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Shanti’s first race!

Well actually, her first race was (prenatal) Cinco De Mayo last year, 4 days before I even knew I was pregnant!

Here we are now, she’s almost 8 months old and I’m back at it again, or at least trying too! I’m learning that although I do well with spontaneous adventure and live what some call a “nomad lifestyle”, I’m still very goal oriented. Rather than, “I should start running again.” I succeed much more with “I’ve signed up for a race and now I have to train”. So that’s what I did!

The Oklahoma City Zoo 5k was to raise funds for the Monarch Butterflies. Matt wanted to run with me so this was an ideal choice as strollers were welcome in the course that took us throughout the entire zoo!

Before I continue, I must give a shout out to Velia from V Lala Galleries! The fun pants Shanti and I are wearing are designs straight from her art wall. You can see her other creations by clicking on her website!

Getting ready for the race!

This girl is such a champ! She woke up at 7am as we pulled into the parking lot, got changed in the backseat and was ready to roll with us. I’d like to believe she brought a few extra smiles to the runners as we were all waiting for the gun to go!

…And we’re off!

… And we stop. Matt was ready for the first water station about 200 yards into the 5000 meters. He made sure and confirmed they didn’t serve espresso.

I’m not a huge fan of zoo’s given the whole animal prison feel, but this one had an open layout with an abundance of greenery along the path. We definitely stopped for a a few photo opportunities.

A little over 3 miles later was the finish line! Cheering and high fives welcomed us along with neck medals … one for Shanti too!

After every good run there’s a necessary stretch and maybe a necessary grunt in pain?I wasn’t laughing at you babe… I was laughing with you.

Meanwhile, Shanti’s sharpening her two teeth.We finished up the day with a mini tailgate picnic full of delicious healthy snacks.

Not quite sure when the next family day on foot will be, but I’m sure it’ll be soon!

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Scorching past noon o’clock

This is a quick post to share one more way I attempt to stay, as my grandma Speer would say, “wide-eyed and bushy tailed”. Clean(ish) eating, social stimulation and a positive attitude help me stay healthy while along this unpredictable journey that I’ve chosen for myself. 

Physical fitness is another piece of the pie-o-well-being. Some of my favorites abroad have been cave hiking in New Zealand, outdoor gymnasium in Penang, rock-climbing in Yosemite and sand-boarding in Peru. You can imagine with over 3 years of random activities, this beautfiul list could go on and on.  Ill stop there and refer you to that snazzy little link to the right of your screen that says “fitness”.  Click there or here to see all of the experiences while traveling that have given me some sort of physical activity.  Even to the bizarre workouts in airports, you have to make time for yourself… if you don’t, who will?

When my flat mate (aka-amazing friend who’s sharing his space with me) suggested we run a mini marathon I was all for it! With less than 2 weeks to prepare, we started working our way up to be comfortable running a 5K.  That may not seem like much to you super-star runners, but considering the last race I proudly ran was a half marathon in 2009, I’m feeling pretty pumped!  Here’s a look at my first (and only) race until today. 

To my knowledge, a large portion of races start early in the moring to beat the days heat, especially in tropical weather like the Caribbean. Well today we cross the start line at 4pm or in other words, scorching past noon o’clock. I will say however, the coastal drive to the event made for a peaceful beginning. 

We’re here in St.Andrew on the East Coast and clearly so is everyone else.

Time to prep for the heated jaunt through one of the most stunning landsacpes I’ve ever purposly ran.  The announcer said to pin your number and suggested to stretch out.  Jason went Mary Katherine Gallegher style and I decided, “Why yes my shirt is a bit tight, stretching it out is a brilliant idea!” 

Of course a Bajan marathon starts at a bar. Here’s a look around while we wait. 
Queue up and get ready! But first, always make time for a handstand shot…

Really stop and please take a moment to realize the view that will carry us through this course. It’s simply breath taking… or maybe my breath was out from running, but either way it was magical!

Necessary liquid stations? Not water for drinking, more like “soak me please”!  
The following bundle of photos were snapped along the run. Yes, of course I took my camera! 

Rounding the final bend brought several thumbs up and a few cheers as we completed what we had started. It doesn’t matter if you walked a lap or sprinted miles, when you cross any type of finish line, I believe there’s an involuntary spark of endorphins that fill your spirit. Rejuvenating to say at the least!

   Thank you woman in pink for setting a perfect pace and allowing me to chip in your shadow. 
Success! What’s waiting for us at the finish line? A cool down, a few high fives and a snack of local yogurt and fruit! Yes please.


Lastly, a piggyback to the truck for a windows down, sweaty-smile kind of ride home.  

Way to keep your eyes on the road my friend. For anyone who’s ever driven, ridden or been to Barbados, you know this is completely necessary!  

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A closer look at Santa Catalina, Panama

It’s been almost a week now working at Cabañas Time Out here in Santa Catalina and the weather has been hugging us with 90 degrees of pure sunshine.

What’s this? A new volunteer who has come to help out! Meet Joseph, a fellow backpacker and a joy to cross paths with as he makes his way north and I head south.


Today we played with some fresh fruit for juice and smoothies. I feel like I’ve seen green skinned oranges before, but I don’t remember ever trying one. The taste resembles a lime mixed with an orange which would make this flavor perfect for a cold lime-orange-ade or a fresh addition to an adult beverage!



I love the contrast between the green and red with this beauty. Sandía (watermelon) is one of my favorites!


Where do we get all of these amazing fresh fruit and veggies? A few times a week these supermen pull up and offer what they’ve got for the day. You pick what you want then they weigh it right there and it’s yours! I think I’ve finally found the adult equivalent to my childhood love for the “ice-cream truck”.




Since Joseph is here to relieve me of some of the chores, I finish up early enough to take a walk and explore the quaint surf village that sits below us.

Leaving the hotel I followed the main road (only road) that led to the edge of town. Here are some random shots in no specific order.









I like her style.


“The Police”


If you were to close your eyes as you pass by this next place, you’d assume you’re hearing the hottest fiesta dance club that’s packed full of locals drinking their way towards a foggy morning.
Well, excluding the strobe lights of a club and a front door… That’s exactly what this is!


Need some gasoline to get out of town? You wont find it here, but next door is a man with barrels of it (that you can smell from the road) who will gladly fill you up!


Judging by what they offer, you can probably tell why this my new favorite hang out in the entire town. Massage, yoga and health food… oh my! Also including lovely people that I consider new friends that provide amazing service for all of the guests.








After snapping photos like a tourists should, I signed up for the yoga class offered here by the owner Michelle. (That experience is posted under the category “fitness”). Here’s a direct link for all of you yogi’s out there: Yoga at La Buena Vida!


I took the beach path home as a way to calm the mind and finish my walk.






As I round the corner I find my little path that leads to the few hostels and homes that share the same road back home.









This is also the same path that provided a sneaky boulder in the way of my foot while I was running the other day. I now have a very close relationship with the beautiful dirt of Panama… and a few new scars to prove it.


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