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No Man’s Land and Bioluminescence

“No Man’s Land” sounds like a forbidden country side or lonely desert in the middle of an old historical site. To anyone who knows better here in Tobago, it’s one of the nicest beaches on the island. See for yourself! 

Where was the picture above taken?  From these seats.  I know… I know! Couldn’t you just climb up in one of those right now?  

The best portion of this crystal bath tub is the shallow shore that allows you to walk far into the depths.  By “depths”, I mean knee deep. If you look at the photo below, Ryan is actually taking a picture of my handstand.  You can barely see me, but that’s the point!  

I was thankful that I got to chill on No Mans Land during the daylight to fully appreciate our last evening in Tobago. It’s amost bitter-sweet writing about the final excursion as it was the absolute hi-lite of the trip, yet the least caught on camera.  Why? The moonlight wouldn’t expose our journey through the dark sea and for the grand finale you would have needed a professional camera and crew to capture the magnitude and brilliance.

Before we get into that, lets begin with the preparation for the event. I’ll start with the drive to get to the starting point. For all of you water sport fans, please contain your drool. 

The sun was beginning to set and all of the participants arrived for a run down on where we’re going and what to expect.   

 This unforgettable tour starts at Pigeon Point and takes you through the Bon Accord Lagoon until you reach No Mans Land (the stunning beach from above). From there, you paddle or kayak through unbelievable glowing water. Read that again… glowing water! I rarely use the word “unbelievable”, but this, this is only what you see on the discovery channel.  In fact, when you go to and click on the night tour, Duane has a link to a video explaining this natural occurrence called Bioluminescence (depending on your accent, it sounds like bio-loom-en-es-ence).

Bioluminescence is caused by blooming phytoplankton and can be seen if “all keys are right”. I’m pleased to say, that on this night we had a wonderful group and indeed, all keys were right! 

Here’s the first photo taken as we headed to the water each with a glow stick, a floating devise and 2 trustworthy paddlers as our guides.  Duane with the unofficial assistance of Ryan made the group (at least speaking for myself) feel safe, informed and encouraged. I’d do it all over again!

From the shore we made our way to No Mans Land, some on paddle boards and others in kayaks. Here are the only photos that turned out blog worthy(ish) from the first stretch.

Finally we made our way to the “glowing water” and I’ll have to admit, at this point I was wondering just how exciting it would be. Hmm… 

As we got closer, I could feel my heart rate increasing and my eyes opening wider to try and absorb what I was actually witnessing! The vibrancy was so wonderous I don’t even want to show you the attempted photos. (If you’re even the slightest interested please see the video here or on Duane’s website). 

While coasting on your board, the fish beneath you look like highlighters jetting through the water.  Every splash you make with your paddle creates a rippling effect of neon lines.  Think this alone would be enough? So did I, until he jumped in the water! Surrounding his entire body was a glowing shield of the blooming phytoplankton. I thought this had to be the spike of my thrill but then… then I jumped in! I felt like a child in a life size pool of glow in the dark finger paint. We splashed around commenting on the sorcerer effect and super-human appearance, again like kids would do.  

The most powerful moment for me, was when my school-aged giggles went away. I looked at the motion in the water and realized it resembled, to what I think, energy looks like flowing from ones body, an “ora” if you will. I’ll admit to you all, it almost brought tears to my eyes that I was fortunate to experience such a thing and also saddened my heart realizing there’s only a small percentage that would ever get to do the same.

After the life changing swim, we continued the journey around the lagoon until reaching back to the starting point. The final pictures expresse it all! All of us full of life, energy and completely rejuvenated by natures own brilliant playground. 

  When you make it Tobago, please put this on your “must do” list and give Duane an extra hi-five for me!

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5 “not so” well known facts of Barbados!

You’d have to hear it for yourself to understand #1– The accent of the Barbadians! Yes, they speak English (so they say) but upon arriving and listening to locals socialize amongst themselves, you’ll quickly find out that there’s a separate language here.

– They put the emphasis on the second syllable. For example “Dis weekEND I goin to de marKET”.

– To really stress a specific thought, they repeat it three times.
“It be hot-hot-hot… or …sweet-sweet-sweet”.
“Boy yuh betta be quick-quick-quick”!

– Most words and/or sentences are cut short.
“I think she is cute” = “She cute”
“I don’t know about that” = “I ain kno bout dah”

-They use the word please in unusual places.
Me: “Do you have soda water here?”
Them: “Yes please”.
(What do you say to that? I just awkwardly smiled until they asked if I wanted one).

Me: “Are you guys still open for business.”
Them: “No please”.
Me: Confused

Fun phrases you may hear around the island:

-“Gol’ (gold) teet (teeth) doan suit hog mout (mouth)” = Fancy things don’t suit those that aren’t accustomed to them.
-“Ef greedy wait hot wud (would) cool” = Patience will be rewarded.
-“De higha de monkey climb, de more he show he tail” = The more you show off the more you show your faults.
-“Wuh ain’ see you, ain’ pass you” = Just because you got away with something so far does not mean that it won’t catch up with you later.

Not so well known fact #2 – You wouldn’t experience this by staying in a luxury hotel or massive bed and breakfast, but in your typical home, an iphone or rooster isn’t needed for an alarm clock. When the sun is just rising, you’d think there’s a team of monkeys practice gymnastics on the roof. Well there is! Directly above your bed, a family of monkeys are playing games and taking into no consideration that some of us sleep beyond 5am. I dare not complain though, as it wakes me with a giggle every morning.

Remember these guys from last year?



They’re still here!



Neat find #3– The Government had originally installed over 400 stand pipes where people could go to collect free water for their household. The stand pipe naturally became a busy common area of activity for social interaction – from gossip, to courtship, to political discussion, to confrontation. With the introduction of running water to virtually every Barbadian home, many of the stand pipes are no longer in use. However, there are still a few in operation to stop off for a drink while out and about.


Fun fashion fact #4 – You may know the fashion here in Barbados ranges from typical surf wear to high heels and suits. One thing extra that has been a common sight for my eyes, is no matter what the age or genre, they love to match! Shoes to purse, hat to pants, they’ve nailed it! I sat curbside during this street market and take a look at what I captured in just 30 minutes.


Little known fact #5 – During the period 1841-1845, Barbados was considered the healthiest place in the world to live. With having 1 death per 66 people, compared to world averages of approximately 1 death per 35 people. Curious why? I’m not.










Some photos above curtesy of my dear friends Ryan and Jason… Love you boys!



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