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Biggest little island of Tobago

I’m excited to announce a mini trip as Ryan and I took a ferry to Tobago (the smaller island of the two that make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago). He’s never been there either, so that alone is thrilling. Although I love to be shown the ropes by a local or even be the tour guide myself, it’s always refreshing to explore new ground with fresh eyes!

Ferry time! We were warned of the journey as it’s been nicknamed “The vomit comit” due to the rocking of the boat and the guests who get sea-sick. Assuming this was an exaggeration, we booked our tickets and joined the ride. Instead of telling you about the puke filled sinks in the washroom or the sound of the poor woman next me reaching into her guts and aggressively dry-heaving for 2 hours, I’ll stick to a few photos and the mention of a new friend, Eric. His kind eyes caught mine as I was on my tipy-toes scouting out the cafe in hunt for a snack. A big smile and quick chat lead to an exchange of information and the possibility to connect again. We’ll see!


Snack? Ryan went with an order of a ham sandwich and got a pile of pork next to a bun.  Whatever works. I snagged an apple and paired it with my hidden bag of seeds. 


Arrival! First things first, get a set of wheels. Thankfully Ryan was keen on the idea of driving since:

A. They drive on the left side of the road.

B. Driving in Trinidad and Tobago is an adventure in itself! For those of you who’ve been to Mexico, T&T drivers make south of the border look like a merry-go-round!

C. Our rental car was straight from Japan. As if all of the above wasn’t tricky enough… what are “carwings” and should I be nervous?

 Since we had a car and a minute to pass, we thought we’d check off one thing from the “must do list” for Tobago. We dove right into a popular spot which is known for it’s curried crab and dumplings. Store Bay is a popular beach due to it’s white sand, umbrella covered chairs and the many options of food, drinks and sweet treats. I can understand why tourist and locals alike come to take in the afternoon sun!

Unfortunately when we arrived, most of the food stalls were closed or hadn’t received their products yet. Still with plenty of options, Ryan went with Conch and dumpling and I got excited over shark, callaloo and salad. Little did I know that it was deep fried shark, a few pieces of lettuce with a brick of macaroni pie. Oh well, learning as I go! 

With no specific order, here’s a photo tour from the passengers seat as we made our way through various parts of the island!




I’ll leave you with this amazing shot taken by Ryan. 

Next on the list….


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Jaco Bell to Montezuma!

About an hour drive from San Jose, is the dark sanded beach town of Jaco (sounds like “Ha-co”). With a recent boom in development, this hideaway is now lined with shops, galleries, hotels and restaurants that invite travelers and surfers to come stay and play.

Since Carina and I were just using it as a pit stop, we decided to entertain ourselves and walk the entire town.









We usually go to the store and create our own meals, but here in Jaco it was too easy to swing in and split a snack for less than what you may spend at the market. Our first shared bite was a beautiful piece of Mahi Mahi, layered over fresh greens and veggies with a splash of tropical fruit.



At the Taco Bar, $2.50 gets you a burrito, pita or taco filled with your choice of meat, fish, veg or hummus complimented with an all you can eat salad bar. Im not sure if it was the scrumptious food or the swings for chairs, but this was our favorite eating spot. If you ever make your way to Jaco, please make time to visit the Taco Bar!







Our final treat was an adult smoothie in the open air at Surf Dogs. Doesn’t the vibrant decor just invite you in?






The walk home was made complete with our toes in the warm sand and all smiles as wrap up our stay in Jaco.



Creative beach photos!



The next morning brings an easy bus ride to the Puntarenas ferry. We were told to “stand here” and “get on any bus that’s not colored white”. Easy to love the Tico way of giving directions!




Now a 90 minute float that allows taking in the sun while enjoying the Costa Rican breeze.




Reaching the opposite shore, we jump on yet another bus and head towards Montezuma!



If you can remember, this was the same ride that Hayden and I took when I had to stop the bus as they were passing our road. With this in mind, as we got closer to the town, I showed Carina the name of our hostel and jokingly said, “If you see this place out of your window, let me know so I can stop the bus!”. She giggled as she looked through the curtains, then with a sober face pointed and said, “Wait, I think we just passed it!”. No way! I went to the driver to confirm and sure enough, he stopped the bus and out came our bags as the left us in the dust. You have to laugh in these moments and realize the simple comedy that makes life so entertaining.

We turned back up the windy road to find our new home waiting for our arrival. Casa Colores is a property with separate houses that are lifted above the earth and fully self contained.






A bungalow made meal (complimented with some sweet dance moves) of veggies, tuna and guacamole send us to bed for a good nights rest.




Tomorrow brings a day of waterfalls, trail hiking and zip lining. Good night Montezuma!


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