The Grayton Beer Company

Back in 2011 Jamey Price began his journey of creating a beer that could be enjoyed by all. With a dream, (like so many beer lovers out the there) he started in his garage and low and behold years later, I get to introduce to you The Grayton beer company. After selling their delicious creations throughout the local community, they’ve recently opened up a taproom providing a comfortable and social environment to consume these delightfully flavored beverages.

Their website explains, “In addition to our year-round styles, our 25-tap draft wall also features small-batch brews as well as four guest taps from other Florida breweries”. 

Are you a beer connoisseur (or atleast claim to be)? Click here to check out their selection to see which you think would be your favorite!

I love playing games. Billiards, cards, sports, you name it!  Mix a playful atmosphere with a tasty beer, add a friendly vibe and hang up some local art and here’s what you get!


The two lovely smiles below are my new go-to partners in crime. I met Shanda only a few weeks ago and feel as if it’s been years.  Don’t be surprised to see her sweet face with me abroad some day soon! Lane can be described as extremely kind, hilarious (my cheeks often hurt after a game night) and genuine.

I’ll leave this post with a quality quote form the legend, Ray Charles. Read it, think about it… Good stuff.  
 For more about the local scene, please check out the Seaside post from last year!

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