The best kept, not so secret… Café Moya

There are times I’ve eaten somewhere and the food was good and the ambience was comfortable. Then there are occasions in which the entire experience was exactly that… An experience! Café Moya falls under one of those categories in which you leave feeling filled up with not only delicious nutrients, but love and all the fluffy feel good stuff.

When you walk in to this quaint little shop, you’re greeted with a simple welcoming area that invites you to take a seat and relax.




Judging from her baked goods display… We missed out!


To be honest (not that I ever lie) but I was expecting your typical menu offering bagels and soup with the dessert of cupcakes.
To my surprise, we were given the menu’s below. Fresh food and creative ingredients with flavor combinations that leave your taste buds debating on which to order.



We finally chose to split a cassava wrap that was delightfully filled with falafel, hummus, cucumber, tomato, and fresh salad.

My apologies, as this meal was so delicious that we devoured it before any photos were taken. Whoops.

Following the moments of completing our dish (which I’m sure we pretended to do so slowly and calm, while wishing we could inhale it all in one glorious bite), we decided that “sharing” such a magnificent order gave us permission to “share” another one. Right? This technically meant we were still under the pig-out ranking.

With way too much thought put into it, we ordered another cassava wrap, this time with eggplant, kalamata olives, feta and avocado with some sort of sauce that resembled a light creamy vinegerette.

My apologies once more, as we even joked about forgetting the picture of the first plate… again, the salvation in our mouths must have blocked the brain cells to remember a second photo. Just take my word for it, simply amazing!

So, there we were, attempting to refrain from drooling when a sweet woman approached the table to confirm that the plate (that was licked clean) was “ok”.

“Ok!? It was delicious! Please tell the owner that we thoroughly enjoyed our experience”. She replied with “thank you”. It was her! The mastermind behind our unforgettable lunch not only came to check on the giggling girls in the corner, but proceeded to sit down and have a long chat.

Marguerite’s creative cooking, bright smile and generosity is such a fond memory. I guarantee her café will forever remain on my “must do” list of Bajan eats from this point forward.


If you live anywhere on the island of Barbados, please swing in and tell her we say hello (that’s of course after you order, enjoy and wipe the crumbs off your face). If you’re a sea away from this amazing place, I encourage you to check out their facebook page here.

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2 thoughts on “The best kept, not so secret… Café Moya

  1. Marguerite Moe

    Hi Erika, thanks so much for you wonderful comments. It was a pleasure to have met both Bree and yourself. It was so lovely chatting with you and hearing about the awesome trips you have made around the world. You blog is great. Looking forward to seeing you next time you are in Barbados.

  2. Robin

    Don’t know if we’ll get there when our transatlantic cruise docks in Bridgetown for one day next month, but will keep it in mind. Much more extensive menu than Bliss Cafe in the Gap.

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