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Yes please, but why not both?

Ok, I know I’ve been slacking on the posts lately but let me explain why and catch you up. I’ve temporarily moved into an extended living situation on my favorite island of Barbados. My sweetheart of a friend chose to broaden her experiences away from the island and give Help-exchange a try! If you’re not familiar with Helpx, it’s a key part of how I’ve been able to travel for so long on a “backpackers” budget. I explain it in more detail in the post How do you afford all that traveling. Anyway, Maria asked for my assistance in planning her journey and thus she’s now volunteering on a farm in Hawaii! Me? I’m house sitting for her and taking care of her two paw babies. Quick tour of my (her) house starts with the outside.  I live in the upstairs with that sweet balcony!

 The top photo is looking left back towards the driveway and main the road. The bottom pic is looking in the direction of the south coast.

 A quick peek around shows you a few of her amazing decoration choices, items that I’d have in my place too! 


 Then there’s my temporary kitty kids totaling in with 8 legs, many whiskers and 2 sassy attitudes.  Meet Regina and Anastasia. Please feel free to pet them (if they’re in the mood) and don’t dare ignore them (if they want attention) and definitely don’t expect to type at the table or do a floor workout without them doing everything in their power to distract you. 

Time to welcome my first guest. Remember Carina?  The precious German girl I met back at Oktoberfest in 2011 and have traveled with ever since. Our adventures range from Germany to North America with a little pit stop in Amsterdam and many memories made in Costa Rica. Now we add Barbados! 


The past two weeks looked like this…

Food! Of course I got her to taste all of the local delights from fish cakes and rotis to doubles and Mac pie. She didn’t shy away from the rum punch nor did she decline the opportunity to try pudding and souce (thank you Ryan!) She saw the fresh farmers market and tried a bite from the drive thru at the popular Cheffette (thank you Alex!). What holiday would be complete without a liquid beverage of choice, I offerred a fruit smoothly or Bloody Mary.  Typical Carina response, “Yes please, but why not both”? 

A fish cutter from Cuz and pit stop at good ol’ Mr. Delicious before saying hi to Coconut Chris. 

I snuck her in to what I’d like to claim as my own personal hidden gem (that in actuality is a popular shop for the locals) to enjoy a piece of heaven form the ever changing menu. Another trip to Cafe Moya is a success!


We treated ourselves to a day at Accra Beach hotel and brought along some German games. Wouldn’t you?! 

Did she make it to the beach? I can honestly say I lost track of how many times this girl found herself with red shoulders, sandy toes and a huge smile. 


There’s no way I’d let her leave without experiencing Cool Runnings (thank you Annika and Robert!) and of course my favorite Tuesday night plans of gymnastic (thank you Shane!) Live music at Mullins Beach bar (thank you Dwayne!) and the Surfers Cafe (thanks Bodie!). We also watched a BVB futbol game (thanks Marvin!) and had some girls night out (thank you Annika, Irene, Monica and many more)!

How did we get around the island (if our amazing friends weren’t able for a lift)? Only another experience that one must encounter while visiting.  The local transportation! She expressed that it was like being on a carnival ride with the lights, music, people and incredible (ha ha) driving skills.


You’ve seen this familiar palm tree in many previous post.  This time the landscape makes an appearance with a duo handstand! 

Lastly, she was one of the bright smiles in the last post, Ms. Barbados, Queen of the sea in which we experienced the annual race around the island!  (Thank you Stewart, Jason and ALex!)

Palm trees, sunsets and sandy smiles pretty much sums up our unforgettable time on this magical island.


Last stop is the airport in which we were both departing on the same day.  Her heading back to the one degree temperatures of of Bochum Germany and me… Well, you’ll see! 
Carina, you hold an undeniable light that is constantly illuminating the world around you. Your sincerity, passion for life, and genuine nature has been (and still is) a magnetic quality that I miss when you’re gone. Thank you so much for the years of tummy twisting laughter, hours of silly games, moments of connection and the depth of friendship that I truly hope others get to experience. You are one of a kind and I’m so grateful to call you my friend (or sister if you ask anyone else)! Cheers to us till next time… And who knows where or what we’ll be toasting!? XO

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The rest of Barbados is a coconut shell

Time to wrap up the eventful visit to my favorite island of Barbados. You’ve seen the controlled chaos of the mud and paint party in Jouvert followed by the boat cruise of big kids pretending to be adults. Hopefully you giggled at the 5 “not so” well known facts and thoroughly enjoyed the energy of Kadooment!

Now it’s time to bring you the other side of my journey through the land of “The bearded ones”, which is the original name given do to the islands fig trees that have hanging roots resembling a beard. Since we’re already talking about fig trees, lets just jump into more scenery that you may find while driving, walking or exploring around.

This is on the path to Cherry tree hill for the gorgeous panoramic view overlooking the “Scotland District”. What used to be an orchard of Cherry trees, is now a street lined with towering mahogany trees, perfect for a handstand picture!





Once reaching the peak, you have a wide view of the north part of the island, better known as the parish of St.Andrew. Another handstand for sure, this time accompanied by Ryan and his inverted pose as well!




Let’s dive right into the beaches! None of the photos below have been edited to enhance the color of the water, sand or sky… It’s just that gorgeous! In fact, the first photo was taken from a car window while driving south on the west coast.







What a glorious convenience that my dear friend and host Ryan teaches stand up paddle boarding. I score every time it’s “take your buddy to work” day!





This is the end of his “sunset lesson”. If you’re headed to the island and desire some SUP (stand up paddle boarding) please contact me… I know a phenomenal instructor!



Houses, markets, street sights and more!











This girl (that’s me) loves to eat and it’s easy to do so around here! Between the Caribbean treats and the local flare, it’s hard to go hungry on this island of flavor. Please don’t hesitate to let the next set of photos make you drool, ok maybe just strike a bit of hunger.

This is one of my favorite dishes to get here and its not hard to find being one of the most popular quick bites on the island. Although the origin of the Roti is from India, it’s also well known in Trinidad and has made its way into other parts of the Caribbean. From various meat to shrimp or just good ol vegetables, the curry sauce and mango chutney won’t do you wrong. You can get it wrapped up or my personal favorite way, with the “insides” on a plate and the Roti wrap separate to be torn and dipped with your digits!




Fish cakes are another ideal Barbadian snack food that can be served in rustic rum shops as well as elegant cocktail parties. Deep fried with salt fish, flour, egg and spices it certainly makes for a greasy treat that leaves you either wanting more… or a gym.



Sushi on an island? Of course! This was privately ordered through a local woman who makes every dish directly from her home kitchen to yours. Due to the popularity and effort she puts forward, you have to order at least 24 hours in advance before you drive out and pick it up.



Since chain fast food restaurants are limited (thank you Barbados!) you’re more likely to find a street vendor offering fresh made food and side dishes. Here’s one of our favorites that’s conveniently located on the drive home, The Rock Net Grill. With juicy options and service with a friendly smile, you can’t go wrong with this late night treat!
Side note: Its an average of 2 Barbadian to 1 US dollar.







On the side of the road you can find home mixed juices ranging from Golden apple with ginger to the floral flavor of Sorrel. Considering this is where sugar cane is harvested and Rum is said to be created right here, “Rum punch” is the top seller of mixed drinks.

Fun fact: George Washington insisted on a barrel of Barbados rum at his 1789 inauguration!



Keeping a healthy choice in mind, this gorgeous place holds one of the number one purest forms of liquid next to clean water… coconut water! For a longer list of this amazing drink and its benefits, I found a great website to checkout at

My favorite fun fact of this magical beverage: During World War II, coconut water was injected into the veins of soldiers when medics were out of blood plasma because it has the same electrolyte balance, thus appropriately called “the fluid of life.”

Although they sell it in stores and off the street, I’m lucky enough to watch my friends gather their own right in the backyard! Bajan cherries and coconut water for a snack, yes please!








The hidden treasure below won’t be found in the “top 10 things” to do in Barbados…. But it should be! From jewelry to coffee, organic veggies to fresh meals, this place starts every Sunday off just the way it should be.

My favorite magnetic stall is ran by two angelic characters that greet you with smiles and an abundance of positive energy that I’m sure comes from their products! Serving up power oat smoothies, homemade herbal seasonings and my personal favorite, Kombucha tea (if you’ve never heard of it, please do your mind, body and spirit a favor and research it)!



To finish up strong, I’m going to bunch together a group of random photos that didn’t make a specific post. Please enjoy this bundle of quality people, great memories and more reasons I’ll be back to the unforgettable island of Barbados.















Care to see what it looks like when a I’m packing for my next journey aside a Bajan heading to Costa Rica?


Turns out Ryan and I were on the same flight to Miami! After that, he heads to Central America and I’m off to visit my dear friend outside of New York!




I seem to always have a lack of words to fully describe my gratitude towards the warm open arms and sincere friends that welcome me wherever I go. Once again, I feel like “thank you” would be an understatement to my family in Barbados. Till next time friends… peace, love and sandy sunsets…


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