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Cropover! My 6th, his 1st… not our last.

2017 was my 6th Cropover in a row. For those of you that didn’t indulge in those fun posts, I invite you to take a peek back and check out previous Kadooment posts! Last year Matt and I chose a few of the events to celebrate and went for it!

Foreday morning Jam! Mud, paint, powder, people and drinks. That about sums up the few miles we parade through the back streets of Barbados. Music trucks lead the way followed by mobile bars serving any beverage you’d like. Gallons of paint get thrown throughout the crowd with powder being launched into the air. The mud? Barrels (dubbed for mud baths later on after 6 too many rum punches) are towed behind trucks so participants can dig in and sling handfuls over their friends. This midnight celebration is nothing to miss out on!

The annual boat cruise that I’m honored to attend each year (limited guests with a waiting list) has got to be my favorite event of this entire week. Personally I think that’s made clear by the photos I walk away with each year! Click here to see one of the most highlighted cruises from the past!

This year, Matt was able to be my hot date and got to witness the shinaniguns of the M.C.Buccaneer!

There’s really no need for an excuse, however if I needed a reason for a shot from Daniel, it would fall in the hands of tradition. Every year past, he’s found me to fulfill our annual greeting!

The first collage is a combination of years past followed by a phot of the most recent. Kadooment marks the finale of the crops being over and introduces the grand parade that everyone has been preparing for. Elaborate costumes and skin jewel designs barely cover the bodies of the ones walking the street. If you haven’t read any of the past posts on this event at least take a look at Kadooment 2012, as it describes the history and present culture of it all. Here is a visual gift of the previous 5 years of Kadooment:






Last year I decided to get a little quirky and hand make a tutu to enhance my costume. A few more bedazzles and some added fabric made it all complete!

Matt had no problem sharing his office with glitter, jewels, fabric and glue until I completed my project… Well, he had no complaint until his confession of finding glitter in manly places that sparkles don’t belong.

Finally the day had arrived! 4am and a couple thousand friends means we’re on our way!

Pictures may say 1000 words, but videos share a million memories! Here’s the video created by Matt Stone (my amazing husband) of Stone Sharp Images.

Video of Kadooment 2017!

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PCD (Post Cropover Depression) and the cure.

Kadooment has come to an end. I’ll pause for a moment of silence…

All of the bedazzled costumes have been retired and the closest thing to a mobile drink truck you’ll see is that of the icecream man making his way down the smoldering hot road. Sweet Soca music is now only played 80% of the time, instead of 99% and lastly, the constant nightly parties have dwindled down. This my friends is what some may refer to as the beginning of PCD – Post Cropover Depression. But there’s no need to fear… The beach is still here! (Hopefully some of you children from the 80’s chanted that last sentence in the tune of Wonder Dog). Here’s a few examples of what might bide your time till next carnival season. 

Find a cruise! Search this blog alone and you’ll see several years of celebrations out at sea. A few of the popular companies are Seaduced, Jammin, MC Buccaneer  and my personal favorite, Cool Runnings. This year I tried a new one just to broaden my experience around the island. Here’s the well known “pirate ship” called the Jolly Rogers!

The next boat may be smaller, but the the party doesn’t lack a bit! (enter your own joke here). A typical Sunday on the west coast usually involves several friends, a couple of boats, countless floating items and many memories! Here are just a bundle of shots to give you a glimpse of the fun to be had!

Prefer to be on a board instead of a boat? That’s an easy fix, just check out Ryans Instagram @whatsupbarbados!

Tired of the scene above the Caribbean Sea? Take a peak under, you’d be amazed at what you may find! Photo credit to Ryan Rodriguez and the close ups of these beautiful creatures!

Ooh handstand shot!

Keep yourself busy with evening beach parties! 

Foam fun!

…and sunset memories.

Till next season…

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“Lady lady, where you from?”

The ride from Hanoi to Hoi An could of been long and boring however, I’ll never know that experience due to the new friends I met along the way. Vilmos and Zsuzsanna had an open door and was game for sharing snacks and travel stories. After hours of eye opening and heart stimulating conversation (thanks again for the new perspective) it was time for rest before we were booted off the train in central Vietnam.




*They put me in their blog too! Check out the photos and tell me what it says (if you can read Hungarian) at

Next stop Hoi An, a quaint old town that used to be Vietnam’s most important port and trading post with China. I’ve been told you can cover the entire town on foot in a day and still have time to snag a coffee. Sounds perfect after the chaos Hanoi had offered. Lets see!

When you walk along the rivers edge, you’ll see locals paddling away while the old boats sit and look pretty. It definitely adds a unique feel to this already small town. It makes me wonder if these waters could talk…






Lining the river are markets and shops with local owners doing their very best to make a sell. Their favorite conversation starter is “Where are you from?”. For my own entertainment and hopefully there’s as well, I started answering differently every time. “My mom said the moon, but I don’t believe her” or “I don’t remember… where are you from?”. I found the more bizzare of an answer the bigger the smile I got in return. This is either because they thought is was funny, I was out of my mind or maybe they just had absolutely no idea what I was saying.



Curiosity hits… What’s the reason behind the locals overly aggressive way of trying to get a sale? They would physically grab my arm and begin to guide me in the direction of their shop. After I’d deliver several “no thank you’s” with a bow, they’d keep trying and when the point was finally received that I was not interested, they’d give a disturbing frown almost to a pout. A final “no thank you” would end it and they’d turn away with a snarl.

Although I didn’t appreciate this whatsoever, it just makes me ponder what has been the progression or experiences to get them to act in such behavior? Was it taught, learned through example or just a part of the culture? Are they ashamed or proud, possibly unaware of the environment that it creates? I wonder what it was like here 50, 30 or even just 10 years ago…

Once you’ve made your way through the “assertive” saleswomen, you can begin to branch off and see other stores, restaurants and old buildings. Although its not my thing, I dare not forget to mention (for all my fashionistas) that Hoi An also has over 400 tailors within the city limits. Need a dress, suit or pants? Whatever you fancy they’ll measure you, make it and have it ready within 24 hours.








A quick pit stop for a street food snack brings me a mung bean patty and a dish that tasted like a rice gelatin substance with vegetable soup and topped with chili sauce and fried onions. What was it really? I have no idea.


Ooh, creative photo time! Amazing what a tiny camera effect can do to an image.







As the day progressed, the clouds began to cover and within moments we were showered with unforgiving rain. Little did I know, this was the calming before the typhoon heading in our direction. I suppose my lack of that information was bliss as I splashed around the wet city.







Evening rolled around and the rain hadn’t only opened the door but invited itself in with no intention on leaving. As I was heading back to my hostel, I heard “I know you!” On a bike rolls up Alex, the friendly German who I shared a cab ride with from the airport! A chat in the rain? Don’t mind if I do! We geared up appropriately and headed out for an adventure in the storm.


We ended up at Cafe 19, a small little spot that offered $0.25 beers and a local dish called White Rose (which is like a dumpling) that we were both eager to try. Perfect!



This menu made us chuckle, not that it was so clear in regards to pork or beef, but the proportion of the two animals.


An early rise for me was welcomed with a complimentary breakfast, a choice of coffee, juice, eggs and veggies or bread. Yes please! I went with a mushroom and tomato omelette, raw veggies and a ginger-lime juice that was so fresh there were chunks of ginger and lime pulp!


Dear Vietnam, my journey here was short and I may need more time in your country-side to truly appreciate all that you have to offer. Until then, thank you for the warm soup, yogurt coffee and new friends!

Next stop, Thailand!

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Isla de Plata! -aka- “The poor mans Galapagos.”

Our morning started off with a walk to the sea where we got some time to observe the daily routines of the Puerto Lopez fisherman.






Observation number 1: Duck and cover doesn’t always work when there are this many birds. One of the sweet girls from our group got an unpleasant drop from above.




Looks like “catch of the day” will be shark.





As the boat arrives, it’s requested that our shoes come off for the hour journey to the island. Not to completed without our “yes, I’m on a tour” safety vest.




Along the way they made sure we got the full experience including a family of dolphins playing around!



As we approached the island, it was clear why so many take time and energy to maintain such a beautiful piece of land. Pirates or locals, maybe a bit if both?




Either way they smiled and gave a head nod as our entire boat made “ooh” and “awh” sounds at the turtles and fish that surrounded us!





We get to debark and after a quick foot rinse, the tour begins!








They warned her that flip flops weren’t a good idea. In her words, “It seems the urge to say I told ya so is universal”. First one, then both in hand.




Sophie commented on my fashion statement. Well, my ears were burning… Problem solved!



The trek takes you up, down and around the coast of this gorgeous place with the intention of getting a glimpse if several of the native animals. Up to this point, the only other living creature that seems to be welcoming themselves are the mosquitos that love to squeal in your ear and make incredible eye contact. (I actually got bit on the eye lid!)






Finally spotted the Blue Footed Boobies!




We make it to one of the highest points for these amazing views!






Fun with effects!




After the climb, we’re back in the boat for a pit stop that we’ve all been waiting for… Sun and swimming!





As we make the final stretch, what Ecuadorian boat tour wouldn’t be complete without motor trouble… Again.




If you notice the swells in the back ground are definitely creating a rock to the boat that leads me to switch places with this poor guy who was getting sea sick. (Sophie and I were making faces at the boat trouble, but his natural expression puts ours to shame).



Back on shore (lucky for the sick guy) and I leave you with one last photo with a snazzy effect. What a day!


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Boats, beaches and bad weather

A day trip to the pirate ships!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Sarah Jane and Mikie (the one with the monkeys from a previous post). He lives a life that defines the island style. Usually smiling with barefeet and on the way to the beach. Don’t let that fool you though, he’s an extremely hard worker and earns his play time!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Ryan (the stand up paddle boarding king I described in an earlier post) is on the left standing next to his partner in crime. Jason is what I think of as a truly happy guy. I can honestly say to my memory, I haven’t seen him in a bad mood since we met. He greets you with that genuine smile and a bear hug with every encounter.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

See that bobbing head holding up peace signs? That’s Jason with all smiles.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

If you look closely towards the right, you can see a rope swing. Records say that the max was 12 people at one time. The first person swings out and monkey climbs as quickly as possible to make room for the next. As the rope returns, the next person jumps on and starts to climb. This continues until there’s no room or someone falls. Extremely entertaining to watch different techniques!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I’m sure you noticed the “not so clear” skies. Meet Ernesto. This friendly fella heard wind (pun intended) of the traditional party that’s supposed to send hundreds of dancing people into the streets. Well, he got a little fussy since nobody invited him, so with only 24 hours left until we were supposed to be covered in paint he decides to show up and make a scene. He passed through with only a threat and left us with a calm after the storm for a night to be remembered. That post will be coming soon!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Have you ever called in sick on a rainy day? Not these guys. You can get coconut water on the side of the road anytime!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

On the flight from Miami to Bridgetown I sat in front of two gentlemen that were here to visit Max (on the far left) and capture as much of what Barbados has to offer… Including a new friend, that’s me! Standing next to Max all the way from Italy, is Leonardo. Philipe, a Columbian is on the far right.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Our day at Accra Beach.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I didn’t meet these twins, but every time I looked over it made me smile.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Well hello little guy!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

One of my favorite pics of the day! What a natural family photo in a gentle setting. Thank you for the local suggestions Nadia!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunset. Enough said.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

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