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2013 Handstand of the year! The nominees are…

Thank you so much for the suggestions on this round of handstand of the year! After reading all of your input and reminiscing on the priceless moments that went into capturing these actions shots, I’m honored to present you with the official nominees for 2013. So please take a hard look (or just a quick glance) and vote for your favorite(s) by clicking on the poll at the bottom of the page. Winners will be announced on February 1st! 

 Santa Catalina, Panama


Cusco, Peru 

Thimble Islands in Connecticut, USA

Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England

Temple in Angkor Wat, Cambodia



 San Francisco California, USA

Cathedral in Cologne, Germany

Chaing Mai, Thailand


 Mahogany Cathedral at Cherry Tree Hill, Barbados


 Family support in Agra Oklahoma, USA





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And the winner is…

Thank you everyone for contributing to the decision of the “handstand of the year” photo. After open nominations and a week of voting here are the winners!

In a strong first place, you voted for the shot at the top of Stone Mountain in Atalanta, Georgia. Thank you Marshall for capturing this winning photo!


The runner up is an unforgettable picture (in which some has asked if it was photo shopped… No way!) peering over the lost city of Machu Picchu in Peru. Thank you random British couple that took time of their tour to make sure this picture came out just right!


The following three are equally as memorable and ranked as honorable mentions.

Yes, this is in the middle of Grand Central Station in New York City, New York. Also, commonly referred to as the “Where’s Erika?”. Jessica, you were a trooper with this one! Due to the noise, distance and the crowd, we just crossed our fingers and went for it. Well done my friend!


This is perched up on an over look, giving you a partial view of Tossa De Mar, Spain. To the French guy who snapped this shot, the look on your face when I came out of the handstand clearly showed you had no idea I was going upside down. Hopefully you walked away with a smile after taking this photo of a non traditional tourist.


The small town of Ipoh in Malaysia brought this gorgeous waterfall dropping from the jungles above. Kuldip and family, thank you for sharing your beautiful home town with me!


Fun categories that I wanted to share!

“The most attempts to get the single shot” is in Lake Tekapo, New Zealnad. I had to balance the camera on a rock sitting hillside while angling it to capture this view. After finally getting the angle right, I then had to set the self timer and run down the hill, jump up on a shaky table, kick up without going over and balance the handstand long enough with hope that I got it…. Who knows how long had passed before a sweet backpacker approached me and said “Can I help you with that?”


A three way tie for “The cutest helpers”!

The children from Club Suyai Wari, Peru


The Dutch couple in Munich, Germany at Oktoberfest


…and of course my adorable siblings in Agra, Oklahoma!


The winner of “Hardest handstand to hold” goes to Huacachina, Peru. Those boots were so heavy to kick up to a full handstand, not even considering to do it in sand!


Salzburg, Austria definitely takes the cake for the story behind “Best 8 minutes surrounding a handstand” winner. This peaceful picture was in the middle of what could of been a 24 hour adventure made into a short film. Marshall, we definitely Salzburged it!


If you’re new to this site and are interested in seeing all of the handstand photos, just click at the top of the page “Handstanding around the world”. More to come!

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Vote for the “Handstand photo of the year”

It brings many smiles to my heart when I think back on the incredible last year of travels.

I thoroughly enjoyed making these shots and I’d love YOU to pick the favorite! After open nominations, the top 5 are below in no specific order. Please vote now in the poll box provided. Love, joy and gratitude!

Tossa De Mar, Spain


Machu Picchu, Peru


Grand Central Station in New York City, New York


Ipoh, Malaysia


Stone Mountain in Atlanta, Georgia


Which is your favorite handstand photo of 2012?

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