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5 “not so” well known facts of Barbados!

You’d have to hear it for yourself to understand #1– The accent of the Barbadians! Yes, they speak English (so they say) but upon arriving and listening to locals socialize amongst themselves, you’ll quickly find out that there’s a separate language here.

– They put the emphasis on the second syllable. For example “Dis weekEND I goin to de marKET”.

– To really stress a specific thought, they repeat it three times.
“It be hot-hot-hot… or …sweet-sweet-sweet”.
“Boy yuh betta be quick-quick-quick”!

– Most words and/or sentences are cut short.
“I think she is cute” = “She cute”
“I don’t know about that” = “I ain kno bout dah”

-They use the word please in unusual places.
Me: “Do you have soda water here?”
Them: “Yes please”.
(What do you say to that? I just awkwardly smiled until they asked if I wanted one).

Me: “Are you guys still open for business.”
Them: “No please”.
Me: Confused

Fun phrases you may hear around the island:

-“Gol’ (gold) teet (teeth) doan suit hog mout (mouth)” = Fancy things don’t suit those that aren’t accustomed to them.
-“Ef greedy wait hot wud (would) cool” = Patience will be rewarded.
-“De higha de monkey climb, de more he show he tail” = The more you show off the more you show your faults.
-“Wuh ain’ see you, ain’ pass you” = Just because you got away with something so far does not mean that it won’t catch up with you later.

Not so well known fact #2 – You wouldn’t experience this by staying in a luxury hotel or massive bed and breakfast, but in your typical home, an iphone or rooster isn’t needed for an alarm clock. When the sun is just rising, you’d think there’s a team of monkeys practice gymnastics on the roof. Well there is! Directly above your bed, a family of monkeys are playing games and taking into no consideration that some of us sleep beyond 5am. I dare not complain though, as it wakes me with a giggle every morning.

Remember these guys from last year?



They’re still here!



Neat find #3– The Government had originally installed over 400 stand pipes where people could go to collect free water for their household. The stand pipe naturally became a busy common area of activity for social interaction – from gossip, to courtship, to political discussion, to confrontation. With the introduction of running water to virtually every Barbadian home, many of the stand pipes are no longer in use. However, there are still a few in operation to stop off for a drink while out and about.


Fun fashion fact #4 – You may know the fashion here in Barbados ranges from typical surf wear to high heels and suits. One thing extra that has been a common sight for my eyes, is no matter what the age or genre, they love to match! Shoes to purse, hat to pants, they’ve nailed it! I sat curbside during this street market and take a look at what I captured in just 30 minutes.


Little known fact #5 – During the period 1841-1845, Barbados was considered the healthiest place in the world to live. With having 1 death per 66 people, compared to world averages of approximately 1 death per 35 people. Curious why? I’m not.










Some photos above curtesy of my dear friends Ryan and Jason… Love you boys!



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Monkey business in Malaysia

Still floating on my cloud-o-joy from the previous day, I reconnected with Brian. He’s the energetic owner of the Green Forest Cafe.


I had mentioned my craving for more mental stimulation and active movement. Before I knew it, he closed up shop and set the day ahead full of fun surprises.

Activity #1
A beautiful walk up one of Penang’s hill that brought jungle, ponds, monkeys, trees, orchids, and more!









A fun sitting pose after finding a great spot for the handstand picture… and a great head stand from Brian too! Did I mention it’s his 43rd birthday today? Happy birthday friend!




Activity #2
We headed to an outdoor public park that provides a range of free options for all ages.






A skate park next to a set of graffiti walls. Seriously! Instead of discouraging local artist, they provide a clean canvas and a viewing site.





These are rocks imbedded into the ground that you walk laps on for foot reflexology. With the different shapes, sizes and sharpness, each stone stimulates points on the bottom of your feet that are supposed to activate nerve points to naturally break up acid build up and rid of body ailments.






Activity #3
Aerobics in the park! Free instruction for the community to come out and get their heart rate up. This should be offered in every city! The music ranged from authentic Indian beats to North American country, Bon Jovi to gangster rap and my personal favorite of the day… Old school R&B funk!




Towards the end, the instructor called Brian and I up to the stage to lead the cool down. I didn’t realize I was with a “popular one”, the crowd loved him!



Activity #4
After all the muscle and mind excitement we head for dinner and a show. This center provides vegetarian meals including rice, egg, tofu, curry sauces, vegetables, pancake breads, and more. Mango milk tea or water with your meal and the only price they ask is a contribution that you feel is necessary.




The show? A set of traditional music, dance and performance by the locals. If you can imagine the brilliant sounds that mirror the colors and facial expressions of these magnificent people… I’m sure you can understand why tears would often peak from my eyes.







Three favorite special effects photos of the day! The first is a pond in the jungle followed by a monkey on a telephone wire. The third is looking back at Brian’s cafe from a balcony.




This sign was at the park. Simply posted and well put.


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Temple + Cave = Amazing!

Another hidden surprise entered my journey as Kuldip and her family took me to a temple that is hidden away in a cave. Before we entered, I watched this monkey patiently wait for a group of visitors to walk away from their motorbikes. With a flash, this smart little fella checked each bike until he found a tied up bag of fresh food… Jackpot!




I think this sign is saying please no cats, sad dogs or bunny rabbits on the premises.


The following photos are from the entrance, through the interior and towards the gardens. Please take notice of the thousands of tourists that are not here. Brilliant!









These shots are from within the caves so please allow the lack of lighting to add to the mystical feeling of the experience.






The light from the other side exposed the way to the water and gardens. The walk around this pond encouraged deep breaths and many photos… Here’s just a few.







Where was your last business meeting?


We had our own little photo shoot before seeing the mini figurines.










My favorite picture of the day using a special effect on the camera.


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Just the beginning of Barbados!

As you saw in the last post, I was able to experience Barbados with my mom. I’m so stoked to be back and will have much to share this round!

As I introduce you to this island of peace, parties and paradise, you’ll get to meet my amazing friends who have welcomed me to the “locals side” of life.

How we all first met was actually back in Folsom (my hometown) at the WOZ cup last year. Pause… WOZ cup? This is a tournament in which all of the best Segway Polo teams gather for a championship. Pause again… Yes, I said Segway Polo! If you want to see details of this unique sport, you can check it out at .

I went to the tournament to visit my mom which was volunteering as a timer for the matches. As soon as I got there, she walked me to the field to meet “the coolest people here”. The team from Barbados!

Here we are last year during WOZ cup in Folsom, Ca.
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A little fun out on the town.
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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I set plans to head back to the island during what they refer to as the wildest week of the year. This is the annual celebration of Crop Over which includes a variety of festivities. Those posts will be coming soon!

For a sneak peak at what I have to look forward too, check out the website at .

Before I folded it to a wrinkly mess, I definitely had the coolest welcome sign at the airport…Thanks Ryan!
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Good morning Barbados!
We combined my typical breakfast with a little Caribbean flare… Notice the fried plantains? It added a nice sweetness to the plate.
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Right away I got to reunite with the entire team during one of their practices. If you look at the photo with the bus in the background, it’s actually tourist taking pictures of this world traveling team. Adorable.
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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
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Here’s my host and dear friend Ryan teaching paddle boarding at his office (poor guy). His work ethic sends him to the beach at the drop of a request from either a local improving their skills or a group of tourist looking to just try it out. His prices are right especially with his knowledge and “fun facts” about Barbados. You’ll walk away with an experience beyond a board and paddle. If you ever get the pleasure of seeing this beautiful island please give him a call for some memorable lessons!
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I strolled through some of the streets and found some cute little buildings with a variety of shops, deli’s and boutiques inside. Love the colors!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

This is “Cuz”, a food shack that sits water side and serves up one option, fish sliders. You can pick from plain, with an egg, or with egg and cheese. This little hut was actually featured on The Today’s Show in the set of “Where in the world is Matt Lauer”.
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Snack time! I found a spiked green item that resembled a Cherimoya which is one of my favorite fruits from South America. Turns out it’s in the same family, but this breed is called a Guanabana, also known as a Soursop. I then opened up a starfruit and scooped some of the Greek yogurt I scored directly into it. Viola, a scrumptious treat!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I stumbled upon this gem by accident, hooray for unexpected path crossing! Meet Nicha, the owner and operator of Body Restoration .
This wonderful place is a whole food store that provides an impressive selection of organic based products ranging from skin care to snacks. I pleasantly lost track of time snooping through all of the goodies and thouroughly enjoyed the uplifting conversation with my new friend. Thanks for the info girl!
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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

This was a cute set up outside of a bar along my walk. Bajan’s love their rum!
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Hungry? Clearly this is not farm raised and hasn’t been previously frozen.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

A bread fruit tree! I’m really looking forward to a local dish that includes this ingredient.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Mikie (who you’ll get more of later) and his wild Monkeys! They Casually hang around and know just what to do when he reaches for the banana box. If you look closely at the 2nd photo, it’s a momma with her baby, precious!
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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
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Awh… I was given a “poor boys proposal”. As children on the island they would pick these White Frangipangi flowers and bend the pedals to create a ring. A handmade gift for the girls that was given as a flirtatious gesture. I can remember the boys back home just chasing us around the playground with some sort of slimy creature. Well, I finally got my ring.
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Ackee fruit is common here in Barbados, however if you ask for an Ackee in Jamaica, they’ll hand you you something completely different.
Notice that we’re in a car. That’s because people stand next to main roads and highways and wait for a buyer. You just wave them over and seconds later, fresh Ackee!

Step one – Get a bunch.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Step 2 – Split it gently open with your teeth.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Step 3 – Eat all of the flesh off the seed. They’re sweet with an ever so slight tang depending on how ripe. Love them!
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Fact of the day: This island is approximately 21 miles long and 15 miles wide with over 3000 hours of sunshine a year! The average daytime temperature is between 29-31degrees Celsius (that’s about 84-89 Fahrenheit).

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