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I’ve thought about descriptive words that might give you an idea of what I’m “about”, but I feel like it’s our experiences and how we react to them that truly defines who we are. So if you would like a list of adjectives that best describes me, please refer to comments made by my family, friends, and fellow travelers.

Quick family info: I have an amazing mom who is passionate about well, almost everything! She raised me to be strong minded and independent which ironically has been her biggest parenting challenge this far. I don’t have children so I can’t fully comprehend what she feels watching her “baby girl” jet around the world! I was an only child until my father met his perfect match and they produced 6 children. Nope, not a typo. (I love you Joseph, Hannah, Benjamin, Sarah and Rachel… and always in memory, little Elizabeth). This sweet family keeps me grounded and humble.

My life in a nutshell (whatever that means). I grew up in what used to be the small town of Folsom California… yes, the same “Folsom Prison” that Johnny Cash sang about. Now its a city with traffic and too many stop lights. My first job, that I ended up keeping for 10 years, was coaching gymnastics. When I say “coaching”, I actually mean devoting my heart and energy (and most of my waking hours) to a team of girls that grew to be a family. During those incredible teaching years I had a variety of part time work that included teaching swim, tutoring autistic children, massage therapy and bar tending (go figure). I then decided to go to cosmetology school, why not right? First day of class went like this:

Instructor: “Erika, how come you didn’t wear your uniform?”
Erika: “Oh, uniform?”
Instructor: “Ok class, one by one please stand up and say what your ultimate goal is in the hair industry.” (Here is where you enter a bunch of students explaining how they want to be famous in LA or own a hair color brand or work at their parents shop and so on).
Erika: “Me? (awkward laugh) I really don’t want to do hair, I’m just here so I can charge for the prom girls hair I do for fun. (Enter judgmental silence here).

To spare you the past 10 years of my hair career details, I’ll just say after graduating I got a job at a local salon just for extra cash, not because I loved doing hair. Some years into it I began to truly enjoy it and eventually had enough business to open my own little studio. “Erika’s Hair Retreat” was in service for almost 3 years and due to my loyal clients, I was able to start traveling. Short little trips became weeks of adventure that eventually developed into months abroad and finally turned into a life changing decision to close shop and head out. This is where I’m at today.

Other fun facts:
I enjoy learning and living a life of fitness.
I took 4 semesters of American Sign Language.
I splurge on sushi and frozen yogurt… and sweet potato French fries.
In my opinion, I’m very athletic (excluding golf… Unless you consider launching a club into the nearest pond a sport).

Have a question or personal comment?
I haven’t mastered reading minds yet, so please just email me directly at herhappytrails@yahoo.com


5 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. Tambo Levi

    Hi Erika,I just met your Mom at a shop in Seagrove Beach.She is so very proud of you!! I shared with her that I was purging so I could start traveling so of course she hooked me up with your blog.I can’t wait to peruse all that you have written. Blessings,Tambo

  2. Tyler herring

    hey Erica. this is Tyler, I made you some drinks in tulsa, at Valkyrie. just wanted to wish you luck on your travels. I hope they are already going swimmingly. I sure would have liked to chat some more with you. I’m real jealous of you currently. hit me up if you’re not too busy. let me know how great the world is. 🙂

  3. Russell

    Nice to see you in jax beach tonight. Best wishes in your travels of good vibes. Maybe I’ll see you in Bogata ?


    My husband and I met your Mom this past October in Florida. We had the pleasure of sitting next to her at the Red Bar and striking up a conversation. She bragged about you and your blog. I have to agree that you are inspirational…love the site and look forward to your thoughts and travels in 2013!

    Melissa (& Brad) Baldwin
    Fort Collins, CO

  5. I also took ASL! 3 semesters for me! well what do you know! You are quite the young lady! Blogger, fashionista…oh and traveler! Nicely done, my friend, nicely done!

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