Gas station gourmet food!

That space in time in which the reality of your insignificance is brought to your attention.

A brief instant in which your largest worries, all of sudden seem so small.

Those moments you begin to feel just how grand this world really is.





While our hands healed from the climbing and our muscles reminded us of their existence, Hayden and I explored to find some easy trekking as Colin and Ann scaled another cliff side. Handstand shot!


Although there was a clearly marked trail, we decided to use the river as our guide instead! (Actually, we lost the path and just hugged the water until we made our way back). Please take notice to his head scratching focus for our future steps. I’m quickly finding out that one of the best parts of Yosemite is that getting lost just leads to more beautiful sights and an entertaining route back to base.







A few creative photos using effects on my camera.




We’ve finished up our adventure and now it’s time to meet up with the group for dinner.

For the average tourist passing through, this is a typical gas station with your necessary snacks and a few souvenirs for sale. To the frequent local traveler, “The Mobile” is a well known social hangout that provides live music, quality eats a selection of adult beverages.


Also, a free fresh water spout to refill your drinking bottles!


The Whoa Nellie Deli has a kitchen that was started by the renowned chef Matt Toomey, serving up a range of dishes from lobster taquitos to buffalo meatloaf and complimenting them with mango margaritas and local beer on tap. Colin and Ann eagerly shared their fish tacos, while Hayden and split the Seared Ahi Tuna.




With blues playing in the background, a delicious meal and great company, we wrapped up dinner to head to our final evening together. Just outside of Mammoth, here’s a sneak peak of the sunset from my next post!


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One thought on “Gas station gourmet food!

  1. Robin

    Other countries have wonderful things to offer, but when you get right down to it, there’s no place more gorgeous than the good ol’ US of A. Safe travels!

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