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Real farmers wear overalls

You know I’m in my happy place when there’s fresh food, unique treats and live music all in one venue. Welcome to the Hot Springs Farmers Market!



Let’s just dive into the edible items that grow from this precious earth!

Side note: His overalls made my day. 

Prefer baked goodies?  There’s some creative ones around here!



…and for all the carnivores out there, please help me understand what a “pork berry” is.


Thirsty? Tired? Hungover? Sick? Anxious? Just want something scrumptious? Problem solved! Kombucha tea is a groovy beverage with hidden bubbles, a tangy bite and an abundunce of health benefits!


Beyond the chatter of eager attendees and locals catching up, there was a magnetic sound coming from this talented 15 year old.  His name is Ben Carey.  With an adorable smile and a natural stance behind the microphone, it’s no surprise he made it through the tryouts on the popular show “The Voice”! 

Best of luck following your passion! 

Happy children, colorful clothing, handbags, jewelry and dog treats were just a few addtional items that we saw while strolling through. 



Would it be “stereo-typing” to claim that only in these parts of the country would there be a knife shaperening stand between the organic herbs and homemade jam?


As we departed the market, (just down the way from Doc and his knives and beyond the pork berries) we were granted a sight of this vibrant bouquet.  Doesn’t it look just like a breath of sunshine?  

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving”.  Mother Teresa 

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Flappy candy ninja crush

Remember when playing outdoors until the sun went down was a daily occurrence? Back when 30 minutes of Nintendo was a treat? I can remember the adults having to find us outside to convince us to hydrate, not with gatorade, fruit pouches or pepsi… just good ol’ water. 

With that said, on this glorious afternoon we didn’t watch a movie or play some flappy-candy-ninja-crush game, we headed out to the woods for some tree loving, dirt stomping exploring!

Two kids, all the dogs, the cat and no surprise to us, Peppa the pig snorted along too! 



 I was so excited to see that someone had built tree forts out in the middle of nowhere! That was until Lana informed me they were actually hunting blinds. In my world… they’re forts.

  What hike would be complete without a silly face piggyback ride?!

Or just a free lift during nap time.

I spy a country kid!


What’s on his head? That would be his new found pet turtle named Franklin. Titus with his camo pants, a sun kissed snarle, side kick cat and a turtle hat classifies the following photo as my favorite of the day!


Handstand shot!  
The post could end here, but as all country kids know… checking for tics is just a part of the walk!  Toe to head and behid the ears, it’s a partner kind-of-thing. 


Tired kids, no tics and a workout for us… success!

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Hot Springs or a Brewery? Both!

Im going to start right off with some fun comparison photos from past and present travels with this power group.

First photo is a picture we snapped in the sacred city of Machu Picchu. Without knowing what the others were doing, we all agreed this would make a great album cover!


Second album cover comes from Yosemite, California.


Girls will be girls… Night trek to Aguascalientes followed by volunteering in Huambutio and a night in Mammoth.




Ninja shot in Machu Picchu!


Ninja shot in Yosemite!


Attempt at an over the head group shot…


…and again in The Redwoods!


Well that was fun! Now moving on to a local brewery in Mammoth. This is the tasting room in which they eagerly share their latest creations while bragging on their oldies but goodies. If you’re a beer connoisseur or even just a fan of trying new things, this pit stop is well worth it!







Back to the outdoors as they treat us to our last night in this beautiful part of Central California. Do you see that street with hot springs and camp sites? Me neither. That’s the beauty of this hidden gem!


If you know about this special place, the view will remind you of the short journey it takes to reach the hot springs.



The 2ft deep pool is built of rocks and cement making it just the right size to fit a small group of people. Fed by natural hot springs in the Eastern Sierra, water is piped in and controlled by a hot water valve. This spout keeps the temperatures maintained in the low 100’s, to prevent extreme heat for anyone taking a soak. The pool also faces the Sierra Nevada’s, which makes for an incredible backdrop!



After 2 adventurous days packed with activities, we now find it perfect timing to indulge in natures little hot tub. I must say our wardrobe choices awkwardly compliment one another.






Well thank you amazing universe for this incredible sunset to compliment our midnight dip.


Dear Ann and Colin, from the moment we met, I knew this was a friendship that was far beyond a “hello” and “goodbye” in Ecuador. With Peru following and a reunion in California, I continue to keep my hopes high with another connection abroad!
Hayden, you are what some define as a “trooper”. You jumped in, buckled up and made this ride even more memorable. Thank you!

I am surrounded by quality people that I’m proud to call my friends.

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