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Through the sea and “down de islands”

As we said our farewell to Duane and his wonderful guidance through the island of Tobago, we snagged a ride back to the ferry.  I don’t want to pass up an opportunity to acknowledge a few little ones that made me smile.  These adorable faces tagged along for small talk for the entire journey and I loved every second of it!  My favorite part? Her hair, little ones cheesy puff covered fingers and the older ones smile while explaining that the top of the cupcake is the best part. (Enter my happy face here!)

Back to Trinidad meant another trek on the vomit comit with high hopes that Ryan and I weren’t the only ones that don’t get sea sick. This ride was better, especially because I got to see Eric again! Remember the mention of his name in Biggest little island of Tobago, well not only did we connect again, I got a tour of the ferry.  Thanks pal!  


There’s a popular spot that many retreat too for a getaway. Maybe you go every weekend or just for the holidays, either way it can be considered a mini vacation.  I was lucky enough to be invited to join Ryan in a trip down de islands for a day of food, drink and socializing.

Typically, you meet at the dock where someone from your destination will send for a boat or in our case, personally come get you! 


 Once we reached our dwelling place for the afternoon, it was clear it would be a day of friends, food and good times.  Lets take a walk around!  


Lunch was a treat not only to eat, but an experience to watch the process from the beginning. Hours of preparation, several ingredients, a head chef and a few helpers equaled a variety of flavors with cultural depth. Curried channa, meat stew, fish soup and a sweet n’cheesy dessert. This was of course along the side of many appetizers, snacks and self serve drinks.   
Wouldn’t you know it that I got the soup that was looking back at me!  I’ll consider it good luck. 


So besides eating, what do you do while on an island with a group of fun people? Enjoy them!  

Then there’s Ryan of course, my idol in the world of energized, water-loving acrobatics. He saw something elevated with a aquatic landing… for him, it was a must do! 

…over and over and over again.   
It wouldn’t be a typical day in a tropicl place without the afternoon sprinkle… or down poor.

As the sun hid behind the surrounding ridges, a few retreated to the patio as the rest of us went back to the main land. What an unexpected day on the outskirts of Trinidad.


 Thank you Joe for the welcoming vibe on my first trip down de islands!


Thought of the day:

Would you rather be stuck on an island with 3 friends and no supplies… or stranded out to sea with one friend and a month of supplies?

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Coconut and cashew? Yes please!

Introducing two of my favorite new products. I’m sure that the both of these have existed for years but they’ve just recently come into my life, so I thought I’d share!

We’ve all heard of soy milk when replacing lactose-rich dairy milk. I choose to limit my soy intake and to be honest, my rare indulgence of sushi, miso and edamame exceeds my preferred consumption. So years ago, I turned to almond milk and then after my adventures through Asia, fell in love with coconut milk. On the shelves now days, you can find oat, rice, quinoa, flax and even hemp milk!

Almond has a partner in crime in my culinary dreams due to the unique flavor that this product has to offer. It’s creamy, extremely smooth and has a flavor that seems to compliment both sweet and savory dishes. I’ve used it veggie plates, baked goodies, smoothies and my favorite, simply adding it to my warm tea or coffee. Good morning!

Introducing my newest buddy…. Cashew milk!


Next up is a tasty form of the coconut. This little nutrient powerhouse comes from a nut tree (even though it’s not actually in the nut family) and provides an incredible list of health benefits. So what did I find? It’s not oil, not toasted, but puréed!


When you first open it, you’ll see the natural separation between the coconut flesh and oil. I like to use both for a variety of uses so I scoop out the firm oil and store it in a different container. You can see the texture comparison between the two.




Top 3 favorite things I do with the coconut manna (besides just put a chunk in my mouth straight from the jar).

#1- Mix it right in my coffee or tea… with the cashew milk! If you have time and want to get a little fancy, throw it in a blender or bullet and watch the froth develop!
Put the mixture above with some greek yogurt and freeze it. Oh my!

#2- Add it into oatmeal. It makes for a slightly sweetened addition without using any other sugars. Sprinkle some crushed walnuts on top and I dare you not to want seconds!
Combine raw oats, coconut, honey and nut butter of your choice to make energy enhancing cookies.

#3- Use it for stir fry. I tend to favor the curry dishes… Mmmhmm, you know that’s delicious!

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