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Time to work hard…ish

Thanks to my cousin Reggie, I was able to glove up and work a bit on a side job.   
 This little dandy tool is a bundle of curved wires that spin aggressivly to brush off a surface, today I was eliminating rust. Not so fun fact, those little brisles randomly exit their home and stab the first object they come in contact with. On this day, it was my gut.  

 Spray paint? Sure! 

   This is Dane, another spicy cousin that knows how to work summers for extra cash. 

Two things I learned about this guy: 

1. If he knows the song on the radio, you’ll hear him. 

2. He will beat you in any runnng race (his records prove it). Below I started to run after the paper bag and before I got to a solid sprint, he was already gone! 

   A few more random shots of our day in the humid Oklahoma heat.  



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