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Bridgetown Vs Bridgetown Market

Located on the southwest coast, Bridgetown is the capital city (and only city) in Barbados.  Like most cities in the world, you’ll find an array of contrasts within the busy streets. New cars and old bikes, historical sights next to booming businesses. There are street vendors selling colorful fruit, fresh veggies, snacks and random trinkets […]

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The Folsom Farmers Market

If you’ve been following long enough, you’ll know it’s very likely to find me in a local market sampling any and every thing that’s offered. I love food. This round of staying in California placed me living a short distance from the local farmers market. For the first time I was a tourist in my […]

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Hanoi – A day in the streets & the market by night!

I found that when I was walking the streets of Hanoi, the energy from the locals was constantly sending me mixed signals. Food venders on the street might greet you when you smile into their bowl of mystery items and others pretend as if you don’t exist. Many tuk tuk drivers will offer you a […]

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The Siem Reap Night Market and a Mad Monkey!

“Home” for a couple nights, was a hostel just situated in walking distance from everything we needed. The Mad Monkey Hostel has a restaurant, swimming pool, common area and a sand bar on the rooftop terrace. Excluding the smell in our room and the Aussie’s partying next door all night, it was comfortable, easy and […]

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On your MARKET, get set… Go!

Lets talk about a worldwide shared interest, a magnet for gatherings and one of my favorite subjects, food! Sweet, salty, fresh, raw, baked, grilled, fried, roasted, frozen, blended, puréed and homemade… We love it! I’ve been extremely fortunate to have experienced the cuisine of several different countries and oh how they differ! Since I have […]

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Markets, street food and exploring (eating) the unknown!

Shoes on, empty tummy and friends to join! Open your eyes and let us welcome you to the streets of Cusco! One hard boiled egg next to a baked potato topped with a green chile sauce… Yes please! Our curiosity finally got to us after passing by this bucket mounted with what looked like a […]

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Temple festival to a night market… What a day!

Even though there’s no secret pass word or handshake to get through the entrance, I was still honored to partake in this day at a festival in a temple. If I was traveling without a local, I would of been a bit hesitant to shuffle on in and check it out, but after being invited, […]

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Coming back with a confession…

So I had a baby…. like 15 months ago. (CONFESSION: she’s over 2 now to give you an idea of how long it’s taken me to finally publish this post). This article may not relate to all of you, but for some reason, I thought to write about this topic in hopes that someone out […]

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Friday Fitness #11 – The Dirty dozen and Clean 15!

Every year, a list of the “Dirty Dozen,” are announced to the public. This consists of the top (or bottom rather) 12 fruits and vegetables that have the highest amount of pesticides when grown conventionally versus organically. When testing, the Environmental Working Group uses 40,900 samples for 47 different produce. So if you’re not going to […]

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First “Friday Fitness” post!

JOIN ME! I’ll be posting every Friday on our journey to a healthier state of mind, body and reaching personal best! There’ll be realistic weekly goals to challenge ourselves with and tools to help accomplish them! I’ll be sharing my voyage with recipes, workout ideas, struggles, successes and (the dreaded) transitional before/after photos. It’s time. […]

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