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For some… it is what drives us

Time to exchange the flippers in for a paddle as Duane loads us up with a surprise.  Have you ever watched a movie in which a group explores through the wilderness, then kayaks through the clear ocean to hike the deep jungle until they fall upon a glorious beach with huge waterfalls covered by rainbows and sprinkles of tropical raindrops… ok, well this wasn’t exactly like that however this experience was way beyond my typical day in the sun!

First was an energizing paddle out to sea. At this moment I felt so insignificant in the wide open water, especially as I allowed thoughts to consciously cross my mind. I have been so fortunate to see a large glimpse of this amazing planet, however I’ve only scraped the surface.  Imagine all of the panoramics that our eyes haven’t seen and the friends we don’t even know yet. What a sensational concept that ignites something within when you really think about it!

For some… it is what drives us.



 Once we reached Bloody bay, we took a moment to take in the wilderness and all it comes with. A gorgeous landscape and private beach confirms why this is one of Duane’s favorite spots and we haven’t even seen the best of it yet!


These magical little leaves are responsive to touch, aren’t we all? They lay flat open absorbing the wind, rain and sun until touched or dropped. If stimulated, they fold inward and droop defending themselves from harm and re-open a few minutes later. Pictures don’t do the action justice, but I felt like a kid out there playing with these creatures. 


  These ping pong looking balls are actually empty eggs of the fascinating sea turtle. Momma comes here and digs a hole for thousands of eggs in hopes that a few will survive. You can see on the right side of the collage how a few hatched and slid down the sand bank heading for the water. The following photo is Duane walking the path of what appears to be mothers trail.


 I’d like to pause here and remind you of the activities park in Malaysia.  I do this because our barefoot rock-crawling hike today reminded me that theres no other feeling that can duplicate the sensation of earth under your feet. Heres a collage from Penang in the post Monkey business in Malaysia.


…and today!  


I had no idea where this therapeutic jaunt was leading until I heard the faint sound of water splashing. “Duane, did you take us to a waterfall?”! 

 Large enough to play in, deep enough to swim in and hidden to the public means this little escape made for the perfect play day! Who wouldn’t turn into a big kid around here?! 


 So at this point, I’ve been shown the landscape of what could be the next beach film, paddled in the open sea, played in a waterfall and now… I’m humbled during our return to shore. With a direct memory of the village in Ecuador, we witnessed a group netting off the beach. Below is a collage from the good times volunteering in the post Does it taste better when you catch it?

 This process takes precious time, consistent strength and team work. How rewarding! 
Not that fish was on our menu though. We had fresh fruit and… no knife. Leave it to Macgyver to pierce the watermelon with a screwdriver then split it open and serve it bowl style. Utensils? We used the 10 digits we were born with, glorious! 


For our next adventure, we kept slightly inland for a peaceful paddle on a smooth river in Richmond.

    Nothing fancy was needed to absorb the simplicity of the arched trees that created a shaded path for our ride. Enjoy… we did! 



For all my soca fans out there, may I get a curtesy laugh for wanting to title the next collage Ducking? 

 I won’t hesitate to end this post with another sunset shot, as it seems Tobago just hands them out as gifts. This look out point is Flag Staff Hill. Duane said that years back they had an organized party up here with a shuttle service and a DJ providing the backdrop tunes for what I can only imagine to be an epic evening.


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White Coffee and Egg tarts in Ipoh, Malaysia!

Within just a few kilometers out of the city, the earth of Malaysia is starting to expose itself. A few pics of the road trip from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh.





We follow a few cozy streets that lead us to her families home. Shoes off at the door before entering (they have an amazing ability to step out of slippers without missing a beat) to find a warm kitchen with food on the table. Homemade chicken bone soup, rice noodles and veggies. I also got a sneak peak of Poa, a slightly sweet, very soft dumplings (reminds me of wonder white bread) that’s filled with either a curry meet, veggies or a sweet delight.







Here, it’s typical to literally wake up and go to the street market to collect your food for the day. What’s for breakfast? I don’t know yet, we’ll see what the vendors brought this morning and what seems to be the freshest!

Who doesn’t get dressed up to head to the market?! Meet Kuldip’s niece, a sparkling firecracker of energy with a sugary little smile. First lip stick, a wardrobe change and then a hair piece to match the bedazzling!




Off we go!




Fruit (I purchased two new ones that I had never seen before, it’s like opening a present!) and veggies…
I got to watch this woman, clean, cut and basket the fresh veggies to sell (not comparable to the pre-washed plastic bagged salads you get from the supermarket).




I’d like to think that I have a fairly strong stomach considering back in my coaching days, I’ve set broken bones, bandaged open wounds and literally caught vomit in my hands.
Well folks, today as we were strolling along I heard the sound of a chicken. As I gazed over and focused in on what what my ears had noticed, I felt my stomach hit my throat.
Take notice to the lid of fresh feathers on the left and the pile of feet to the right. Enough said.






On a lighter note… some random local treats!








Finished up with baggies of breakfast and we head back to indulge. People who own a vehicle here typically have hooks behind their seats to hold the bags up-right.





The drink above is something I had never seen before. It’s slightly sweetened soy milk with grass jelly and red beans over ice. It…is…delicious!




As if this morning wasn’t amazing enough, we head through some city streets for a well known pastry and the famous Ipoh White Coffee. “White”, not meaning a mocha or fancy flavored coffee, but a the name is actually referring to the way the bean is roasted.
Traditionally, Malaysian style “black” coffee is produced by roasting the beans with sugar, margarine and wheat. “White” coffee is produced with only margarine and without any sugar, resulting in a less dark roast. They add a splash of condensed milk and serve it hot or cold. Scrumptious!

Below is some pics from the journey there, a glass of chilled white coffee and the local pastry that we patiently stood in line for. People were crowding closer behind me as these velvety, custard filled, flaky warm crusted delights emptied from the tray (I actually got the last one!). Apparently “Ipoh’s Egg Tarts” are the most popular dessert item here and of course Kuldip knew of the best place to get them!








Although this can be a popular destination for locals to host weddings or other celebrations, it’s hardly known to the public eye and certainly not on the front page of any tour brochures. Thank you Kuldip!







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