A sloth and toucans… Monkeys oh my!

When Carina and I were deciding where to venture next, I got in touch with the crew from last week and realized they were just south of us! What a great excuse to take a speed boat along the coast to the beautiful town of Manuel Antonio. Cliff side beached lined with natural jungles make up the most visited famous National Park of Costa Rica.

We get up and head out for our 9am departure. Just follow the blonde dreads as he leads us to the boat. Apparently it’s a wet ride as they bag up everyone’s luggage and load us up.





Going on the list of “things that make me giggle” is when the tour guide tells the entire boat that “life jackets aren’t necessary because it’s going to be a smooth ride”. Then he follows by putting his on! Notice, he’s the only one wearing one.


I’m entertained at what his definition of a “smooth ride” is, but never the less it was a blast! We saw dolphins and turtles, caught some air and was treated to the occasional complimentary shower.


Getting to shore brought a quick disembark as we hopped into the van for the final stretch to Manuel Antonio.



Most of you know by now that I don’t support “coincidences” as I believe more strongly in the idea that all happens the way it should with great purpose. With that said, meet our new friends and future travel partners, Or and Muli! All the way from Israel, they’re here celebrating a honeymoon. What started out to be a casual conversation of the usual “where are you from?” and “where are you headed?” ended in plans to reunite in Puntarenas on our last days of the trip. This idea was also partnered with the thoughts of visiting them over seas! Did my journey just take yet another unexpected thrilling detour? I hope so!


We say goodbye to the newlyweds and hello to this familiar face. Remember her bright smile from a few weeks ago? Her and the group from Santa Teresa are still here and now I get to introduce them to Carina!


It was no surprise to me that Carina meshed right in and was immediately adopted by everyone. We were both welcomed with open arms, sincere smiles and a villa view that defines Costa Rica.




Our first day consisted of a humid jaunt through the unofficial National Park to a private beach that sits below. As you walked the path, you could hear the uncountable amount of crabs that were wrestling in the bushes. Loudly enough, that some of the girls didn’t want to stop walking. “Just keep moving!”




“She works out”. (To be sang in the tone of the LMFAO song, just for fun).


Boogie boards and body surfing… Use please! I also love the way Michelle’s toes in the photo capture the pure relaxation happening from shore. Pura Vida!







Hand standing on an empty private beach just shy of the jungles of the Manuel Antonio. Internal thought to be shared: “Erika… stop, take it all in and appreciate it with full gratitude”.


How do you clear the crowd of people from the water? Stand by a tree and point up. Sloth! Toucan!




A sloth, toucan, crabs, dolphins and turtles oh my! Why not finish it all up with what she’s been waiting for… Monkeys!

If you recall from the last post, Carina has yet to see a monkey. Well this morning brings us some fluffy tailed, round eyed pals that almost seemed to know she deserved a good show. Over our morning coffee and wonderful girl talk, the trees behind us began to rustle around in an unnatural way. Next thing we find is a white face peering into the balcony.




Please tell me the look on her face shouts pure excitement! The tiny monkey toosh behind her is all I could catch as it moved quickly out of sight, leaving her grinning like a kid at Disneyland.


A sneak peak of the beautiful villa and the sunset that comes with it as our time here has come to an end. Michelle, Morgan, Nick and Graham… We thank you for sharing time, space and energy with us during this guacamole fiesta! Cheers till LakeTahoe!






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One thought on “A sloth and toucans… Monkeys oh my!

  1. Robin

    What beautiful people you travel with!

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