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Wrapping up Barbados!

So turns out I’m married to a photographer/videographer (amongst other talents) and while we were living on the island, he made some videos that would be a shame to go unseen. There’s no rhyme or reason to any of the following footage, besides me wanting to keep them on record and wanting to share them […]

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Barbados behind the lense of Craigg Basham

So my buddy shows up with a tiny piece of luggage, an awesome attitude and a camera the size of my head. Instead of posting details of where each photo is taken, I simply invite you to appreciate the vision behind his lense. Craigg (seen before in This girls on fire and Cliffs, caves and fish cakes) was […]

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Behind the wheel in Barbados

Getting around in any new country is a learning experience from the get-go. Amongst different traffic laws, there’s common courtesy expectations and a bundle of local unspoken rules that you can only figure out on your own. Let’s talk about Barbados. If you’d prefer avoiding the drivers sets, there’s many options to choose from. You can […]

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Ms. Barbados, Queen of the sea

When you hear the word “sailboat” what comes to mind? A bunch of swanky people sipping martinis along the smooth coastal waters? Maybe a gang of pirates with patch covered eyes and worn out parrots for pets. Anyone out there get the visual of Bill Murray in “What about Bob?”. Just checking.  Let me share […]

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Last bundle of Barbados… for now.

Confession time. I’ve been so consumed with an abundance of events, exciting adventures and new friends that any spare time I’ve had, was taken by eating, pretending to sleep or getting ready for the next excursion. I’ve also learned that a blog can wait when the elderly man next to you on the plane decides […]

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Welcome to Barbados. Lets eat!

Before Shanda arrived, I had collaborated with my island peeps and made a “must eat” check-list of the tasty local foods.  Some are my favorites, others are just necessary to experience.  Lets start down the edibles in no specific order. First up is fresh coconut water with a side order of jelly.  No folks, this […]

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What’SUP Barbados?!

I’ve given the final hugs for this round in Oklahoma before the 26 hour journey to my next destintion. 26 hours you may wonder? This my friends, is how I’m able to save a solid amount on flights. The ticket I chose was nearly half the price of the “easier” route because I was willing […]

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Teaching a frog how to dive… only in Barbados!

Cool Runnings is an excursion setting you sail on a custom made catamaran through the gorgeous waters of Barbados while providing, food, drink, dance, snorkeling and of course plenty of time to be kissed by the sun. It’s been called the Rolls-Royce of catamaran excursions‘ in Barbados and was voted the 2nd best attraction from […]

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The rest of Barbados is a coconut shell

Time to wrap up the eventful visit to my favorite island of Barbados. You’ve seen the controlled chaos of the mud and paint party in Jouvert followed by the boat cruise of big kids pretending to be adults. Hopefully you giggled at the 5 “not so” well known facts and thoroughly enjoyed the energy of […]

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5 “not so” well known facts of Barbados!

You’d have to hear it for yourself to understand #1– The accent of the Barbadians! Yes, they speak English (so they say) but upon arriving and listening to locals socialize amongst themselves, you’ll quickly find out that there’s a separate language here. – They put the emphasis on the second syllable. For example “Dis weekEND […]

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