Dreamcatcher with the Hawk!

Recently I’ve slowed down the blog posts as I’m back in the states to replenish the travel funds. As I described in How do you afford all of that traveling, I generally volunteer for room and board and cut hair on the road to accumulate extra cash. Well, I can only save up so many flyer miles until I actually have to purchase the flight and thus, I’m currently working in my home state of California to prepare for the next excurssion.

Side note: I feel it’s necessary to express that although I’m here to “prepare” for the next journey, I do my best to appreciate everyday. To be in the “now” is something I try to be conscious of and embrace as I skip down the beautiful path that we call life.

Mark, Better known as Hawk, is a brightly spirited man thats eager to share the love he’s put into music and is currently collecting donations to release his first album. We met back when recess was the highlight of the day and Whitney Houston battled George Michaels for the top spot of the billboard charts.

One must smile when you see this guy!

This is where you stop reading and take a quick peek at his fundraising page, Dream Catcher Hawk Debut!


Moving on to a brilliant evening that was made up of a group of positive thinking, open-hearted friends that gathered to support my long time pal. First here’s Anna and Tim, they opened their home to all of us and did so with smiles and an unexpected dinner that was offered without hesitation. Kale and quinoa salad with butternut squash soup… Yes please!



Standing tall (inside and out) is Hawk. Next to him is Mackenzie, a girl with a golden heart that will brighten your world with few words and a sincere smile. The happy fella next to me? You should recognize Mike from the last stretch in Europe. Group hug for everyone!


I wanted to add this adorable photo of Ann and Tim’s kids loving the company. Good times!


Heading to the backyard, we found a beautifully designed layout that seemed to be made just for the gathering of great friends.






Let the blissful tunes begin! If some of these faces look familiar, it could be from the post in which they captured my new found love for the mat at Leap Yoga Studio.








Did you notice the white dome in the panoramic photo from above? Welcome to the colorful, sound enhancing room of joy. Well done friends!






Do you ever wonder if there’s a group of individuals out there that truly desire genuine peace in their life… bundles of positive energy that attract more light to their already vibrant world? My heart beats with ease just knowing this bunch of bright people who are constantly spreading the warmth with their daily choices. One love!

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