Push ups on a dance floor?

Remember during the last bus ride, how we were plotting out an opportuntiy to reunite with the brightly spirited newlyweds? Please officially meet Muli, a joyful man with a sincere presence and his equally happy wife that carries a genuine smile wherever she goes.


All of us agreed that sealing up the trip at a nice resort would be a delightful way to decompress (as if our life is hard) before the long flights home. Since I had already been there with Hayden, the guarantee of quality accommodations brought no hesitation as the bunch decided… Off to the Hilton we go!





Again, my camera just seems to disappear when my shower shoes come off. With that said, here’s a small piece of our luxurious ending!

Daytime fun!




I was able to learn some new German card games and I taught her a few that I grew up with as well!
Fun fact: In Germany, they call the Jack a “Bube” and the Queen a “Dame”.


Food fun!







Night time fun!







20130529-090353.jpgSIDE NOTE: To mix things up at the resort, we decided to act like a couple of kids and create a “list” of items to find or things to happen while staying here. Examples would be a polka dotted bikini, someone skipping, a “mom” tattoo, etc. Who ever spotted a “list” item first would then get to deliver a drink or dare to the other person.

Carina pointed out an elderly couple holding hands (also on the list) so I received the first dare. 10 push ups in the middle of the dance floor at the disco tech! Of course I waited until an Usher song, then randomly dropped for my set. Raise your hand if you’ll ever see me again?!



Our new friends have departed and now Carina and I are left with one more van ride together as we make our way towards the San Jose airport. Can you see the difference in our eyes? The smiles just aren’t the same when you know that the next hug, will be the last one for awhile.



Carina, you are a friend that blesses us with your bright heart and fun loving spirit. You’re the type of woman that gives us all such a great example of “independence” being used with positive drive. You’re worthy of all the amazing things this life has to offer and I truly thank you for being you!


Next stop, USA! I’m flying directly into Oklahoma to visit my father and fabulous family that always has arms open, smiles waiting and eager ears to hear the stories I bring back. The photo below is the card I needed to get into Costa Rica and the document to get out.


This next stretch of travels will also allow me to put my hands to work for the victims of the EF5 tornado (strongest category measured) that destroyed over 17 miles of central Oklahoma. With packed winds between 200 and 210 mph and a rotation of almost 2 miles wide, several innocent families are left to pick up the remaining pieces of what was once their home. My thoughts go out to them and I’ll be there soon!

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One thought on “Push ups on a dance floor?

  1. Robin

    Of course you can do 10 guy pushups–I can’t even do 10 from my knees! Stay safe in OK–they’re still not out of the woods.

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