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Sleeping by the mango tree.

It’s been awhile since I’ve specifically posted about accommodations. Mainly because I’ve been staying with family in the states and I’m sure the last thing they want is their house exposed online. “…but Erika, I haven’t even vacuumed yet!”

With that said, let’s talk hotels. My first time coming to Barbados was back in the 2011 when I surprised my mom for her 50th birthday. You can see more about that story in More than just a dolphin tour.

We didn’t know anyone on the island yet, so I had to use the good ol’ internet to search out the best option.

With multiple pools, a swim-up bar, nice rooms, restaurants and nightly entertainment Accra Beach Hotel had everything we needed to feel like we were on vacation.


After venturing back to the island every year since then, I’ve met several friends who have welcomed me into their homes. Thank you Ryan!

This round, considering I had two buddies join me, we stayed in a hotel that offered apartment styled rooms. Coconut Court is known as the most “green” on the island in regards to recycling, room care and sanitary issues. It’s nicely located in Hastings which is on the south coast, walking distance from a variety of restaurants, shops and popular beaches.

Here’s a few views from the main building.



Our apartment didn’t have the same views, but it was well worth the abundance of space in trade.





I feel like spending too much time inside any building on this island is some sort of unspoken broken law. Getting out of the room, we found ourselves wandering around the Coconut Court to see what they offered. Here are a few pics from the area surrounding our place.




Keep walking through the hotels property and you’ll end at the beach with lounge chairs, picnic tables and a tiny bar. Definitely different than my usual hostel grounds of bean bags, broken barbecues and outdoor toilets.




After Hayden left the trio, Bree and I made our final move up the west coast to the more northern parish of St.Peter. Here, we occupied a friends guest studio house. Thank you Barbara!

It was quaint and comfortable with welcoming greens all around that could have fed me for weeks! Spinach, herbs, mango, bananas and papaya… Yes please!




This mango tree made for not only an excellent breakfast option, but a fun handstand shot (or two).



The final photo is our sweet little porch that was the perfect setting for coffee in the morning, a game of cards in the afternoon and several dinner conversations that eventually got drowned out by the tune of the whistling frogs.

No joke, these little (and I mean tiny) frogs will over power the sound of any evening small talk. So much, that leaving the island requires a transition to learn to sleep with silence again. Here, I found this sample of their acoustics for you.


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Boats, beaches and bad weather

A day trip to the pirate ships!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
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Sarah Jane and Mikie (the one with the monkeys from a previous post). He lives a life that defines the island style. Usually smiling with barefeet and on the way to the beach. Don’t let that fool you though, he’s an extremely hard worker and earns his play time!
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Ryan (the stand up paddle boarding king I described in an earlier post) is on the left standing next to his partner in crime. Jason is what I think of as a truly happy guy. I can honestly say to my memory, I haven’t seen him in a bad mood since we met. He greets you with that genuine smile and a bear hug with every encounter.
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See that bobbing head holding up peace signs? That’s Jason with all smiles.
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If you look closely towards the right, you can see a rope swing. Records say that the max was 12 people at one time. The first person swings out and monkey climbs as quickly as possible to make room for the next. As the rope returns, the next person jumps on and starts to climb. This continues until there’s no room or someone falls. Extremely entertaining to watch different techniques!
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I’m sure you noticed the “not so clear” skies. Meet Ernesto. This friendly fella heard wind (pun intended) of the traditional party that’s supposed to send hundreds of dancing people into the streets. Well, he got a little fussy since nobody invited him, so with only 24 hours left until we were supposed to be covered in paint he decides to show up and make a scene. He passed through with only a threat and left us with a calm after the storm for a night to be remembered. That post will be coming soon!
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Have you ever called in sick on a rainy day? Not these guys. You can get coconut water on the side of the road anytime!
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On the flight from Miami to Bridgetown I sat in front of two gentlemen that were here to visit Max (on the far left) and capture as much of what Barbados has to offer… Including a new friend, that’s me! Standing next to Max all the way from Italy, is Leonardo. Philipe, a Columbian is on the far right.
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Our day at Accra Beach.
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I didn’t meet these twins, but every time I looked over it made me smile.
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Well hello little guy!
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One of my favorite pics of the day! What a natural family photo in a gentle setting. Thank you for the local suggestions Nadia!
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Sunset. Enough said.
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