Yoga? You found me! LEAP this way…

*Some of the photos below are borrowed from fellow LEAP lovers.

Depending on how long you’ve been following this blog, you probably get a solid idea that I believe things, people, and places are introduced into your life at the appropriate time. All for reasons that we may not even be aware of. Now enters LEAP yoga and everyone there!

LEAP is a studio located in my hometown of Folsom, California. I would often hear of the place through several invitations from friends who were already attending. At that time in my life, I chose working full time (over time), lifting weights, and dancing were my three priorities of energy expense. I’m not saying that I had chosen the healthier options… It’s just the way it was.

Upon returning to the ever so familiar city of Folsom, I was greeted by my precious (to say at the least) friend Crystal with an invite to join her for yoga. “Let me guess” I say, ‘It’s that LEAP place everyone keeps talking about, right?”. With a huge expression and a face filled with her contagious smile, she replies, “Yeh! So you’re going!”. Feeling the need to focus internally and release some tension, I decided it was a great idea, little did I know…. A brilliant idea! Let’s call it journey changing.


As you enter LEAP you’re greeted with genuine smiles and more often than not an abundance of sincere hugs followed by “I’m so excited you’re here!”









Side fun note: See that sparkling smile in the middle of the instructors photos? That’s Mark, a friend in which I used to trick-o-treat with back in our elementary school days. Now he’s a guiding light here at LEAP! Below is a photo from our old school yearbook, Awh…so cute!


Moving on to the natural calming sense that begins to take over as you make your way to practice. How can you feel stressed out when you approach a waterfall Buddha? Just feel the instant dropping of your shoulders as you enter a warm room filled with peaceful decor.





Im sure we’re all here for a different reasons. Many want the exercise and stretching, others might desire a sort of meditation or therapeutic session. No matter what your intensions are, as you arrive to the practice and you layout your mat, you’re tickled with an “indescribable” feeling. Something that grows within you as you acknowledge your purpose and embrace the beautiful experience. (Those feelings I will attempt to describe in a future post!)

Here is a scrumptious handful of photos to try and give you just a glimpse of the pure energy, sweaty smiles and active room that is… LEAP!














The creators, Cathy and Corey (pictured below) shared a vision for creating a studio where one could feel connected, supported and honored. “At Leap we are committed to building a community rooted in compassion, love and truth. We want to support all of our students in creating their best life.” Mission accomplished my new friends!


They have a modern website that is welcoming and easy to follow. I encourage you to check it out to get a more thorough idea of this magical place! Click here to be directed to

Here are two of my favorite pictures from the LEAP website!



A very deep and personal note of gratitude to Crystal, Jamie, Donna, Mark, Jenna, Michelle, Robert, Allie, Allison and Joy. You each have uniquely enhanced my life with such grace, I couldn’t have planned it for better. Thank you for sharing and enjoying our path crossing!


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One thought on “Yoga? You found me! LEAP this way…

  1. Robin

    In general, I practice yoga for the well-being of my physical body, but I always have a different experience, physical, emotional, spiritual, with every session. Namaste!

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