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Cropover! My 6th, his 1st… not our last.

2017 was my 6th Cropover in a row. For those of you that didn’t indulge in those fun posts, I invite you to take a peek back and check out previous Kadooment posts! Last year Matt and I chose a few of the events to celebrate and went for it!

Foreday morning Jam! Mud, paint, powder, people and drinks. That about sums up the few miles we parade through the back streets of Barbados. Music trucks lead the way followed by mobile bars serving any beverage you’d like. Gallons of paint get thrown throughout the crowd with powder being launched into the air. The mud? Barrels (dubbed for mud baths later on after 6 too many rum punches) are towed behind trucks so participants can dig in and sling handfuls over their friends. This midnight celebration is nothing to miss out on!

The annual boat cruise that I’m honored to attend each year (limited guests with a waiting list) has got to be my favorite event of this entire week. Personally I think that’s made clear by the photos I walk away with each year! Click here to see one of the most highlighted cruises from the past!

This year, Matt was able to be my hot date and got to witness the shinaniguns of the M.C.Buccaneer!

There’s really no need for an excuse, however if I needed a reason for a shot from Daniel, it would fall in the hands of tradition. Every year past, he’s found me to fulfill our annual greeting!

The first collage is a combination of years past followed by a phot of the most recent. Kadooment marks the finale of the crops being over and introduces the grand parade that everyone has been preparing for. Elaborate costumes and skin jewel designs barely cover the bodies of the ones walking the street. If you haven’t read any of the past posts on this event at least take a look at Kadooment 2012, as it describes the history and present culture of it all. Here is a visual gift of the previous 5 years of Kadooment:






Last year I decided to get a little quirky and hand make a tutu to enhance my costume. A few more bedazzles and some added fabric made it all complete!

Matt had no problem sharing his office with glitter, jewels, fabric and glue until I completed my project… Well, he had no complaint until his confession of finding glitter in manly places that sparkles don’t belong.

Finally the day had arrived! 4am and a couple thousand friends means we’re on our way!

Pictures may say 1000 words, but videos share a million memories! Here’s the video created by Matt Stone (my amazing husband) of Stone Sharp Images.

Video of Kadooment 2017!

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Leave the baby oil at home

Mud: soft, sticky matter resulting from the mixing of earth and water.

Paint and colored powder: a tinted substance that is spread over a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating.

Moonlight:  the light reflected from the surface of the moon.

Happy People: a group of persons feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. joyful; blissful; carefree; untroubled.

Combination of all of the above = A really good time! Also properly known as J’ouvert! (sounds like joo-veh), Foreday Morning Jam or Mud and Paint.

To understand the history of this event (or to see the controlled chaos of past episodes) please see the posts Mud and Paint partyAn orbit gum commercial, Bajan style or last years Paint me up mudder cup.

Quick history lesson: During the time of slavery, Carnival was introduced to the Caribbean by French settlers in 1783. Banned from the masquerade balls, the slaves would stage mini-carnivals in their own backyards creating new rituals. The origins of the street party also referred to as Foreday Morning Jam coincide with the emancipation from slavery in 1838. People smeared themselves with mud to avoid being recognized and partied down the street late at night while the wealthy were sleeping.

In present time, the Bajan version includes mud, paint and powder with energetic soca music to enhance the walk, which in all reality is a bunch of dancing. One motion is called chipping, a step that is flat footed, knees bent and moving forward, almost as if to “chip” away the street. If the music is right, you can sneak in some whining. This is when people attach themselves to one another by their middle section and pulse, sway and thrust to the rhythm in every conceivable manner. 

Here’s a collage of the past Morning Jams. Kind of tricky to compact 3 nights and over 300 hundred photos into this little dandy, but hey… worth a try!  


Now we come to J’ouvert 2015.
As seen before, we take our basic t-shirts (that are given a few days prior to the event) a pair of scissors and Viola! 



Time for the bus ride to the starting line!


…and by “starting line”, I mean a huge parking-lot full of thousands of your friends you haven’t met yet.  All being served rum punch, light up toys and uhh baby oil? This is new for me, but apparently it helps keep the paint from staining your skin.  Meh, I’m not too worried about it! 

At this point, you slowly start to see colors emerse from all directions. Powder and paint begin to flood the sky (and your hair and your face) while the energy of the crowd magnifies in seconds! 

Once the pre-party is over, we take it to de road! Bouncing to soca music (I still have Spontaneous by Red Plastic Bag stuck in my head) we follow the drink trucks that escort our band. Drink trucks? Yes, a mobile bar that flows with the parade serving all participants whatever they’d like. Soda, water, juice, beer, liquor and/or all of the above.  



Flashback collage! I feel the need to recognize this open armed, welcoming gentlemen that took me under his wing during my first (second and third) trip for Cropover. Thank you Ryan for the lessons, fun-facts and freedom to explore! Here’s a look back on years at this event followed by a photo from tonight.


My favorite progressive photos of the night: Before, during and after.  Well done girls… well done!

 As the sun began to rise we all started to reach the point of hunger, sore feet and a desire for some sort of water soaking. In past years, I’ve expressed my love for the end of this celebration. It’s almost like I sign up (to get demolished with mud and paint), just so I can stay and play in the water. Since we didn’t stick around for the aqua party this round, I combined 4 of my favorite photos from the past 3 years.  

Finally getting home… well, you get it.  


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Paint me up mudder cup!

I figured there were mainly two ways I could introduce Barbados back into my blog. Either my traditional style of easing into the description of what the people are like, how the culture makes me feel and showing you gorgeous pictures of the world wide known landscapes of this striking island…

Or, the Bajan way and dive right into a street party that went till Sunrise!

If you’d love to find out more about the the unique island of Barbados, please be patient as they’re soon to come. Please also feel free to read older posts that I’ve so conveniently connected below. You’re welcome.

“Just the beginning of Barbados”

“5 not so well known facts of Barbados”

“Random sights of Barbados”

“The rest of Barbados in a nut shell”

For now, let’s take you along a photo adventure of the preparation that goes into the night parade know as J’ouvert. Also referred to as Foreday Morning Jam, Mud and Paint or last year in which I titled it An Orbit gum commercial, Bajan style.

The package you get includes randoms gifts such as bandanas, cups, a t-shirt and wrist band. This is to ensure that you’re “jumping” with the right band and have appropriate attire. (Meaning that you match your group, not “appropriate” like you’d wear it to a family holiday).


Each year I’ve cut, torn and tied my shirt into a new design and this round shows no different except I’ve brought two friends to experience that which is Carnival in Barbados!

Quick and easy introduction: You all know Hayden. I grew up with him, gave him the travel bug and now he can’t stay in the states long enough to plan for his next flight out.
Here we are on several different trips within the last 15 months:


Bree: Our story began on a flight in Asia, branched to an unforgettable backpacking journey in Thailand and now we reunite on my favorite island in the world. Bree and I traveling together looks something like this:


The prep phase turned our apartment living room into a fashion design studio. Each one of us filling in as a model for one another’s experiment. Poor (lucky) Hayden was included as well, I suppose it’s small price to pay celebrating with two energetic females.




The ending result? One-of-a-kind shirts for the ladies and a comfortable tank top for the boy to Rock.


As if that wasn’t completely entertaining in itself, we then complete the tradition by heading out around 10:30p to catch a van for our jaunt to the starting line.


The waiting area is a group of a few hundred of “your closest friends” ready for miles of parading to Soca music, drinks and dancing…. With the main attraction of mud, paint and powder.



The music fires up and the walking begins!

Not much explanation needs to go into the following photos. If this blog had audio, you’d be moving your hips to Soca beats while trying to make out the words with the sound of people singing along. Awh, the beauty of rich tunes.






Remember Ryan? He’s my dear friend that I met years ago who has been my Bajan mentor… Properly training me on all of the local traditions. Here we are in my first two Morning Jams, followed by this year!



Wrapping up the evening includes a breakfast choice of fish, ham or cheese sliders and Caribbean corn soup. At this point, we would of inhaled it just the same if they would of fed us dog chow and mystery juice. While consuming what seems like the best food on the island, the energy from the parade leaves some still jumping and others, well…


So now we’re fed, but still covered in mud, paint and powder paste. What to do? Only my favorite part of the entire festivities! They blast more dance music and gear up the water trucks. Shower party time!





The ride home presents itself with yet another victory defined as a safe journey packed full of memories (and one tired pup).


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