Saltwater smiles

By now you should be familiar with WhatSUP Barbados, my favorite stand up paddle boarding company in all of Barbados and top rated by Tripadvisor!

On this day, he was scheduled for a group of energetic kids to rent the boards for a birthday party. Hold up. How cool is that? Where I grew up, it was roller skating, bowling or a pool party… but paddle boarding on the clear island sea? Yes please!  


This sassy (but very sweet) girl asked if my camera was water proof. I responded  with clueless confidence “Of course!” not realizing at that moment the very purpose of her question.  She was just being courteous enough to ask before splashing me.  Let the games begin!

  This is a live Conch that Ryan found to show the kids. Did you know, these queens are continuenly builing a larger shell around themselves as their body grows? On average it reaches 22 cm by 4 years old. Thanks Uncle Ryan for the fun facts, so cool!  

I purposly held it under water for the bottom photo to show you just how clear this water is!

Back to the paddling! Here are some random shots from the day. Happy kids, beautiful sun and salt water smiles! 


  What a rejuvenating, refreshing and a wonderful addition to the journey here in Barbados! 


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