If these walls could talk… would you want to listen?

Several of the posts I’ve done from Barbados highlight the stunning line of the west coast. It’s a challenge keeping my camera away from the contrasting turquoise waters and light sand to the green trees and bright sky.


Spotted these little pieces of art while strolling along Batts Rock on the southwest coast. If you recall, I’ve enjoyed the stacking of rocks through this journey as seen in I’m alive… and living while trekking New Zealand and Gas station gourmet food in Yosemite, California.   

Offerring a mixture of the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean the south coast provides a variety of beaches for swimming, snorkeling and on the most southern point, even wind-surfing. Sandy toes aside, the south coast in known for it’s nightly entertainment and exceptional dining. Although I’m not focusing on it for this write up, it’s well worth posting a photo and suggesting you check it out!

 If you can pull yourself from the white sandy beaches and umbrella drinks, I suggest branching out to the northern part of the island using the eastern coast line as your path. 
Before Shanda and Lily departed, the three of us lovely ladies were lucky enough to have a personal tour through a few popluar hot spots. Road trip! 


First stop is the Animal Flower Cave! With a coral floor and a swimming chamber, it’s a prime spot for the little ones to explore. Spoil alert, there’s animal shapes on the cave walls!


Lets take a walk!  


Approaching the cliffs, there’s several benches that would allow one to sit solo or visit with a friend while overlooking the powerful deep sea. Maybe even a proper meditation spot for someone seeking the sound of water crashing against earth itself with the wind gently whipping, reminding you that you are indeed… still alive.


Leaving “The View” sends us to the other side of the point which I thought was equally as stunning.  After passing through the restaurant entry, the smell of saltwater air consumes your senses as the sound of waves brings you to the edge.  

Natures therapeutic greatness at it’s best.


After leaving the north we headed down the east coast to our next pit stop, Cove Bay.

Check this out, if you look a the center rock, you can imagine where sea-level once was.  Years of wear and tear has indented the large stone and has left a lasting memory of the high tide. 


This is one of the oldest remaining slave houses on the island. It’s still hard to fully grasp the idea of slavery and the treatment that humans have (and continue too) put one another through. Leads me to ask…

If these walls could talk… would you want to listen? 

Jason took us to another breathtaking northeast edge called Little Bay. The sound of this sight has the moving air taking your words and throwing them to the crushing waves. (Which means a fair amount of seasalt spray yelling or charades is necessary for proper communication).         

Creative effects photo opt!  

Standing looking at the view of the sea, I did a 180 degree turn and shot this. Imagine growing up in one of those homes.


So there ya have it, just another small percentage of why this island is so outstanding. From white sandy beaches to rough cliffed edges, the landscape never seizes to keep my eyes wandering. 

Thank you Jason for taking time out of your day to show us happy girls around the coast. Your style of tour guiding should be experienced by all! 


For more information (or just another perspective of the island) please have a look at Random sights of Barbados back in 2012, 5 not so well known facts of Barbados from 2013 or any of the Barbados posts boasting last years visit.

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