First Live Album! Absorb some authentic Heritage

There are only two (acceptable) reasons you don’t jam out to the band Heritage.  You’re either new to (welcome and enjoy!) or you don’t have the ability to listen to quality music (sorry for you loss). 

The Swamp Club, despite its name, is a clean venue with an elevated stage, unique decor and plenty of cold beverages being served.  

On this evening, the local fans were invited for the recording of Heritage’s first live album and I am ever so grateful that I was in town to be a part of it!



Three main ways to get to know these fine gentlemen:

1. Check out their SHOW link here, pick a date… and show up!

2. Continue to follow my blog (although I don’t do them the ultimate justice they deserve).

2. Read their BIO here (aweome, but not as cool).   


 Did I mention is was Cinco de Mayo?  

You know when you’re at a concert and they play that “one song”?  Here are a few pics snapped within moments of each other. Judging from the blurred dreadlocks and the hats in the air, not a smile was holding still!


…and clearly nobody was having fun.

Recognize the sweet smile next to me?  That’s Shanda from the previous post! This lady-o-fun brings all the right vibes, especially to a show like Heritage.  Wouldn’t have it any other way! 

For your convenience and my selfish desire for you to see more of these guys, please click on any link below:

 A man becomes what he thinks about

4th of July, Santa Rosa Beach style
Schatziti and the String Boffin
Beaches, boats and ballads
Surprise attack!

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