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Homemade Kahlúa!

It’s one of my favorite unique gifts to provide during the holiday season. Great for family, friends, neighbors, work partners and my personal favorite, the wrapped gift for a white elephant game!

If you want to get fancy with a long list of ingredients and a lengthy process, I suggest going online and searching recipes. However here, you’ll find a simple list of 4 items and easy approach that’ll make a quality liqueur you’ll be proud to share!


1 1/2 Cups – Your favorite vodka! (only 1 cup if you want it less strong)

1 1/2cup – Richly roasted dark coffee (I use locally roasted beans)

1 1/2 Cups – Organic cane sugar (use up to 2 cups if you like sweeter)

2 Tablespoons – Organic Vanilla extract (I use Madagascar Vanilla for a rich flavor)

Step 1. Brew your strong coffee.

Step 2. Add the sugar while your coffee is still hot. Stir until sugar is dissolved then add the vanilla.

Step 3. Let cool to to room temperature before adding the vodka.

Step 4. Funnel into a large container (I love using mason jars) so it can marinate as long a you need it to before distributing into adorable bottles that seal. While your masterpiece is developing into beautiful flavors, feel free to create artistic labels. If you’re gifting it, selling it or keeping it, labels just make it seem to take it up a notch. I like to use non adhesive tags so my recipients can re-use the bottle for something different once it’s empty.

So there you have it, a simple and delicious way to spread some love to those around you! I like to let mine sit for at least 48 hours before distributing, however if you’re in “need now” crisis, feel free to enjoy immediately!

Just in case you’ve never experienced the splendor of a coffee liqueur, here are some tasty ways to enjoy your new bottle in the cabinet!

-mix with milk over ice (and a splash more vodka if you want an extra kick!)

-freeze to make cubes and drop in, well, any beverage! Whiskey, chocolate milk, etc.

-top over ice cream

-use with coffee and creamer

-layer in a shot glass starting with Kahlúa, then Baileys and topped with triple sec

-splash with hot cocoa and top with whipped cream

-throw it in a blender with cream, ice, whipped flavored vodka

-add to recipes! Tiramisu, brownies, cheesecake, coffee cake, truffles, cupcakes, cookies, pie, fudge, frozen yogurt… you get it!

Disclaimer: I didn’t make any of the recipes below nor did I take any of the photos. I just want to show you a few of the several variations this delightful drink can provide.

Although most of the ingredients can be purchased at your local grocery store, here are two links to the non-edible items from above.

Glass Flip-top Bottles

Labels with twine

Enjoy! Eat, drink and be Merry!

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Coconut and cashew? Yes please!

Introducing two of my favorite new products. I’m sure that the both of these have existed for years but they’ve just recently come into my life, so I thought I’d share!

We’ve all heard of soy milk when replacing lactose-rich dairy milk. I choose to limit my soy intake and to be honest, my rare indulgence of sushi, miso and edamame exceeds my preferred consumption. So years ago, I turned to almond milk and then after my adventures through Asia, fell in love with coconut milk. On the shelves now days, you can find oat, rice, quinoa, flax and even hemp milk!

Almond has a partner in crime in my culinary dreams due to the unique flavor that this product has to offer. It’s creamy, extremely smooth and has a flavor that seems to compliment both sweet and savory dishes. I’ve used it veggie plates, baked goodies, smoothies and my favorite, simply adding it to my warm tea or coffee. Good morning!

Introducing my newest buddy…. Cashew milk!


Next up is a tasty form of the coconut. This little nutrient powerhouse comes from a nut tree (even though it’s not actually in the nut family) and provides an incredible list of health benefits. So what did I find? It’s not oil, not toasted, but puréed!


When you first open it, you’ll see the natural separation between the coconut flesh and oil. I like to use both for a variety of uses so I scoop out the firm oil and store it in a different container. You can see the texture comparison between the two.




Top 3 favorite things I do with the coconut manna (besides just put a chunk in my mouth straight from the jar).

#1- Mix it right in my coffee or tea… with the cashew milk! If you have time and want to get a little fancy, throw it in a blender or bullet and watch the froth develop!
Put the mixture above with some greek yogurt and freeze it. Oh my!

#2- Add it into oatmeal. It makes for a slightly sweetened addition without using any other sugars. Sprinkle some crushed walnuts on top and I dare you not to want seconds!
Combine raw oats, coconut, honey and nut butter of your choice to make energy enhancing cookies.

#3- Use it for stir fry. I tend to favor the curry dishes… Mmmhmm, you know that’s delicious!

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