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It wasn’t just the package

I’ve found a new item to add to my quirky list of edibles. It’s been around for ages and finally has found it’s way to me! I wasn’t told about it nor did I read about it in some Dr. Doozy list of “top miracle health products nobody has ever heard of”.  I was walking the isles of the local Massy (a popular chain grocery store here) snooping like I do, when something caught my eye. 

Take a look at that package… I’ve never seen seaweed look like this before! (Make sure you read the previous sentence with a high pitched sarcastic tone).

STEP 1: Stare at the package again… for the instructions.

Rinse and soak 


STEP 3: Remove from the fridge and hold it up to the light. Inspect the curious looking monster in the container that you’re supposedly going to eat.

Boil for 20 min and strain. This is when the recipes can vary a bit.  My minimal research shows that some of the more popular dishes are sweet and aim towards a pudding desert-like substance. I’m going to make a veggie cake(ish) creation, so bare with me.

STEP 5: Blend it up with enough water until there are no lumpy plant chunks. Note, it expands during this process! 


Put this mess aside and bring out your other ingredients.  Here’s what I’m playing with today: butternut squash, sweet potato, egg, coconut milk, kale, vanilla, turmeric, ginger, ground flax seeds, cayenne pepper, himalayan salt and a splash of palm sugar. 

I have no measurements for you as I generally just pinch here, dash that, pour more and finish with a shoulder shrug.  I suppose if I master a phenomenal flavor, I’ll then post a proper recipe.  



STEP 7: Combine everything together with no method to the madness.  Just shove the ingredients in a blender and let ‘er rip!


Realize you forgot to preheat your oven and rush over to get it started. Then lightly oil a baking dish and poor in the mixture.


STEP 9: Bake until you can stick and remove a clean toothpick from the center.  If you’re like me, this is when you should crank up the heat to brown the edges a bit more. 

Final step is to remove the strange looking green cake-like dish and let it cool.  You don’t have to worry about anyone sneaking a bite because well, look at it.  


If you choose to eat it warm out of the oven, I suggest pouring a bit of coconut milk (or your milk of choice) over the top and eating it like a pudding.  You can see the texture of the warm version in the top photo.  

If you put it in the fridge, the seamoss will set up and turn the dish into more of a brownie texture (in the bottom picture).   

A few other of my favorite edibles can be seen in Coconut and cashew, yes please and My favorite Cambodian dish.  Cheers to the open road, new flavors and a creative kitchen!


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I eat my leftovers first.

Well friends, turns out I love food. If you’ve been following for long, you’ve witnessed what seemed to be the endless exploring of several different markets and the entertaining lessons during cooking classes.



I’d like to share something that I’ve been doing for years and I’m sure there are many people out there who have had a similar ideas. My grandma’s “refrigerator soup” for example, is all the left overs from the fridge into a pot that magically turns into some sort of tasty stew. My version uses fresh ingredients, that in most households gets pushed aside or discarded to waste.

I now realize that I’ve never given it a name, so here’s my version of “leftovers”. (I’ll have to give it an appropriate title someday).

On this beautiful afternoon I was playing with spinach, cilantro and beet leaves for a salad to pair with garlic roasted butternut squash. Don’t you wish that was the goodness I was sharing? Sorry, recipes will come later. This post is about recycling the part of the herb or veggie that doesn’t get used in the common meal!

Step one: Clean your scrumptious items and cut what you’d like to use for your proper dish. Put that bulk section aside for whatever you got them for in the first place.



Step two: Place all of the stems, guts, limbs, leaves, ends, crumbs and other miscellaneous unwanted parts into a pot with a little water.




Step 3: Add any other veggies from your stash that need to be used before they go bad. Even throw in some seasonings if you want. Today I tossed in the outer edge of an onion and a few garlic cloves that I had laying around. Also, to add some density, I added a few cubes of the uncooked squash.





Turmeric fun facts: (Maybe not fun, but useful… You should look into it)
There are countless internal health benefits of Turmeric – anti inflammatory, diabetes control, liver detox, weight management, reduction in cancer growth, boosts immune system, aids digestion, preventive powers with Alzheimer’s…the list goes on! However, did you know that it’s also a natural antiseptic and antibacterial? If you have a cut or burn, you can sprinkle turmeric powder on the affected area to speed up the healing process.

Step 4: Simmer just long enough to barely soften all of the goodies. (We’ve all been told not to overcook vegetables in order to maintain as much of the nutrients as possible, right?).



Step 5: Let cool, especially if you’re going to be using plastic. Follow by launching (or gently scooping) your veg-o-chaos into a mixer including the flavorful broth left behind. Blend it up!



What to do with it now? Purée it for a sauce, let it be the base for a pasta dish or maybe mix it in with brown rice and kidney beans. Usually I would top my soup off with the roasted seeds from above, however on this day, I ate them right out of the oven. Typical.


To be honest, my usual routine consists of eating a majority of it straight from the mixer then saving the “leftovers” for the main course. Yes mom, I know… You should never eat standing up. I’m working on it”.

Happy leftover cooking to you!


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