok adults, bring a knee board and a rope… lets burn off some calories!”

My favorite observation came when I repositioned my eyes to the boys being buried in sand. Roles had reversed. Dad now has a very devious smile and the boys, well just the heads of the boys, are stretching out with sober faces and looks of helplessness. Revenge is smeared all over fathers grin as the two energizer bunnies are bound to sand-locked beds.

I’ve given up on Dora and her exploring as she is now laying lifeless in the shade with her hat cocked to the side just barely exposing her white nose and rosy cheeks. Did the sand consumption finally get her?! Nope, mom confirms that for me as she finally breaks from the book to wake up little one as its time to go home. 

The only clock I had at this moment was the worn out surfers coming back in, the paddle boarders loading up their gear and the sun turning to shades of a child’s coloring book. I’ve been here for awhile.

The sweethearts next to me have now taken their flirting elsewhere leaving me with a happy heart (and desire for a possible first date this year). 

I wasn’t able to witness the boy and his final delivery. Considering there was still an entire beach of sand excluding the tiny ditch he created had me wondering what finally left him satisfied with his day of labor intensive activities. 

The father and sons clearly found a compromise as the twins are now free from the jail-o-mud and have relieved dad to enjoy a cold beer as they entertain themselves. 

I looked down at the area around me and realized that I had been in motion as well. With small piles in random places, a few doodles here and there and my feet now completely covered, it’s clear the beach has many titles. Babysitter, therapist, gym, romantic platter, playground, rehab, canvas… Just name it, the shore will provide.

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White sand in the Gulf of Mexico

Scenes from a postcard. Clear water next to white powdery sand, complimenting a blue sky and perky palm trees. I began to wonder if you could do one too many posts of this ambiance before they all start looking the same. I think not.  In my book, there’s never too much of the good stuff!

Lucky enough to live walking distance to the beach, I often found myself with sandy toes (amongst other areas) and salty wind in my hair. These are a random photos I took throughout the days either while on a run or just meditating my way through the afternoon in Panama City Beach, Florida.



Like most things in life, the more the merrier! We’re all getting to know Shanda (from previous posts) and on this day, we snagged a few chairs and headed for the water. Girl talk, wet feet and sunshine kissed shoulders. Yes please!


 ..and my favorite time spent with my sun loving mum.  



If you care to see more of this specific area, feel free to check out Beaches, boats and balladsHappy and healthy with sandy toes or Panama City Beach

See the tall buidings waaaayy down there? The second photo following was taken near there, the East end of PCB. (Plus I needed to squeeze in this handstand pic!)


Good night from Panama City Beach!


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Happy and healthy with sandy toes!

We’ve all heard the famous words, “Exercise releases endorphins”. These are natural hormones that flood the body with a feel-good energy that releases stress and uplifts your mood… and I love it!

I headed down to the complimentary gym of the condo to get my heart rate up and release those amazing endorphins.
Although small, I appreciated the cleanliness as I observed what tools I had to work with. They had a few treadmills, two seated bikes and a set of free weights all stored in a compact room with a magnificent view.



As I peddled away during my warm up, it hit me… wham! I’m sitting in a tiny room with florescent lighting, and a window that happened to be showing me a much bigger, brighter, and fabulous gym… We call it the beach!

I stopped the bike and headed towards mom to see if she was up for a workout in the sand. The gym was on the 4th floor, our place sat on the 20th and if you know me well, you know this was an invite for a stair climb. Ready set go!



Once reaching mom, 2 minutes and 18 seconds later (I timed my stair climb each attempt in order to motivate a quick pace) we agreed that a beach visit would be the perfect ending to this vibrant day.

Fitness time! I’m going to break this down into some basic thoughts for a proper beach workout.

Let’s start with some rules. First off, check your surroundings to make sure you don’t put yourself or any others in danger. That appears easy today!



Next, scan the sand for any seashells that can later be made into jewelry (that I’ll be taking abroad to gift, trade or donate).


Bring liquids to keep hydrated (preferably in self designed cups).



Be aware of seagulls and/or any other flying creature that could view your head as a target.


Time to get the heart rate up! I spy I tiny bird that wants to play tag, so I sneak up…


…and the chase begins! He won.




I take a breather to practice some press handstand moves. These are much harder for me than it appears!





Back to increasing the heart rate… Tuck jumps and running in place are two great ways to do so while triggering different muscles.




I then attempted to play with the waves. I chase them, they get me. I dodge them, they get me.





Now everyone STOP! Its time for the dance portion of this work out.






Followed by a quick photo shoot requested by the photographer (my proud mom of course).





A peaceful stretch after the energetic fun seems to align the mind and body to a calm sense of completion.





The final task is sharing the sunset with your best friend. Taking each breath in appreciation for your health and happiness while having full gratitude for whats in front of you. I cheers with a smile to living in the now.



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