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Wrapping up Barbados!

So turns out I’m married to a photographer/videographer (amongst other talents) and while we were living on the island, he made some videos that would be a shame to go unseen. There’s no rhyme or reason to any of the following footage, besides me wanting to keep them on record and wanting to share them with you!

1. Most tourists stay on the south coast where the white sand and hotels are located while a few may hit the west coast to explore a different kind of beach. Meanwhile there’s beautiful nature and wide open waters on the east and north coast! Here’s a video he filmed with Cole to show off the less popular edges of Barbados.

East and North natural coastlines!

2. This little video is of a spontaneous day out we took to check out the surf and sights. The hitchhiker at the end was my favorite part!

Afternoon out ending with a hitchhiker!

3. You all can recall Hurricane Irma, the storm that took over the Caribbean and damaged Florida back in 2017. What you may not of known is the beautiful sky and awesome surf it brought to Barbados! Well, here’s a look from a surfers perspective.

Surfing Hurricane Irma

4. If you know this blog well enough, you know that Cool Runnings is my ultimate favorite when it comes to excursions out at sea. On this day, we were gifted a treat on a a different catamaran called Tiami… Enjoy!

A day at sea!

If you’re familiar with Stone Sharp Images, you’ve probably seen several photos captured by Matt during our stay here. If you haven’t, well then I suggest you do! Until next time Barbados…

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Cliffs, Caves and fish cakes!

Once upon a glorious backpacking trip, I went to visit my cousin in Japan and had an amazing time! You can check it out by clicking on any of these posts. During the events, I came accross this happy guy that brought an abundunce of laughter to the already entertaining journey through the country of sushi and hi-chu’s. Craigg and I connected quickly while belting out Alicia Keys seen in This girls on fire! After years of attemted and failed reunions we’ve finally managed to make it happen and wherelese besides good ol’ Barbados. Along with him is Kristina, a vibrant little lady with a passion for adventure and new experiences… My kind of girl!

First things first, Legendary fish cakes! “Legendary” is this sweet well known shack that sells out by lunch and simply closes after the last cake is gone. 

Craigg captured me giving a brief explanation of what these little jewlels are made of (typically it’s a ball of fish, potato, bread crumbs and herbs deep friend and served up with a dipping sauce). You can also get it “in bake” which means in a homemade bread roll.  A proper order would be “2 in bake and 2 fish cakes with peppa sauce”. 

Moving on to our mini island tour. This is the same ride you’ve experienced with me seen in If these walls could talk, would you want to listen? Except now, I’m the driver (enter eyes wide open face here). First stop is straight up to the Animal Flower Caves. This is located at one of the most northern points of the island in the parish of St. Lucy. 

I’ve done a post on the history of this place, so I’ll leave it up to you to do your own research if you’re interested in the actual historical sight. For this round, it’s just picture time!

Walk around to the more eastern side of the point and you’ll find cliff sides embracing the power of the the North Atlantic Ocean.

Next stop was the view from top of Cherry Tree Hill

Finally, no East Coast tour would be complete without a stop at Bathsheba.

So for all of the tourist that check into your accomodations on the south coast then don’t leave the souvenir shops or swim up bar, I invite you to branch out and explore beyond the hotel rum lunch… I mean punch! Rum punch.

Kristina, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your short and sweet visit to this magical place. I invite you to travel with your heart pure, your mind free of expectations and your ears and eyes wide open! 

I’m sure you noticed the spectacular quality of most of the photos above. I give full credit to Craigg, his camera and a little (a lotta) bit of talent. 

Please visit his website at or follow his eye catching work on Instagram @ craiggjb_

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If these walls could talk… would you want to listen?

Several of the posts I’ve done from Barbados highlight the stunning line of the west coast. It’s a challenge keeping my camera away from the contrasting turquoise waters and light sand to the green trees and bright sky.


Spotted these little pieces of art while strolling along Batts Rock on the southwest coast. If you recall, I’ve enjoyed the stacking of rocks through this journey as seen in I’m alive… and living while trekking New Zealand and Gas station gourmet food in Yosemite, California.   

Offerring a mixture of the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean the south coast provides a variety of beaches for swimming, snorkeling and on the most southern point, even wind-surfing. Sandy toes aside, the south coast in known for it’s nightly entertainment and exceptional dining. Although I’m not focusing on it for this write up, it’s well worth posting a photo and suggesting you check it out!

 If you can pull yourself from the white sandy beaches and umbrella drinks, I suggest branching out to the northern part of the island using the eastern coast line as your path. 
Before Shanda and Lily departed, the three of us lovely ladies were lucky enough to have a personal tour through a few popluar hot spots. Road trip! 


First stop is the Animal Flower Cave! With a coral floor and a swimming chamber, it’s a prime spot for the little ones to explore. Spoil alert, there’s animal shapes on the cave walls!


Lets take a walk!  


Approaching the cliffs, there’s several benches that would allow one to sit solo or visit with a friend while overlooking the powerful deep sea. Maybe even a proper meditation spot for someone seeking the sound of water crashing against earth itself with the wind gently whipping, reminding you that you are indeed… still alive.


Leaving “The View” sends us to the other side of the point which I thought was equally as stunning.  After passing through the restaurant entry, the smell of saltwater air consumes your senses as the sound of waves brings you to the edge.  

Natures therapeutic greatness at it’s best.


After leaving the north we headed down the east coast to our next pit stop, Cove Bay.

Check this out, if you look a the center rock, you can imagine where sea-level once was.  Years of wear and tear has indented the large stone and has left a lasting memory of the high tide. 


This is one of the oldest remaining slave houses on the island. It’s still hard to fully grasp the idea of slavery and the treatment that humans have (and continue too) put one another through. Leads me to ask…

If these walls could talk… would you want to listen? 

Jason took us to another breathtaking northeast edge called Little Bay. The sound of this sight has the moving air taking your words and throwing them to the crushing waves. (Which means a fair amount of seasalt spray yelling or charades is necessary for proper communication).         

Creative effects photo opt!  

Standing looking at the view of the sea, I did a 180 degree turn and shot this. Imagine growing up in one of those homes.


So there ya have it, just another small percentage of why this island is so outstanding. From white sandy beaches to rough cliffed edges, the landscape never seizes to keep my eyes wandering. 

Thank you Jason for taking time out of your day to show us happy girls around the coast. Your style of tour guiding should be experienced by all! 


For more information (or just another perspective of the island) please have a look at Random sights of Barbados back in 2012, 5 not so well known facts of Barbados from 2013 or any of the Barbados posts boasting last years visit.

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Scorching past noon o’clock

This is a quick post to share one more way I attempt to stay, as my grandma Speer would say, “wide-eyed and bushy tailed”. Clean(ish) eating, social stimulation and a positive attitude help me stay healthy while along this unpredictable journey that I’ve chosen for myself. 

Physical fitness is another piece of the pie-o-well-being. Some of my favorites abroad have been cave hiking in New Zealand, outdoor gymnasium in Penang, rock-climbing in Yosemite and sand-boarding in Peru. You can imagine with over 3 years of random activities, this beautfiul list could go on and on.  Ill stop there and refer you to that snazzy little link to the right of your screen that says “fitness”.  Click there or here to see all of the experiences while traveling that have given me some sort of physical activity.  Even to the bizarre workouts in airports, you have to make time for yourself… if you don’t, who will?

When my flat mate (aka-amazing friend who’s sharing his space with me) suggested we run a mini marathon I was all for it! With less than 2 weeks to prepare, we started working our way up to be comfortable running a 5K.  That may not seem like much to you super-star runners, but considering the last race I proudly ran was a half marathon in 2009, I’m feeling pretty pumped!  Here’s a look at my first (and only) race until today. 

To my knowledge, a large portion of races start early in the moring to beat the days heat, especially in tropical weather like the Caribbean. Well today we cross the start line at 4pm or in other words, scorching past noon o’clock. I will say however, the coastal drive to the event made for a peaceful beginning. 

We’re here in St.Andrew on the East Coast and clearly so is everyone else.

Time to prep for the heated jaunt through one of the most stunning landsacpes I’ve ever purposly ran.  The announcer said to pin your number and suggested to stretch out.  Jason went Mary Katherine Gallegher style and I decided, “Why yes my shirt is a bit tight, stretching it out is a brilliant idea!” 

Of course a Bajan marathon starts at a bar. Here’s a look around while we wait. 
Queue up and get ready! But first, always make time for a handstand shot…

Really stop and please take a moment to realize the view that will carry us through this course. It’s simply breath taking… or maybe my breath was out from running, but either way it was magical!

Necessary liquid stations? Not water for drinking, more like “soak me please”!  
The following bundle of photos were snapped along the run. Yes, of course I took my camera! 

Rounding the final bend brought several thumbs up and a few cheers as we completed what we had started. It doesn’t matter if you walked a lap or sprinted miles, when you cross any type of finish line, I believe there’s an involuntary spark of endorphins that fill your spirit. Rejuvenating to say at the least!

   Thank you woman in pink for setting a perfect pace and allowing me to chip in your shadow. 
Success! What’s waiting for us at the finish line? A cool down, a few high fives and a snack of local yogurt and fruit! Yes please.


Lastly, a piggyback to the truck for a windows down, sweaty-smile kind of ride home.  

Way to keep your eyes on the road my friend. For anyone who’s ever driven, ridden or been to Barbados, you know this is completely necessary!  

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A pit stop on the East Coast

After an energy packed trip in Barbados and a tight schedule ahead of me in Europe, I found a small pit stop on the East Coast of the US being a great option. Not only was it a perfect addition to the journey, I got to stay with long time friends who are definitely considered to be family of mine.

First there’s Jennifer, a beautiful, bold and honest woman that won’t hesitate to speak her mind. I met her when slap bracelets and New Kids on the Block first made there debut. Although you’d probably enjoy a photo from 20 years ago, here we are back in California just a few years back.


After growing up together in the same little town of Folsom, she has now relocated (conveniently for me) to the East Coast. Since my long layover was in New York, this was the perfect time to put her apartment to good use!


To match her fun loving personality, is her companion of 7 years, Mark. This hard working guy presents a welcoming vibe that goes beyond an open door and big smile. Between the two of them, I felt right at home!


This trip was centered around a quaint get-away to the Thimble Islands. First things first, grab the snacks, load up and head out! That adorable little guy in between us is Chopper (I called him Chomper for the first two days… Oops).


The miniature man you see here is son of the other fun couple that we got to relax with, meet baby Luke.







A quick jaunt to their property and it’s time to unload and settle in.



I’m just going to post a few fun photos from the peaceful memory of a relaxing weekend with great people.








You can’t really tell, but there was a lot of great movement going on here! What weekend wouldn’t be complete without a 30 second dance session?




The boys didn’t partake in the boogie due to the preparation for their “clamming” (term for a common way to harvest clams). This can be done with a pitch fork, tongs, shovel or by the good ol way… your feet!






As if the weekend wasn’t already exactly what I had been looking for, we’re blessed with this gorgeous sunset that added unbelievable colors for our evening conversation and a vibrant handstand shot!







Thank you so much Jenn, Jen, Mark and John. Cheers to fancy movie projectors, lobster dinners and a new game that will forever have me giggle when I hum “It’s gettin hot in here”.

Sneak peak of the crew for the next leg of the journey… Flight to London!


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