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Kimchi- short and sweet (and a little spicy)

As you’ve seen before, I worked at the award winning vegan bar called Raw and Juicy and got to experience some of the most flavorful tastes that were designed around fruit, raw vegetables, nuts, seeds and love.

On this day, the ever so talented chef Kevin held a class teaching the traditional way to create Kimchi. Yes please!



Chopped fresh veggies, a sprinkle of salt and a throurough massage leads us to the final step of sealing the jar.


Care for a bit more spice? Blend up a variety of peppers, ginger and garlic to top it off. Yum!


Now we wait… For 3 days!

Update: Seventy two long hours later, I finally got to enjoy my homemade goodies, well worth it! Side note for all of you backpackers out there, this doesn’t need to be refrigerated and only requires a few ingredients. Brilliant for the road!

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Schatzti + The String Boffin

I’m thankful to say that my schedule has been so packed with glorious events, that I’m a bit behind in the blog routine. To catch up, I’m going to wrap up my return to Florida with an entry based on the live music I enjoy so much.

First up, the gorgeous Dannica Lowlerly and her talented brother Ben Parsons. Together they perform as Schatzti + The String Boffin.

Schatzi [shaht-see] German slang – darling; sweetheart.
Boffin [bof-in] British slang – scientist; technical expert.

Mom and I were pleased to catch them at this small venue especially considering that they just opened for the Rascal Flats!


You know when you’re watching a band and you think, “I bet those guys are fun to hang out with” or “I wonder if they’re always that happy”? Well, those are not only thoughts but a reality with this duo. Genuine smiles and relaxed energy flow as they share their magnetic sound.


My dark photos and lack of audio certainly doesn’t do them justice. For quality pics and samples of their unique sound, please check out

More music? Who could it be but none other than some of my favorite guys doing what they do best. I know I’ve included them in several posts, but for good reason. Not only do they produce entertaining music, but their message vibrates a positive feel-good time. Each personality in this group balances out the band we all know and love… Heritage!

It was our first time to this venue called Club La Vela, a popular night club that promotes a daytime pool party on the weekends. I suppose it’s an easy way to chill with friends while listening to good music and cool off in the hot Florida sun.




Remember sweet Jodi from the tour last year seen in “A man becomes what he thinks about”? The first picture is from that journey followed by one on this day. Love her!



Mom, I feel like I don’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you not only as a mother, but a friend (and dance partner!). All of these shows just wouldn’t be the same without your company. Thanks for be the perfect date. Love you!


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The best kept, not so secret… Café Moya

There are times I’ve eaten somewhere and the food was good and the ambience was comfortable. Then there are occasions in which the entire experience was exactly that… An experience! Café Moya falls under one of those categories in which you leave feeling filled up with not only delicious nutrients, but love and all the fluffy feel good stuff.

When you walk in to this quaint little shop, you’re greeted with a simple welcoming area that invites you to take a seat and relax.




Judging from her baked goods display… We missed out!


To be honest (not that I ever lie) but I was expecting your typical menu offering bagels and soup with the dessert of cupcakes.
To my surprise, we were given the menu’s below. Fresh food and creative ingredients with flavor combinations that leave your taste buds debating on which to order.



We finally chose to split a cassava wrap that was delightfully filled with falafel, hummus, cucumber, tomato, and fresh salad.

My apologies, as this meal was so delicious that we devoured it before any photos were taken. Whoops.

Following the moments of completing our dish (which I’m sure we pretended to do so slowly and calm, while wishing we could inhale it all in one glorious bite), we decided that “sharing” such a magnificent order gave us permission to “share” another one. Right? This technically meant we were still under the pig-out ranking.

With way too much thought put into it, we ordered another cassava wrap, this time with eggplant, kalamata olives, feta and avocado with some sort of sauce that resembled a light creamy vinegerette.

My apologies once more, as we even joked about forgetting the picture of the first plate… again, the salvation in our mouths must have blocked the brain cells to remember a second photo. Just take my word for it, simply amazing!

So, there we were, attempting to refrain from drooling when a sweet woman approached the table to confirm that the plate (that was licked clean) was “ok”.

“Ok!? It was delicious! Please tell the owner that we thoroughly enjoyed our experience”. She replied with “thank you”. It was her! The mastermind behind our unforgettable lunch not only came to check on the giggling girls in the corner, but proceeded to sit down and have a long chat.

Marguerite’s creative cooking, bright smile and generosity is such a fond memory. I guarantee her café will forever remain on my “must do” list of Bajan eats from this point forward.


If you live anywhere on the island of Barbados, please swing in and tell her we say hello (that’s of course after you order, enjoy and wipe the crumbs off your face). If you’re a sea away from this amazing place, I encourage you to check out their facebook page here.

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Mr.Delicious doesn’t serve pig tails

Although several of my recent posts of Barbados have been mostly of major events or daily excursions, (if you haven’t seen them, I suggest checking out Down de Road and Paint me up mudder cup) they’re just a small part of what this beautiful island has to offer. I’d like to share with you a bundle of our “down time” days between the Carnival celebrations.

Here’s a walk to the famous Miami Beach where there sits a popular palm tree that you’ve seen pop up in my blog several times.


This setting seems to provide quality opportunities for classic photos.





Moving right along with the traditional jump shot that Hayden and I started back at Machu Picchu to Yosemite, followed by Stonehenge and now Barbados!



Hungry along the way? No problem man! Mr. Delicious sells some quality Roti’s and fish cakes on the beach.



After a therapeutic walk to the famous palm tree, we were lucky enough to run into friends at a secret look out on the south coast. A little table hidden away in the casual Surfers Cafe.



On the island, you can often keep hydrated by the abundance of coconut products that are around every corner. My favorite are the venders that will also divi out the meat and jelly from inside as well. Follow me to the coconut boys!



Wendy’s is a local joint that provides traditional Bajan food, a full bar and indoor/outdoor seating. If you’re lucky to land here on a Friday night, you’ll also get serenaded with good ol’ karaoke.



Take a look at the edible (at least they say so) item below. I’ll give you one guess at what Ryan is unwrapping… Give up?


Pork tail. Yes, that is a sauced up squiggly piece of meat from the tail of a pig. Umm, no please.

If the wagger of Wilbur doesn’t appeal to your appetite, there’s always a solid chance that you’d pass a Chefette on the way home. This would be the “McDonalds” of the island. I choose to avoid drive through restaurants, but this one had a salad bar, so Bree and I decided to dig in! My favorite part is the secret booths. “How dare you see what I’m eating!”


This is where I see fit to put in the only picture we captured of our new friends Nick and Shana. We spent hours with toes in the sand and stomach aches from the natural comedy that took over our time together. On this day, they joined us for a Chefette experience and as you can see (by the cradling of their meal) they’re fans of the popular Roti!


I’ll complete this post with a few random photos that may snag your eyes attention while gazing around the island. Enjoy!








When your heart aches a bit flying away from this divine country, there’s always one last glimpse of the natural beauty that takes up this space of our beautiful planet.



For more posts on the random fun facts, the people, food and sights of this marvelous place, please click here and snoop around! Until next time Barbados…


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