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Let’s play catch up – part 1

If you check out the prior post, you’ll grasp the idea that my blog took a well needed moment of hibernation as I focused on the more fragile priorities in my life. So first off, I want to thank all of you that contacted me during this break in loving concern, your messages came at what seemed to be at the perfect moments. To those who didn’t reach me directly but sent thoughts my way, I tell you that your energy was felt. Now, I’m excited to announce that over the next year you’ll begin to see changes in Her Happy Trails and I thank you in advance for your support! 

As the shift begins, let’s play back some of the glorious events that occurred during the last few months. 

For those of you who have been reading this blog for years, you’ll quickly recognize this amusing reunion. Florian is the name of a genuine friend you’ve seen me connect with over the years. We met back at Oktoberfest in Munich in 2011 and thats where it all began! From Crete Greece to California and Nevada through Germany and hitting Amsterdam his smile has appeared all over herhappytrails and now it’s glowing in Barbados!

Just for personal kicks, I put together a collage of us from all over the world.

There’s definitely a part of my blogging spirit that wishes I would of written daily with specific details of his journey to the island but as I mentioned before, the blog was resting. Florian means so much to me and his presence is unforgettable so here’s a “nutshell” post to reminisce of his visit to the Caribbean. 

His trip allowed for time to explore all varieties of the island. We walked your typical southern touristy area and lounged on the beautiful west coast beaches.  An all day tour seemed to be the highlight when we hit the very north peak of St.Lucy and explored the animal flower caves. Here’s a bundle of shots that hopefully gives you an idea of the amazing time we had.

Florian, I hear your silly dinner song whenever I say “candy bars” and Matt & I can’t go an entire car ride without saying “I bet Florian walked here”. I’ve stopped counting but am regularly tempted to add a number every time someone offers Bob Marley or green grass and giggle at the idea of saying, “No thanks, I prefer my lawn to be brown”. Because of your journey, I have a new perception of Bajan policemen and the bus system. Finally my friend, I must admit…. the peanuts are still in the sock. Thank you so much for the friendship, laughter and effort to not let another year pass by without a hug.

Before Florian had arrived, Matt and I did a little exploring for ourselves! Here are some of my favorite shots you can find on his Stone Sharp Images website if you’d like to order prints. I think they’re such a different view of this stunning island that I’ve known and loved for years. 

A few random pics of a few random times.

The video below is a look from our day out at sea. We were treated to experience the catamaran named Tiami!

All righty, that wraps up Barbados for now… Next post, USA!

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Cliffs, Caves and fish cakes!

Once upon a glorious backpacking trip, I went to visit my cousin in Japan and had an amazing time! You can check it out by clicking on any of these posts. During the events, I came accross this happy guy that brought an abundunce of laughter to the already entertaining journey through the country of sushi and hi-chu’s. Craigg and I connected quickly while belting out Alicia Keys seen in This girls on fire! After years of attemted and failed reunions we’ve finally managed to make it happen and wherelese besides good ol’ Barbados. Along with him is Kristina, a vibrant little lady with a passion for adventure and new experiences… My kind of girl!

First things first, Legendary fish cakes! “Legendary” is this sweet well known shack that sells out by lunch and simply closes after the last cake is gone. 

Craigg captured me giving a brief explanation of what these little jewlels are made of (typically it’s a ball of fish, potato, bread crumbs and herbs deep friend and served up with a dipping sauce). You can also get it “in bake” which means in a homemade bread roll.  A proper order would be “2 in bake and 2 fish cakes with peppa sauce”. 

Moving on to our mini island tour. This is the same ride you’ve experienced with me seen in If these walls could talk, would you want to listen? Except now, I’m the driver (enter eyes wide open face here). First stop is straight up to the Animal Flower Caves. This is located at one of the most northern points of the island in the parish of St. Lucy. 

I’ve done a post on the history of this place, so I’ll leave it up to you to do your own research if you’re interested in the actual historical sight. For this round, it’s just picture time!

Walk around to the more eastern side of the point and you’ll find cliff sides embracing the power of the the North Atlantic Ocean.

Next stop was the view from top of Cherry Tree Hill

Finally, no East Coast tour would be complete without a stop at Bathsheba.

So for all of the tourist that check into your accomodations on the south coast then don’t leave the souvenir shops or swim up bar, I invite you to branch out and explore beyond the hotel rum lunch… I mean punch! Rum punch.

Kristina, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your short and sweet visit to this magical place. I invite you to travel with your heart pure, your mind free of expectations and your ears and eyes wide open! 

I’m sure you noticed the spectacular quality of most of the photos above. I give full credit to Craigg, his camera and a little (a lotta) bit of talent. 

Please visit his website at or follow his eye catching work on Instagram @ craiggjb_

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If these walls could talk… would you want to listen?

Several of the posts I’ve done from Barbados highlight the stunning line of the west coast. It’s a challenge keeping my camera away from the contrasting turquoise waters and light sand to the green trees and bright sky.


Spotted these little pieces of art while strolling along Batts Rock on the southwest coast. If you recall, I’ve enjoyed the stacking of rocks through this journey as seen in I’m alive… and living while trekking New Zealand and Gas station gourmet food in Yosemite, California.   

Offerring a mixture of the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean the south coast provides a variety of beaches for swimming, snorkeling and on the most southern point, even wind-surfing. Sandy toes aside, the south coast in known for it’s nightly entertainment and exceptional dining. Although I’m not focusing on it for this write up, it’s well worth posting a photo and suggesting you check it out!

 If you can pull yourself from the white sandy beaches and umbrella drinks, I suggest branching out to the northern part of the island using the eastern coast line as your path. 
Before Shanda and Lily departed, the three of us lovely ladies were lucky enough to have a personal tour through a few popluar hot spots. Road trip! 


First stop is the Animal Flower Cave! With a coral floor and a swimming chamber, it’s a prime spot for the little ones to explore. Spoil alert, there’s animal shapes on the cave walls!


Lets take a walk!  


Approaching the cliffs, there’s several benches that would allow one to sit solo or visit with a friend while overlooking the powerful deep sea. Maybe even a proper meditation spot for someone seeking the sound of water crashing against earth itself with the wind gently whipping, reminding you that you are indeed… still alive.


Leaving “The View” sends us to the other side of the point which I thought was equally as stunning.  After passing through the restaurant entry, the smell of saltwater air consumes your senses as the sound of waves brings you to the edge.  

Natures therapeutic greatness at it’s best.


After leaving the north we headed down the east coast to our next pit stop, Cove Bay.

Check this out, if you look a the center rock, you can imagine where sea-level once was.  Years of wear and tear has indented the large stone and has left a lasting memory of the high tide. 


This is one of the oldest remaining slave houses on the island. It’s still hard to fully grasp the idea of slavery and the treatment that humans have (and continue too) put one another through. Leads me to ask…

If these walls could talk… would you want to listen? 

Jason took us to another breathtaking northeast edge called Little Bay. The sound of this sight has the moving air taking your words and throwing them to the crushing waves. (Which means a fair amount of seasalt spray yelling or charades is necessary for proper communication).         

Creative effects photo opt!  

Standing looking at the view of the sea, I did a 180 degree turn and shot this. Imagine growing up in one of those homes.


So there ya have it, just another small percentage of why this island is so outstanding. From white sandy beaches to rough cliffed edges, the landscape never seizes to keep my eyes wandering. 

Thank you Jason for taking time out of your day to show us happy girls around the coast. Your style of tour guiding should be experienced by all! 


For more information (or just another perspective of the island) please have a look at Random sights of Barbados back in 2012, 5 not so well known facts of Barbados from 2013 or any of the Barbados posts boasting last years visit.

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