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Vans Warped Tour and the “Outrageous Noise”

Vans Warped Tour is the largest traveling music festival in the United States. The skateboard shoe brand Vans, has sponsored the event every year since 1995 and now it’s the longest running touring music festival in North America.

For all of you long-time followers, you may recall two years ago in which I was on a different side of this event. Touring with my favorite band Heritage brought a completely different angle. Check it out by clicking this fancy link! 

Today, it is my workplace.

My position is to simply intrigue attendees to register to win a new Ford F150. By filling out a form, they get a free t-shirt or sunglasses (and a few spare moments in the shade, which I think was the main reason people walked over to us).

My partners in crime for the day included these fine gentlemen, Sean and Derick.    

This new friend and fellow gypsy made my day even better than it already was. Meet Kary Parks, a kind hearted musician with a passion for helping others. If you’d love to check out her new tunes (I highly suggest it) please enjoy her website at


Handstand shot?  But of course! This time it’s with Kary (who happens to be an ex-gymnast!)

 The genre of the music ranges slightly between punk, heavy metal, rock and hip-hop. A few of the more popular bands were listed as Wonder Years, Pierce the Veil, Family Force Five, Autumn burns Red and Black Veil Brides.




Lets turn the focus now and soak up the platform for a people watching event. This type of music draws in all types of styles. Instead of describing it, I’ll just let you take a look. 



I should of sent out a memo for hair color specials. I would of been in business! 

 Along with a variety of appearances, it clearly attracts all ages as well!  

They called it the “Reverse Daycare”.  An air-conditioned tent for all of the chaperons to relax, cool down and wait for their children to finish enjoying the outrageous noise (as one parent described it). 


I feel like this neon paint will provide some pretty unique tan lines come morning. 
Tan lines? Yeh, to say at the least. It was a scorching afternoon and many were walking around like burnt zombies. Dangerously hot, if you want to take it that far. Medics were constantly wheeling people to the first aid tent. Then there was our little nurse (Kary) concerning for anyone that walked by who appeared to be in need of a cool down.  
 I thought this was a brilliant idea.  A small water slide with a man on hand to control of the water hose. Ahhh… 

Lunch time brought options for everyone. Corn dogs, fried potatoes and snow cones were just a few of what I saw people walking with.

   Our breaks were conveniently located in the air conditioned truck for a foot resting and cool down.

 My lunch? You’re probably not shocked to find me huddled in the truck-o-air with my tasty sack-lunch!   


Here are just a few more random shots taken throughout the day. The first line up is a series of photos I took after watching a mob of fans anxiously wait for for their favorite band to sign posters and “acually shake hands”!


Thank you Kary, Sean and Derick for making it a smile filled day on the job! Cheers till next time! 


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Sebel and the Beatles in Germany

Although I’m always sad to leave my Dutch friends and say farewell to Amsterdam, I was eager to move on to our next stop… Recklinghausen! Haven’t heard of this place? Not many have, as it’s a smaller city in the north west of Germany and the home to many of my dear friends. This trip we’ll be staying with Carina. Yes, the precious girl with a huge heart that came to Costa Rica with me last May after we had met during Oktoberfest years ago. Recap time!


Hayden and I reach Carina by fast train departing Amsterdam and arriving to Recklinghausen within a few hours.


Leave it to my energetic friend, she gives us the option at the train station if we wanted to go see her boyfriends band play or watch a different musician perform elsewhere. Considering I met her boyfriend last year and listened to his album during our road trip through Europe, it was an easy decision for me! We got back to her place, changed our clothes, got a bite to eat and off we went to the show!




One of the first things I noticed about this concert, was the variety of people in the audience. There was a range of ages and styles but all were enjoying the entertainment in front of them. How refreshing!







Naturally, I found myself behind the booth, sporting the merchandise (and getting sweaty hugs from the band members). What better way to sell it, than to wear it!










The show continues with a guest musician who decided to play “hands” with the guitarist, the crowd loved it!





A successful show and a nights rest leads us to the next day in which there was more music to appreciate. Sebel, the lead singer from the band above, also fills in as drummer when needed. On this day, it’s a Beatles cover band performing as a part of a street fair.




Also noticeable here is the range of attendees enjoying this sunny day in Germany.





Hey look! It’s Jenni and Carina, the two wonderful girls that came to Amsterdam to surprise me last week… Love you ladies!



As they finished the set, I took a quick walk around to the other performers and vendors.





What do you get when you combine Disneyland and Great America in Germany? Find out in the next post!


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Dining and dancing the Bajan way

I couldn’t have planned better for such a wonderful lunch with a group of happy hearted locals. This family goes all out only a couple times of year and I got to join! Ryan took me the long route to his Aunties house. Here are some of the sites along the way.

The drive through the Mahogany trees to reach the popular look out point of Cherry tree hill.
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The view from Cherry tree hill.
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I had no idea that Barbados had the second largest amount of windmills per square mile in the world (Holland being number). This is the last standing on the entire island.
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Getting closer to the east coast town of Bathsheba.
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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Got to catch a round of some locals playing cricket.
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We made it! (I made that sound like it was a huge trek, but you can get from one side of the island to the other in less than 45 min… Driving slowly). These were taken from the lunch table on their balcony.
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Then there was the feast!
Options of meat: seasoned pork and skins, chicken and gravy, fried fish, flying fish and shrimp curry.
Average Sides: Beans, rice, salad, cooked veggies with cheese, green beans, and twice baked sweet potato.
Tradition local dishes: Macoroni pie, corn pie, bread fruit baked or in a casserole, bacon wrapped plantains and candied yams.
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Sample platter? Yes please.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Rum punch! Obviously not the bottled kind from the store in which the first ingredient is corn syrup, oh no no… This is “Aunt Pats High Octane” Rum Punch. Delicious and deceiving.
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As soon as I thought I couldn’t take one more bite, they announce desert is being served. This is when you casually unsnap the top button and lean back for a stretch. Hmmm, would it be homemade cookies or maybe a pie? Turns out it was a spread that would put hometown buffet to shame! I personally like the young girls face as she eyeballs the cupcakes in front of her.
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A personal thanks to Ryan and his family for the open door, pleasantly full belly and great conversation… Especially that chat about only being as old as you feel. Cheers to a youthful spirit!
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Like most of the events this week, I’ve just been saying yes and going with the flow. Not really knowing what to expect leaves me with the anticipation of a kid on their first day of school combined with the excitment of a 20 year old the night before their birthday.

Tonight’s festivity is a concert. The talk around here has been as if the Michael Jackson of the Islands was coming to town.

Machel Montano is a Carribean super star that sells out crowds and keeps them going till the sun comes up. I was lucky enough to be invited to the VIP experience of this incredible performer.

The show!
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Complementary drinks and food all night, so we started with the Mojito’s! As you can see, they don’t hold back on the mint.
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These vibrant girls decided to give me a personal bajan dance lesson. In America they say “dancing” or in this case “grinding”. In Barbados what you may hear includes but is not limited to: Whining, wuking-up, juking, gyrating, or in a full sentence: “I guine down de road tuh pelt some waste”.
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The fun keeps going…
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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

And going…
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
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And going! I wanted to post these blurry pictures to prove the energy that is produced with the intensity of the spectators. The crowd never stops moving! Jumping, juking, singing, dancing and my favorite is the bandanas being whipped in the air. These people have redefined the word “party”.
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Bedtime this evening: 6am

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