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Love in the shape of music, art and traveling sand

Ok, catch up time! I’m currently sitting on the floor of the Fort Lauderdale airport. Why the floor? Ever have the time and space for stretching, flexing or relaxing? Use it! Check out my favorite airport session in the post Workout and rest up in Asian airports

Ok, why am I in route and where am I going… I’ll get back to that after I do a quick round up of the last few weeks. Here’s a few events that I probably should of done entirely separate posts for, but I didn’t, so here we go.

Music, art and beach time!

I’ll give you one guess on the talent that mom and I chose to spend time with? After the  several posts I’ve published on here, you’d have every right to assume it was the band Heritage. How lucky we were that my talented friends Dannica and her brother Ben were starting it off! Schatzti and the String Boffin opened in this backwoods feeling venue with grass as the dance floor, fire pits for warmth and a wooden built stage. Look familiar? This was the original venue in which I was first introduced to their happy and healing tunes. Welcome back to the Backyard Boogie

Art comes into play with a birthday! Matt celebrated his back on October 26th by hosting his first art reveal! From creative paint to photography and light painting, there was a variety of eye and mind stimulation. Go ahead, take a look around! 

Like what you see? Check out the real deal on his website by clicking Here!

We created a little bit of food art to compliment the drinks for the guests attending.

What goes well with food, drinks and art? Music of course! He brought in a few of his instruments for a proper set up and led with an open invite for whom ever wanted to participate.

What a stunning sunset to close out a successful birthday event!

The beach visit of this post has a warm undertone as there was great purpose for mom and I to wander to the shore with an empty container and camera. My sweet Grams back in Oklahoma has never seen the white sand of Florida and often questions the texture and shells that lay within. With this knowledge, mom had a brilliant idea of collecting some and bringing it back to her home in middle America. Good call mom!

Side note, I really did bring it back to her and it’s now the hot topic of her visitors (who are all used to the red dirt and rocks of Oklahoma).
So that wraps up a few pages to the last chapter, and yes, there’s a new one about to begin!  Thanks for supporting and being such a grand part of this incredible journey. I now invite you to love yourself and those around you with the pure kindness. Cheers to all of you beautiful souls! 

I’m being asked to stand as they just announced, “Now boarding, flight 385 direct to Bridgetown, Barbados.”

Next stop… Sandy toes and sun kissed salty hair!

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Light attracts light 

With a camera in hand and his face wearing an innocent but mischievous grin, he grabs the safety goggles and invites us to follow him. “I thought you said we were going to do some light painting photography?” (Image in my head: us in a studio covered in paint with cool lighting and a few snap shots). “We are… Kind of.” He replies. 

The gentleman I’m speaking of plays a magnificent role in the light attracts light equation of this post. Matt’s desire for an abundant life is shown not only through his artwork but the unmistakable joy he shares for nature, people and all the organic experiences in between. World, meet Matt Stone!

On this clear evening of darkness lit with bright stars, I allowed my trust to follow his footprints in the sand as we headed to the bay shore just over the main bridge in Panama City Beach. 

This is Rob, another brave smile joining us on this fantastic mini adventure.

Allow me introduce to you the art of steel wool photography. 

Step 1: Gather your tools. You’ll need a rope, steel wool, a metal kitchen whisk, a lighter, protective clothing  with goggles and gloves, an open mind and fun loving people. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the camera! No, not your iPhone 12 point two-cool-for-school but a legit camera or as I call it, a “big kid camera”. Matt used a Canon 7D Mark II with an 8 mm fisheye lense. 

Step 2: Find a safe environment with nothing flammable within range and preferably next to (or in our case, directly in) a large body of water. 

 Step 3, 4 and 5: Let the fun continue! Set your camera up properly with a 20-30 second shutter speed. Your partner in crime then gets in place and starts the show. By rubbing a lighter or 9 volt battery against the wool, it will start sparking but won’t really produce any flames (thankfully). This is go time in which the holder swings the rope in circles to create a globe styled design with hot ambers lighting the sky. Bouncing off rocks, sizzling to the water and circling the masters head, the camera captures several strands of the ambers path. A strong enough launch to have me dancing and dodging a few red hot drops on shore!
Here are just a few of the shots we captured that night. If I would have recorded audio along side these episodes, you’d witness a few reactions of amazement, a couple screeches of fire kissing the skin and an abundunce of pure laughter. (Sounds like an entertaining evening to me!)

The following night they returned and created some new angles with vibrant colors under a local bridge. Brilliant!

Another art form is light painting photography. Simply put, it’s just a magical way to enhance a photo with demensional light designs. We had some light-hearted fun with it! Pun intended.

Leave it to Matt to take my “I wonder if you…”  thoughts and turn them into a beautiful reality. I mentioned creating a heart. He did the rest!

Matt, thank you for the beginning of a new chapter to this beautiful book of art, freedom and universal peace. Everyone needs a modern day super hero 😉

If you want to check out more of his work please check out his insta @stone_sharp_images.

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Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach

It’s been labeled “Photo Bombing,” “Guerilla Projection” or my favorite, “Urban Projection,”. This is when underground artists use huge structures, such as sky scrapers, to cast their own digitally animated images for display.

“Digital Graffiti” at Alys Beach is the first outdoor festival specifically organized to showcase these unique talents. It reminds me of the white walls in Malaysia that welcomed local artists to draw, paint and tag till their heart was content in a structured and encouraging environment.

For one night, this beach-town of white stucco buildings turns into a living gallery. A dark neighborhood is lit by pathways of colored lights and innovative artwork. The event coordinator explained it simply, “Our town literally becomes their blank canvas.”

Here’s a day time shot to give you an idea of the distinctive buildings that make up the famous Alys Beach.



After the sun went down, the stimulating lights came on and the digital art was displayed for all the guests to view. If you’d like to see video of these photos in motion, go to







After observing the extraordinary art scattered about the neighborhood, we found ourselves at a dance party, otherwise known as my “happy place”. The Dj did a fine job keeping a crowd along side a chill Vegas-styled pool (that was extremely tempting as we all stood in the Florida humidity trying to look cute and pretend that you didn’t feel the sweat dripping down your back).


A complimentary photo session invited friends to line up and pose for a picture that would probably be used later as friendly bribery and/or memorable laughing material.




Before going on, I’d like to point out the gorgeous blonde in the photos from above. Julia Cole is an upcoming singer/songwriter that I met through Tyler (the gentleman in the post “Beaches, boats and ballads”). I highly suggest checking her out (my favorite song is “Sweetheart”) and let me confirm, her stunning looks match the remarkable voice that comes out of her sweet smile.

Julia, thank you so much for the pleasant path crossing, hopefully next time we’ll get more time! Cheers to you and the journey ahead.

Ok, so this is where my night goes from amazing to heartbreaking. Without boring you with the details, just know that at this point, my body signals the call it a night siren and I decide to head home. Enter sad pouty face here. Feeling like a 9 year old that gets sick at Disneyland, I exit the fantasy evening holding high hopes that I’ll get another opportunity to experience it to the fullest.

A special thanks to Tyler and Andrew for making this a possibility for me!


Please note, many photos from above were borrowed from other sources.

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Reduce, reuse and recycle… Into Art!

The Blue Giraffe was a huge hit last year as I introduced the gift boutique that sits perfectly on the historic road of 30A in Watercolor, Florida. This year, I’m going to go even deeper and expose some of the incredible people that share their work here. With over 90 artists and 70% being local, you can imagine the intimate vibe and comfortable feeling that this shop exudes.

Everything below is from different artist all using recycled material from the beach, the road, and anywhere else something could be left behind. Can you see the random items in these pieces?




This canvas work is made from broken glass that’s perfect placed by the brilliant artist Mary Hong.





Is drift wood always in your way when you’re playing in the water? Try creating an eye catching piece from it!



On this day, one of the local artists have come to display a few new unique pieces that are made out of primarily salvaged and repurposed materials. From bottle caps to collectors soda cans, Alan Moore produces one of kind work… please enjoy!







Below is his 2 eldest daughters, Emma and Isabella who also currently sell their artwork in galleries in Florida and Washington state. What a family!


On this day, the Moore family guided a good ol’ art project and invited the public to join in! They provided the materials and helpful smiles while the participants brought creativity and patience. What a success!







Of course I made one for my dear mom, I chose to use her favorite quote. The fun spirited “thumbs up” in the background is Alan himself!





At the end of the day, the Moore family gave funny faces as we close up shop.


I’m only assuming that several of you are interested in more of Alan’s work, so let me connect you!
Click here to be directed to the Moore Family Folk Art website.

Craving more from the The Blue Giraffe gallery? Push this fancy link!

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Does this make the adoption official?

To be welcomed into a home for a good nights rest and a solid meal is heart warming but then to be invited to the families farm for a sacred holiday weekend is an honor. They informed me that the gesture was not an obligation but an invitation to join them in their home away from home in Arraijan. Of course I gladly accepted and packed up to head out!

The girls and I are ready to go! As we depart the city, you can quickly see the surroundings begin to change as the buildings turn to trees and the holiday traffic diminishes.





I’ve been informed that we’ll be stopping at a popular local spot to pick up a snack along the way. Here they make everything fresh including the empanadas, fruit juice, desserts, cheese and yogurt. Wait, fresh yogurt… and it’s frozen! Yes please.




Back to the car to share the goodies! Here are empanada’s they ordered, on the left is con pollo (with chicken) and on the right is con queso (with cheese).



For me, homemade yogurt that was just simply frozen. A bit sweet for my taste, but what a treat!


As we near the farm, they take me on a small detour to snoop around a local market. This one also included local artist selling their work, which I thoroughly enjoyed.







I figure someday when I “settle down” (enter sarcastic finger quoting here) I’d love to decorate my home with things I’ve gathered from all over the world. It may be few and far in between, I enjoy supporting the local creators making a way of life doing what they love. Thank you Raman!


The next bulk of pictures are just shots I took from the passenger seat as we drove through the gorgeous country side. This is the Panama I’ve been waiting for.








As the gates are opened, my excitement increases seeing the hidden treasure that awaits. I’m not sure when this was built, but the grounds itself should be fully taken in and not just passed through.








My goal is not to fully expose this generous family and their belongings, however they were more than encouraging of my photo taking! Here is the open air play room that dubbed as my new hair salon as well.








Again with precious Allison not knowing what to think of it all. After we were done with the haircuts, she came up and grabbed my hand and with her other hand touched her head. Adorable, she wanted a haircut too!


My accommodations in what I think is the biggest room I’ve stayed in since the beginning of my travels (that doesn’t have 12 bunk beds included).



Here are only a couple of the homemade goodies that I got to sample. First we have the popular Panamanian fried bread called hojaldras. These traditional doughnuts are usually eaten plain at breakfast or topped with cheese and beans for a midday snack.


This is a basic rice, fresh pork and beans with a side of platinos.


On the last day here, the sun exposed perfect heat for the girls to have their swimsuits on by breakfast. As we take a walk, you’ll notice the guest house and a pool… with no water? Turns out the swimming pool area is in the middle of a renovation.





Being the creative and determined girls that they are, it’s been decided that a couple feet of water still makes for a good time! Can you remember the days when nothing got in the way of playing in the sun? The pictures below are actually a part of the 30 minute attempt to get her back out of the pool. All smiles from my view!





On the way back to the main house, we noticed a great location for the handstand photo.


A final note of gratitude to my new family in Panama. Dan and Lia, I loved observing the unconditional care that you have towards your children and I encourage you to keep guiding by example as I learned so much from you. Many thanks for sharing your home, food, family and time with me!

In the photo below, starting from the left: My coloring partner Elena. Your high energy and love for fun reminds me of the youth I still have inside. Keep practicing your handstands and next time we’ll have a contest!
Next is the oldest named Alexandra. Our walks and talks are still fresh in my memory as I enjoyed listening to your thoughts and sharing ideas. My fingers are crossed for you to get to that “One Direction” concert soon enough!
Oh sweet baby Allison, I loved connecting with you and was thoroughly impressed by your intelligence and never ending smile. (I’m not just saying that because we share the same birthday)!
On the far right sits Eliza. Concerned for my comfort, you were always the first to offer additional help…your consideration didn’t go unnoticed. Math can be a bummer, but finishing homework in time for dress up made it all worth while!


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Do you believe in blue giraffes?

I do! Welcome to the inspirational Blue Giraffe or what I now call the positive energy of Watercolor, Florida.

Why a giraffe? As said by the owners themselves, “Giraffe’s have really big hearts (two feet long and 25 lbs. on average) and a big heart is what drives our business philosophy at The Blue Giraffe”.

This unique place provides an opening experience for the eyes and mind with the abundance of color, texture and artistic variety. As you snoop through The Blue Giraffe, you’ll think to yourself and hear from others, “Ooh, look at that” or “I wonder what’s that made of” and my personal favorite, “Oh wait, that’s a necklace…you can wear that!”


From local art to jewelry, books to knick knacks this stimulating boutique supports local designers and promotes recycling and reuse of what would normally be “waste”. Let’s check it out!
One must properly greet Jeanie the giraffe (named after her grandma) before you enter this magical place of art.

A quick look around isn’t possible as every space is filled with one-of-a-kind items. With that said, here’s a glance at the store full of happy handmade creations!









Mom pointed this one out to me, “That was made for you”. So when (if) I grow up and have a place of my own, you may or may not find this is on my wall!



Let’s take a closer look for all the inner “beach bum” in all of us!




The following pieces are all made with sea shells or recycled broken glass.



Here’s my favorite corner as it bring attention to the reuse of everyday items to create an eye catching work of art. Can you figure out what these are made of?



Some creative shots with my pretend fancy camera.





Look who I found! World, meet Christi. This is the brilliant owner who shines just as vibrant as the walls around her. She will greet you with a smile (and a piece of chocolate) every time you enter her home of pride and joy. Christi, thank you for sharing your passion with us. Your enthusiasm towards supporting the local talent through representing their incredible abilities is much appreciated by all!


…and a final goodbye to Jeanie as we depart till next time.


Click here to be directed to their official website!

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Color me Spain!

As stated in my last post, the applications I was using to design with decided to challenge me a bit which put my blog on the back burner. If you can bare with the trial and error stage, I’m going to “give it a go” with a new system. I apologize ahead of time if there are any quirky details I still have to iron out. All righty, here we go!

Do to the lack of posts throughout my journey in Spain, I’m going to lump together some categories to catch you up to my present moment.

I think “Color me Spain” is necessary to start with due to the impression it’s made in my mind and the expectations it has set for my future home. Woh woh woh, no I’m not thinking of “settling down” anytime soon, just saying I want to live in a world of color!
Ive been amazed at the vibrancy throughout each city with the buildings to the local art work… Color is everywhere! Without further explanation, welcome to the rainbow of Spain!

The following photos include: Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Granada, Valencia, Alicante and Tossa De Mar.
































Next post… Feed me Spain!

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