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First Live Album! Absorb some authentic Heritage

There are only two (acceptable) reasons you don’t jam out to the band Heritage.  You’re either new to (welcome and enjoy!) or you don’t have the ability to listen to quality music (sorry for you loss).  The Swamp Club, despite its name, is a clean venue with an elevated stage, unique decor and plenty of […]

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Love in the shape of music, art and traveling sand

Ok, catch up time! I’m currently sitting on the floor of the Fort Lauderdale airport. Why the floor? Ever have the time and space for stretching, flexing or relaxing? Use it! Check out my favorite airport session in the post Workout and rest up in Asian airports.  Ok, why am I in route and where am […]

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“People fete’n like family, having fun in good company”

Wikipedia says: Soca- also known as the soul of calypso, is a genre of Caribbean music that originated within a marginalized subculture in the Trinidad and Tobago in the late 1970s, and developed into a range of styles in the 1980s and later. Soca developed as an offshoot of kaiso/calypso, with influences from cadence, funk and […]

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Music for the soul & friends for the spirit

You all should be familiar of the tunes I’ve been sharing (you’re welcome) all over this blog for years now. The band Heritage has made its way on several posts and some of my most memorable ones are Grass bottom dance floor, 4th of July, Santa Rosa beach style, and the unforgettable opportunity going on tour with them shown in A […]

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Upside-down penguin!

CAUTION: This post includes an abundunce of adult beverage consumption and happy people in swim attire. You (and I) met Shanda back in Florida just a few months ago.  Some of my favorite posts with her include First live album! Absorb some authentic Heritage and Grass-bottom dance floor. During one of our first encounters we vaguely spoke […]

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Vans Warped Tour and the “Outrageous Noise”

Vans Warped Tour is the largest traveling music festival in the United States. The skateboard shoe brand Vans, has sponsored the event every year since 1995 and now it’s the longest running touring music festival in North America. For all of you long-time followers, you may recall two years ago in which I was on a […]

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Grass-bottom dance floor

Have you ever been in a yard and thought, “I could throw some epic parties back here” or “We should put a stage over there… and a bar on that side. Shoots, let’s bring in some portable bathrooms and a sink for the guests!” Well this family thought of it, did it and have been […]

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Schatzti + The String Boffin

I’m thankful to say that my schedule has been so packed with glorious events, that I’m a bit behind in the blog routine. To catch up, I’m going to wrap up my return to Florida with an entry based on the live music I enjoy so much. First up, the gorgeous Dannica Lowlerly and her […]

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4th of July… Santa Rosa Beach style

I’ve spent the last three years celebrating the independence of the USA in Northern California with some dear friends. A houseboat trip, fireworks and quality people definitely equals a memorable holiday. For a change, this 4th of July I chose to be near water on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida with my mom. Not […]

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Beaches, boats and ballads.

I finally arrived in Florida to visit my marvelous mom and naturally, we had our toes in the sand within moments of my arrival. Surprise for me! On this night we got to go to a show of my ultimate favorite local band, Heritage! You may remember these quality fellas from the post, “A man […]

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