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Wrapping up Barbados!

So turns out I’m married to a photographer/videographer (amongst other talents) and while we were living on the island, he made some videos that would be a shame to go unseen. There’s no rhyme or reason to any of the following footage, besides me wanting to keep them on record and wanting to share them with you!

1. Most tourists stay on the south coast where the white sand and hotels are located while a few may hit the west coast to explore a different kind of beach. Meanwhile there’s beautiful nature and wide open waters on the east and north coast! Here’s a video he filmed with Cole to show off the less popular edges of Barbados.

East and North natural coastlines!

2. This little video is of a spontaneous day out we took to check out the surf and sights. The hitchhiker at the end was my favorite part!

Afternoon out ending with a hitchhiker!

3. You all can recall Hurricane Irma, the storm that took over the Caribbean and damaged Florida back in 2017. What you may not of known is the beautiful sky and awesome surf it brought to Barbados! Well, here’s a look from a surfers perspective.

Surfing Hurricane Irma

4. If you know this blog well enough, you know that Cool Runnings is my ultimate favorite when it comes to excursions out at sea. On this day, we were gifted a treat on a a different catamaran called Tiami… Enjoy!

A day at sea!

If you’re familiar with Stone Sharp Images, you’ve probably seen several photos captured by Matt during our stay here. If you haven’t, well then I suggest you do! Until next time Barbados…

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Surf, fish and strike a Pose! 

In the past few weeks Barbados has hosted some entertaining events bringing in people from all over the world.  Matt and I got to play a small role in a bundle of them, so let’s review!

First up was a surf competition on the popular beach called Drill Hall, better known as Brandon’s Beach. Local Barbadians competed along side surfers from Hawaii, Japan, Brazil, Australia, USA, France, Spain and other countries. It was heavenly to witness!

I was lucky enough to watch Matt work his magic from the shore line. What a view, eh? Not everyone gets to work under a palm tree surrounded by happy people, beautiful scenery and positive vibes. #grateful

 Some of my favorite shots of the day…

For event details, results and more photos please visit

Ever heard of a fishing tournament ending at a yacht club with live music and a runway show? Me either…. until now! I don’t have many photos from the actual tournament as our part was primarily with the after party hosted at Port Saint Charles. Matt was the man behind the camera!

The drinks were flowing, the music was a hit (as always with Moo Town) and now the models take the stage! The dress attire may look familiar as this will be the third production that I’ve gotten to work with Kelly representing her unique boutique. These fun clips you can see in Kelly’s Kloset and Kelly does it again! 

Thank you Michelle and Kelly for the welcoming energy and wonderful experience! For more photos of the events above, please visit

Sneak peak for the next post… (Enter really excited face here!) 

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Yes please, but why not both?

Ok, I know I’ve been slacking on the posts lately but let me explain why and catch you up. I’ve temporarily moved into an extended living situation on my favorite island of Barbados. My sweetheart of a friend chose to broaden her experiences away from the island and give Help-exchange a try! If you’re not familiar with Helpx, it’s a key part of how I’ve been able to travel for so long on a “backpackers” budget. I explain it in more detail in the post How do you afford all that traveling. Anyway, Maria asked for my assistance in planning her journey and thus she’s now volunteering on a farm in Hawaii! Me? I’m house sitting for her and taking care of her two paw babies. Quick tour of my (her) house starts with the outside.  I live in the upstairs with that sweet balcony!

 The top photo is looking left back towards the driveway and main the road. The bottom pic is looking in the direction of the south coast.

 A quick peek around shows you a few of her amazing decoration choices, items that I’d have in my place too! 


 Then there’s my temporary kitty kids totaling in with 8 legs, many whiskers and 2 sassy attitudes.  Meet Regina and Anastasia. Please feel free to pet them (if they’re in the mood) and don’t dare ignore them (if they want attention) and definitely don’t expect to type at the table or do a floor workout without them doing everything in their power to distract you. 

Time to welcome my first guest. Remember Carina?  The precious German girl I met back at Oktoberfest in 2011 and have traveled with ever since. Our adventures range from Germany to North America with a little pit stop in Amsterdam and many memories made in Costa Rica. Now we add Barbados! 


The past two weeks looked like this…

Food! Of course I got her to taste all of the local delights from fish cakes and rotis to doubles and Mac pie. She didn’t shy away from the rum punch nor did she decline the opportunity to try pudding and souce (thank you Ryan!) She saw the fresh farmers market and tried a bite from the drive thru at the popular Cheffette (thank you Alex!). What holiday would be complete without a liquid beverage of choice, I offerred a fruit smoothly or Bloody Mary.  Typical Carina response, “Yes please, but why not both”? 

A fish cutter from Cuz and pit stop at good ol’ Mr. Delicious before saying hi to Coconut Chris. 

I snuck her in to what I’d like to claim as my own personal hidden gem (that in actuality is a popular shop for the locals) to enjoy a piece of heaven form the ever changing menu. Another trip to Cafe Moya is a success!


We treated ourselves to a day at Accra Beach hotel and brought along some German games. Wouldn’t you?! 

Did she make it to the beach? I can honestly say I lost track of how many times this girl found herself with red shoulders, sandy toes and a huge smile. 


There’s no way I’d let her leave without experiencing Cool Runnings (thank you Annika and Robert!) and of course my favorite Tuesday night plans of gymnastic (thank you Shane!) Live music at Mullins Beach bar (thank you Dwayne!) and the Surfers Cafe (thanks Bodie!). We also watched a BVB futbol game (thanks Marvin!) and had some girls night out (thank you Annika, Irene, Monica and many more)!

How did we get around the island (if our amazing friends weren’t able for a lift)? Only another experience that one must encounter while visiting.  The local transportation! She expressed that it was like being on a carnival ride with the lights, music, people and incredible (ha ha) driving skills.


You’ve seen this familiar palm tree in many previous post.  This time the landscape makes an appearance with a duo handstand! 

Lastly, she was one of the bright smiles in the last post, Ms. Barbados, Queen of the sea in which we experienced the annual race around the island!  (Thank you Stewart, Jason and ALex!)

Palm trees, sunsets and sandy smiles pretty much sums up our unforgettable time on this magical island.


Last stop is the airport in which we were both departing on the same day.  Her heading back to the one degree temperatures of of Bochum Germany and me… Well, you’ll see! 
Carina, you hold an undeniable light that is constantly illuminating the world around you. Your sincerity, passion for life, and genuine nature has been (and still is) a magnetic quality that I miss when you’re gone. Thank you so much for the years of tummy twisting laughter, hours of silly games, moments of connection and the depth of friendship that I truly hope others get to experience. You are one of a kind and I’m so grateful to call you my friend (or sister if you ask anyone else)! Cheers to us till next time… And who knows where or what we’ll be toasting!? XO

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Canoa – a rainy sunrise to a clear sunset!

I was so amped to start my morning off with an amazing workout after scouting out a course yesterday. Well, the “sunrise” brought rain and just for a moment I debated my on my plans. What? It’s just water, let’s do this!

Goal: A warmup run to a strengthening set and ending with a yoga stretching session.

The jog is through the park and leads me towards the water. Apparently not many people were up for a mud run, so I had the whole road to myself.






Time for some muscle building! A simple pull up bar and bench is all I need. This has got to be my favorite bench press that I’ve ever come across!




After the upper body workout I head towards the sand for a jog to fire up the legs… and a quick (overcast) handstand photo!



I start to tune in on my breathing as I prepare for my yoga on the beach!


Turns out it’s not in rain or shine (enter sad and slightly pouty face here).


Oh well, the sun is starting to smile so now I’ll show you the brighter side of Canoa!


With this town being popular within the surf community, there are several hotels and hostels that line the streets and beach. I actually think there are more hostels than there are restaurants or cafe’s.






Here are some street sights that caught my eye!






Notice this structure is a ceviche restaurant on the left, a mini market in the middle and a home to the right. It’s very typical here for families to live and work from the same building.


Once you reach the water, you’ve got your pick amongst little food vendors, jewelry shops or typical bar shacks.








As I was finishing up my walk I met this group of surf instructors and bartenders. No English was spoken, so this connection was based off of my broken Spanish and a constant game of charades.


The daylight starts to dim and I treat myself to a sunset. Notice the complimentary snack is popcorn and plantain chips, classic!




The night brings more energy with new friends! She’s from Spain and he’s Peruvian (two of my favorite countries) and now they live in Ecuador. With a sincere invite, they encourage me to visit them in the popular beach town of Montañita. We shall see mis amigos!



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A closer look at Santa Catalina, Panama

It’s been almost a week now working at Cabañas Time Out here in Santa Catalina and the weather has been hugging us with 90 degrees of pure sunshine.

What’s this? A new volunteer who has come to help out! Meet Joseph, a fellow backpacker and a joy to cross paths with as he makes his way north and I head south.


Today we played with some fresh fruit for juice and smoothies. I feel like I’ve seen green skinned oranges before, but I don’t remember ever trying one. The taste resembles a lime mixed with an orange which would make this flavor perfect for a cold lime-orange-ade or a fresh addition to an adult beverage!



I love the contrast between the green and red with this beauty. Sandía (watermelon) is one of my favorites!


Where do we get all of these amazing fresh fruit and veggies? A few times a week these supermen pull up and offer what they’ve got for the day. You pick what you want then they weigh it right there and it’s yours! I think I’ve finally found the adult equivalent to my childhood love for the “ice-cream truck”.




Since Joseph is here to relieve me of some of the chores, I finish up early enough to take a walk and explore the quaint surf village that sits below us.

Leaving the hotel I followed the main road (only road) that led to the edge of town. Here are some random shots in no specific order.









I like her style.


“The Police”


If you were to close your eyes as you pass by this next place, you’d assume you’re hearing the hottest fiesta dance club that’s packed full of locals drinking their way towards a foggy morning.
Well, excluding the strobe lights of a club and a front door… That’s exactly what this is!


Need some gasoline to get out of town? You wont find it here, but next door is a man with barrels of it (that you can smell from the road) who will gladly fill you up!


Judging by what they offer, you can probably tell why this my new favorite hang out in the entire town. Massage, yoga and health food… oh my! Also including lovely people that I consider new friends that provide amazing service for all of the guests.








After snapping photos like a tourists should, I signed up for the yoga class offered here by the owner Michelle. (That experience is posted under the category “fitness”). Here’s a direct link for all of you yogi’s out there: Yoga at La Buena Vida!


I took the beach path home as a way to calm the mind and finish my walk.






As I round the corner I find my little path that leads to the few hostels and homes that share the same road back home.









This is also the same path that provided a sneaky boulder in the way of my foot while I was running the other day. I now have a very close relationship with the beautiful dirt of Panama… and a few new scars to prove it.


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