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Seabreeze Jazz Festival

The Seabreeze Jazz Festival is an annual event that draws a crowd of distinct energy.  I’m confident that the magnetic pull is from a line up of upcoming artist like Ryan Montano to the smooth jazz heroes of Brian Culbertson and Al Jarreau. Since my mom is an extremely diligent worker and fabulous at making connections, this marks her third year behind the scenes. Now, I’m lucky enough to work along side her! 

We arrived early each morning in order to set up and prepare for the eager attendees.  Here’s a shot of the venue before the controlled chaos began.

I didn’t get the memo that there would be a race for a good seat, so you can imagine my concern when I saw several people sprinting.  Should I run too, what are they running from!?

Here’s a few photos I took during the weekend to give you an idea of the crowd. Packed solid and happy as can be!


I found Waldo.

I took a stroll to show you some of the vendors serving up authentic bites from Puerto Rican dishes to good ol’ soul food, crepes to taco’s, pizza, fried chicken and what’s a festival without funnel cake!

If you would of followed the sound of my moms voice (that she ended up losing by the end of the event) you would of found her behind the shiny glass where they stored and sold the Cd’s from the artist.

Check out the unintentional photo bomb from captain red hat. Well done sir… Well done.
My job during this heavenly weekend? I’m none other than the girl in the drink tent.  Who wouldn’t be happy to be behind a stand with wine, sangría and beer!
Take a good look and the gentlemen next to me.  Words that come to mind when I think of Rex: genuine, compassionate, honest and funny.  Wonderful news to the community, his day job is in the medical field working directly with the patients. It was such a joy to work (if you call it that) along side this positive bundle of energy!
Handstand shot!
15 hour days require a few necessary breaks and when would be a better time, than to get up close and personal with the powerful sounds of my moms friend Everette Harp.  She’s known this incredible artist since her days back in Sacramento working at 94.7 KSSJ Smooth Jazz!


A new addition to my playlist is the stunning, talented and ever so entertaining Mindi Abair. How can you turn away from a tall blonde in high heels wailing on a saxaphone?!


You’ve seen our view, now check out theirs!

If you’re concerned about a Florida storm brewing (we were), not to worry as the accomplished musicians will play rain or shine… and the fans? Well, they won’t go anywhere except back in line for more wine and a poncho! My favorite fella during the rain was the happy goer that simply placed a plastic grocery bag over his “fancy hat” to protect it from the moisture. Brilliant!


Creative shot of the day was the use of a small camera effect while watching the storm roll in.

Fun facts I learned about myself: I feel exceptionally important with a staff radio (they made fun of me for calling it a walky-talky) and I rarely pass up the opportunity to take a ride in a golf cart.
A special thanks to Renee, Mark and their family and friends for putting on the 17th annual smooth jazz experience. This ultimate weekend was clearly enjoyed by all! 
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