Do you believe in blue giraffes?

I do! Welcome to the inspirational Blue Giraffe or what I now call the positive energy of Watercolor, Florida.

Why a giraffe? As said by the owners themselves, “Giraffe’s have really big hearts (two feet long and 25 lbs. on average) and a big heart is what drives our business philosophy at The Blue Giraffe”.

This unique place provides an opening experience for the eyes and mind with the abundance of color, texture and artistic variety. As you snoop through The Blue Giraffe, you’ll think to yourself and hear from others, “Ooh, look at that” or “I wonder what’s that made of” and my personal favorite, “Oh wait, that’s a necklace…you can wear that!”


From local art to jewelry, books to knick knacks this stimulating boutique supports local designers and promotes recycling and reuse of what would normally be “waste”. Let’s check it out!
One must properly greet Jeanie the giraffe (named after her grandma) before you enter this magical place of art.

A quick look around isn’t possible as every space is filled with one-of-a-kind items. With that said, here’s a glance at the store full of happy handmade creations!









Mom pointed this one out to me, “That was made for you”. So when (if) I grow up and have a place of my own, you may or may not find this is on my wall!



Let’s take a closer look for all the inner “beach bum” in all of us!




The following pieces are all made with sea shells or recycled broken glass.



Here’s my favorite corner as it bring attention to the reuse of everyday items to create an eye catching work of art. Can you figure out what these are made of?



Some creative shots with my pretend fancy camera.





Look who I found! World, meet Christi. This is the brilliant owner who shines just as vibrant as the walls around her. She will greet you with a smile (and a piece of chocolate) every time you enter her home of pride and joy. Christi, thank you for sharing your passion with us. Your enthusiasm towards supporting the local talent through representing their incredible abilities is much appreciated by all!


…and a final goodbye to Jeanie as we depart till next time.


Click here to be directed to their official website!

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One thought on “Do you believe in blue giraffes?

  1. Julia Stege

    What a nice presentation of a unique place. I would love to see it in person.

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