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Back back to Cali Cali!

So there we were, living in Folsom, California as newlyweds ready to start a foundation for our future. (We only lasted 8 months, but here it was in a nutshell!)

Accommodations: We purchased a 28ft princess palace (aka a travel trailer) in order to live minimally and save to the max. We loved our little home and it served us properly before we sold it to move.

Working: I dove right back into the world of beauty by reopening my hair salon under the new name of “Hair Gypsy”. My loyal clients were so eager to support the return and helped get me back in action!

Matt continued his photography and videography by shooting family photos, senior portraits, weddings and special events. You can check out that gallery by clicking here!

Both of us got a rejuvenating job coaching at Tricks Gymnastics, Matt was working in the Tag program and I was coaching the artistic gymnastics.

(Fun fact: I worked at Tricks from 1997-2005 coaching the competitive team!)

On the side, we also picked up dog sitting which turned into our favorite little paw escape. These pups were so much fun and turned into family!

When we weren’t working, you could usually find us (mainly Matt) on a bike exploring the popular trails that surround the Lake and extend to outer cities.We also took advantage of being surrounded by some incredible destinations and often took day or weekend trips to explore!

Lake Tahoe!Santa Cruz!

San Francisco!Although Northern California has beautiful scenery, unlimited career options and some of my most favorite people in the world… it just wasn’t feeding our souls. A tough decision but a solid one as we decided to move to the Panhandle of Florida.

Just before packing up to move across the states we found out that we were soon to be a party of 3… What a beautiful addition to our already exciting life!

Next journey… road trip back to the East Coast!

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Saltwater smiles

By now you should be familiar with WhatSUP Barbados, my favorite stand up paddle boarding company in all of Barbados and top rated by Tripadvisor!

On this day, he was scheduled for a group of energetic kids to rent the boards for a birthday party. Hold up. How cool is that? Where I grew up, it was roller skating, bowling or a pool party… but paddle boarding on the clear island sea? Yes please!  


This sassy (but very sweet) girl asked if my camera was water proof. I responded  with clueless confidence “Of course!” not realizing at that moment the very purpose of her question.  She was just being courteous enough to ask before splashing me.  Let the games begin!

  This is a live Conch that Ryan found to show the kids. Did you know, these queens are continuenly builing a larger shell around themselves as their body grows? On average it reaches 22 cm by 4 years old. Thanks Uncle Ryan for the fun facts, so cool!  

I purposly held it under water for the bottom photo to show you just how clear this water is!

Back to the paddling! Here are some random shots from the day. Happy kids, beautiful sun and salt water smiles! 


  What a rejuvenating, refreshing and a wonderful addition to the journey here in Barbados! 


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Vans Warped Tour and the “Outrageous Noise”

Vans Warped Tour is the largest traveling music festival in the United States. The skateboard shoe brand Vans, has sponsored the event every year since 1995 and now it’s the longest running touring music festival in North America.

For all of you long-time followers, you may recall two years ago in which I was on a different side of this event. Touring with my favorite band Heritage brought a completely different angle. Check it out by clicking this fancy link! 

Today, it is my workplace.

My position is to simply intrigue attendees to register to win a new Ford F150. By filling out a form, they get a free t-shirt or sunglasses (and a few spare moments in the shade, which I think was the main reason people walked over to us).

My partners in crime for the day included these fine gentlemen, Sean and Derick.    

This new friend and fellow gypsy made my day even better than it already was. Meet Kary Parks, a kind hearted musician with a passion for helping others. If you’d love to check out her new tunes (I highly suggest it) please enjoy her website at


Handstand shot?  But of course! This time it’s with Kary (who happens to be an ex-gymnast!)

 The genre of the music ranges slightly between punk, heavy metal, rock and hip-hop. A few of the more popular bands were listed as Wonder Years, Pierce the Veil, Family Force Five, Autumn burns Red and Black Veil Brides.




Lets turn the focus now and soak up the platform for a people watching event. This type of music draws in all types of styles. Instead of describing it, I’ll just let you take a look. 



I should of sent out a memo for hair color specials. I would of been in business! 

 Along with a variety of appearances, it clearly attracts all ages as well!  

They called it the “Reverse Daycare”.  An air-conditioned tent for all of the chaperons to relax, cool down and wait for their children to finish enjoying the outrageous noise (as one parent described it). 


I feel like this neon paint will provide some pretty unique tan lines come morning. 
Tan lines? Yeh, to say at the least. It was a scorching afternoon and many were walking around like burnt zombies. Dangerously hot, if you want to take it that far. Medics were constantly wheeling people to the first aid tent. Then there was our little nurse (Kary) concerning for anyone that walked by who appeared to be in need of a cool down.  
 I thought this was a brilliant idea.  A small water slide with a man on hand to control of the water hose. Ahhh… 

Lunch time brought options for everyone. Corn dogs, fried potatoes and snow cones were just a few of what I saw people walking with.

   Our breaks were conveniently located in the air conditioned truck for a foot resting and cool down.

 My lunch? You’re probably not shocked to find me huddled in the truck-o-air with my tasty sack-lunch!   


Here are just a few more random shots taken throughout the day. The first line up is a series of photos I took after watching a mob of fans anxiously wait for for their favorite band to sign posters and “acually shake hands”!


Thank you Kary, Sean and Derick for making it a smile filled day on the job! Cheers till next time! 


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Time to work hard…ish

Thanks to my cousin Reggie, I was able to glove up and work a bit on a side job.   
 This little dandy tool is a bundle of curved wires that spin aggressivly to brush off a surface, today I was eliminating rust. Not so fun fact, those little brisles randomly exit their home and stab the first object they come in contact with. On this day, it was my gut.  

 Spray paint? Sure! 

   This is Dane, another spicy cousin that knows how to work summers for extra cash. 

Two things I learned about this guy: 

1. If he knows the song on the radio, you’ll hear him. 

2. He will beat you in any runnng race (his records prove it). Below I started to run after the paper bag and before I got to a solid sprint, he was already gone! 

   A few more random shots of our day in the humid Oklahoma heat.  



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Raw and Juicy

I’m extremely excited to announce that the place I’m lucky enough to call my “job” has been listed in the Top 10 Juice Bars in the nation by US Today! Keep in mind we’re in a tiny Airstream that fits 3 people (4 is a cozy party) that sits on a quaint beach side street. Some of the other “best of’s” are in major cities like Atlanta, L.A, Nashville and such, so clearly the heart and energy behind Raw and Juicy speaks in volumes!

Curious of the creator behind this magical place serving things like the Spicy Rabbit, Green Goddess and Spiked Melon? Meet Jenifer Kuntz by clicking here.

I’d love to do a huge post with hundreds of photos of us playing with fruit, veggies, blenders and more (aka- “working”) but in the midst of fun, I rarely remember my camera.

So instead, I’ll post a few that were captured and link you directly to their website which is well worth a look. Please take a moment and embrace what is the Raw and Juicy Life.


Working? Sure, you can a all it that.





So this is Carinne, a happy little lady who happened to drop the blender lid behind our freezer. Our compact area provides such a tight squeeze, this is what I turned around to after hearing the strenuous sounds of go-go gadget arm!


When you order from this superb place, let me confirm that any smoothie with coconut meat, milk or water legitimately comes straight from the source. It takes solid effort, but it’s well worth the results!




As well as full description of each amazing item on our menu, I could also go into an entire post about every lovely person I get to share this space with. Instead, I will just send my full gratitude to Christin, Kevin, Daisy, Jesse, Corinne, Shen, Michelle, Jo Jo, Kayla, and Grayton. You make my work-world a vibrant place full of positive energy and mindful thoughts… Thank you.


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A fishing pole, banjo and a beer

Once upon a time, my mom and I took one of our usual walks to the beach.





After too many duo selfies and a couple cartwheels (me, not mom) she randomly spotted a cheerful looking fella walking with a huge fishing pole, a banjo and a beer. “Ooh, I wonder what he’s fishing for!”, she says like a curious kid who wants to know everything about everyone. As I turned to look, my lovely mother was already near him with her hand extended. As I approached the banjo man, is was clear she had met an incredibly good natured guy with an easy going attitude. Casual conversation lead to a hair cutting date and a new friend. Nice catch mom!

Fast forward a few days and here we are! A front porch haircut and more smiles… Excellent!





Sorry sweetheart, I’m not experienced in dog grooming.




Glorious! I score another buddy with an instant connection bonded by a haircut. I’m so thankful mom was interested in his fishing adventure.


Moving on in the week, Steven sent me another client that enhanced my day with an additional porch side haircut, meet Grayton!




I met Steven on the beach who then introduced me to Grayton. What I didn’t mention above, was that he also referred me to a job of my dreams at a local vegan cafe and juice bar. (Turns out Grayton works with there as well!)

Guess who is now officially employed at the one and only Raw and Juicy that sits so perfectly in the center of Seaside beach?! I’ll show you more details of this adorable set up later, but here’s a sneak peak!




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