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A walk to the London Eye!

Moving on to the sight seeing portion of our London visit. Since I’m not volunteering during this stretch, I decided to introduce the hostel life to Mike and Hayden. With over 800 accommodations offered, choosing one could of been exhausting, but this time it was easy to narrow it down… Why? I found out prior […]

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Dreamcatcher with the Hawk!

Recently I’ve slowed down the blog posts as I’m back in the states to replenish the travel funds. As I described in How do you afford all of that traveling, I generally volunteer for room and board and cut hair on the road to accumulate extra cash. Well, I can only save up so many […]

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Notting Hill and Jerk chicken

The longer I’m on the road, the more fascinating people I get to meet. Through volunteering, hostel hopping or simply chatting with another passenger on a long train ride, friends are being made all of the time! Reconnecting with fellow travelers has become one of my new favorite pastimes, as it’s like nothing else I’ve […]

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Time for a quick background on the two faces you’ll be seeing a lot of in the next few weeks of posts. First, Hayden should look familiar to most you “experienced followers” as he was just with me in Peru and Costa Rica. I take partial responsibility for giving him the travel bug… I’ve heard […]

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A pit stop on the East Coast

After an energy packed trip in Barbados and a tight schedule ahead of me in Europe, I found a small pit stop on the East Coast of the US being a great option. Not only was it a perfect addition to the journey, I got to stay with long time friends who are definitely considered […]

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The Peruvian Cooking Experience

I arrived in time to check in at Casa De Avila, grab a shower and meet up with the group for what is called “The Peruvian cooking experience”. I’m usually not the first to sign up for an organized excursion, however this has great reviews and besides, who doesn’t love to cook, eat and drink? […]

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Day in the bay… San Francisco!

Although I was raised just 100 miles away from this popular place, I find myself visiting for the first time as a tourist. What a fabulous city! Who else but one of my best buds Walker to join me for this day of Bay area exploring. Our drive starts with blue sky and two smiles! […]

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Wholesome Folsom

Folsom California, the place one would call my “hometown”. I started kindergarden here in what used to be a quaint little historical town with under 15,000 residents. Since then, I graduated, worked and started a business while watching the population rocket, reaching almost 75,000 people! Now a vibrant busy city with much to see, the […]

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Hand standing around the world

I started taking these pictures for fun during my first year backpacking and after a few were collected a great friend suggested that they needed their own page. So, here it is! Although you may have to search a bit, every photo has a handstand in it. The most recent is at the beginning. Enjoy! […]

Last Day in Melbourne

Last day here in Melbourne. Went for walk just to take in a few last sights and sounds, what a cool city. If you were to tour it from one side to the other (including the outer towns) you would venture through what feels like London with the vibe of Davis and a touch of […]

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