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Grass-bottom dance floor

Have you ever been in a yard and thought, “I could throw some epic parties back here” or “We should put a stage over there… and a bar on that side. Shoots, let’s bring in some portable bathrooms and a sink for the guests!” Well this family thought of it, did it and have been sharing their space for years now.  

If you recall, last time I was at this venue, I had come to surprise my mom for her birthday and the universe placed the band Heritage right in my lap. See that episode by clicking here.

What a wonderful return to the Williams Backyard Boogie!






Within moments of arriving, you begin to hear the unfolding of lawn chairs and the bottles of wine opening. By the time sound-check is over, there’s the smell of home cooked bbq and the energy of playful kids taking advantage of the wide open spaces.

This time, joining the grass bottom dance floor is some of the families and companions of the band, local artist that we’ve grown to know personally and a few new buddies (future travel partners). What a spectacular bunch!



  Let the tunes begin!


The smiling eyes next to me in the collage below has got to be one of their biggest fans.  With a heart of gold and a contagious laugh, I always enjoy sharing the dance floor with Miss Jodi. Here we are at a few shows from Tallahassee to Panama City… and now tonight!

Hey ladies, you know when you’ve been dancing all night in those uncomfortable shoes on the hard floors of a club? You should try barefoot, front stage on fresh grass and soft dirt. Glorious!


There’s really no need to set up the following picture… It’s just one fantastic photo bomb.

 Well done Lane… well done.

Say what?! It’s Dannica! This wonderful vocalist is the leading woman in Schatzi and The String Boffin that I introduced to you last year. Remember this post?

Tonight she joins me in a duo handstand photo. It makes me giggle that although we were several feet away from each other, she still managed to appear with her foot on my head. Figures since she’s a yogi.


“Got to visualize a better day… to materialize a better way”. The band Heritage

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The Grayton Beer Company

Back in 2011 Jamey Price began his journey of creating a beer that could be enjoyed by all. With a dream, (like so many beer lovers out the there) he started in his garage and low and behold years later, I get to introduce to you The Grayton beer company. After selling their delicious creations throughout the local community, they’ve recently opened up a taproom providing a comfortable and social environment to consume these delightfully flavored beverages.

Their website explains, “In addition to our year-round styles, our 25-tap draft wall also features small-batch brews as well as four guest taps from other Florida breweries”. 

Are you a beer connoisseur (or atleast claim to be)? Click here to check out their selection to see which you think would be your favorite!

I love playing games. Billiards, cards, sports, you name it!  Mix a playful atmosphere with a tasty beer, add a friendly vibe and hang up some local art and here’s what you get!


The two lovely smiles below are my new go-to partners in crime. I met Shanda only a few weeks ago and feel as if it’s been years.  Don’t be surprised to see her sweet face with me abroad some day soon! Lane can be described as extremely kind, hilarious (my cheeks often hurt after a game night) and genuine.

I’ll leave this post with a quality quote form the legend, Ray Charles. Read it, think about it… Good stuff.  
 For more about the local scene, please check out the Seaside post from last year!

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4th of July… Santa Rosa Beach style

I’ve spent the last three years celebrating the independence of the USA in Northern California with some dear friends. A houseboat trip, fireworks and quality people definitely equals a memorable holiday. For a change, this 4th of July I chose to be near water on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida with my mom.

Not much description is needed to represent the outdoor venue in which our talented friend, Geoff Mcbride was spreading his love.







Music + happy humans = Dancing!



If this beautiful couple looks familiar, it’s because they were there the first time I fell in love with the music of Heritage (who happens to enhance the post below)!



For the night of the 4th, we were lucky to score our favorite tunes from none other than the band Heritage!

Set up in an open alley, they were the center of attention to a beach side block party.





Enthusiasm? And the winner is…


Sun down and an intermission brought us all to the coast for fireworks off the dock.


“One more song! One more song!”





Although this photo isn’t amazing quality, I dig the glowing jewelry.


Just as the band was finishing up, mom and I ran into one of my new favorite hair clients and long lost friend that I didn’t even know I had… Remember Stephen from recent posts? He’s back!


After a day of music and an evening block party with quality vibes, what summer holiday would be complete without a recovery day on the beach? Same sand, lovely mother and a creative handstand shot (not sure if that was helpful to the recovery by the way) to celebrate the anniversary of our Independence Day.



For fun facts and more about this holiday, check out the post called 4th of July in the USA (or just click on it).

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A fishing pole, banjo and a beer

Once upon a time, my mom and I took one of our usual walks to the beach.





After too many duo selfies and a couple cartwheels (me, not mom) she randomly spotted a cheerful looking fella walking with a huge fishing pole, a banjo and a beer. “Ooh, I wonder what he’s fishing for!”, she says like a curious kid who wants to know everything about everyone. As I turned to look, my lovely mother was already near him with her hand extended. As I approached the banjo man, is was clear she had met an incredibly good natured guy with an easy going attitude. Casual conversation lead to a hair cutting date and a new friend. Nice catch mom!

Fast forward a few days and here we are! A front porch haircut and more smiles… Excellent!





Sorry sweetheart, I’m not experienced in dog grooming.




Glorious! I score another buddy with an instant connection bonded by a haircut. I’m so thankful mom was interested in his fishing adventure.


Moving on in the week, Steven sent me another client that enhanced my day with an additional porch side haircut, meet Grayton!




I met Steven on the beach who then introduced me to Grayton. What I didn’t mention above, was that he also referred me to a job of my dreams at a local vegan cafe and juice bar. (Turns out Grayton works with there as well!)

Guess who is now officially employed at the one and only Raw and Juicy that sits so perfectly in the center of Seaside beach?! I’ll show you more details of this adorable set up later, but here’s a sneak peak!




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