Upside-down penguin!

CAUTION: This post includes an abundunce of adult beverage consumption and happy people in swim attire.

You (and I) met Shanda back in Florida just a few months ago.  Some of my favorite posts with her include First live album! Absorb some authentic Heritage and Grass-bottom dance floor. During one of our first encounters we vaguely spoke of traveling and by the time I was leaving the states, she was researching flights to meet me abroad!

She’s here, she’s here! What better place than on the magical island of Barbados! Picking her up at the airport provided an opportunity to bring back an inside joke of our classic Upside-down Penguin… meh, just go with it. 

“Ok Miss Shanda, you have exactly 12 hours to eat, sleep, suit up and be ready for a traditional Bajan boat cruise  to kick off Cropover!” No seriously… rest up.

I don’t feel the need to describe much of her first day visiting as the photos speak for themselves. Ready… set… lets go!

The bright smile next to me and Shanda below is a new friend visiting the island as well. Lily is on a similar gypsy journey touring the amazing Caribbean. You’ll definitely be seeing more of her!   


 Homemade Sangria!   


Not homemade Sangria…     

Check out the color of this water! (No color effects required)

    “Thought 50 life jackets and a ring would be enough to save me from a hangover, but…” says Ryan below.



Notice our custom mugs? Still supporting the one and only Heritage!
Dance, dance and more dancing!  Curious of the sounds coming through the speakers?  Here are a few songs that will give you an idea. Try Machel Montano – Happiest Man Alive or Farmer Nappy – Big People Party. Either that or simply search DJ Private Ryan and sample a soca music mix.  

What a proper welcoming for this sweet southern girl to experience the unique vibe of Barbados.

…it’s only just begun!

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