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On the road again!

After 8 months in Folsom, we were preparing to make our journey from California to Florida. First step was to sell our beloved Toyota 4Runner and purchase a “grownup” vehicle, a family friendly, fuel efficient, safe and reliable Subaru Crosstrek.

In the meantime, we had been looking into renting a Uhaul trailer to tow all of our belongings and after weeks of research, we (he) decided to build a trailer on his own to save cash and have something we can keep… and let’s admit it, it was a cool project for captain construction to have some fun with 😉 I’ll admit I was a little hesitant in the beginning but as time passed it proved to be perfect! I’m so proud.

Ok, so we’re packed, loaded and ready to go! Looking at the car-trailer photo from above makes me giggle knowing that everything we own is in that picture (excluding Matts surf boards). We have so much to be grateful for and so minimal to worry about. Beautiful!

The last time we made this trip (in reverse) we took the northern route through Nevada, Utah, Colorado and then on. This time we chose to go south to visit a few friends along the way and see some new scenery. First stop was in Riverside (Southern California) to see Craigg! You’ll recognize him from his first trip to Barbados, my time in Japan and most recently at our wedding.

Next up was Phoenix to hug Christie and John! Another bundle of joy that you’d recognize from Doing work in the AZ and also our wedding!

There really wasn’t anybody from Arizona to Oklahoma so we just made a quick overnight stop in New Mexico and woke up to get to my dads house for bedtime.

Our time in Oklahoma was short and sweet but allowed for a solid catch up with our family and announce the gender of our little one! We gave all 5 siblings a can of silly string and let them unload on us. Too much fun!

After Oklahoma we made what should of been a quick trip to Arkansas but considering we stopped every hour for the prego to pee, it took us far longer than expected. Sorry babe. The photo below is me attempting to get comfortable with a pregnancy pillow that was gifted to us. Epic fail… but we eventually made it to beautiful Hot Springs!

More cousins and tons of love greeted us on our final extended stay of the trip.

We made it to our last stop of Baton Rouge, Louisiana in which the camera regrettably didn’t leave our bags. I have no picture highlighting our visit with Matts grandparents (Maw Maw and Paw Paw) but it was short, sweet and full of homemade cookin! Early the following morning we said our goodbyes and put home in the GPS. Final destination, Miramar Beach, Florida!

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“Doing work in the AZ” (words by Christie)

Although this post is mainly snap shots of the weekend, it holds a special place in my memory. On the way back across the country (working my way towards the east coast to fly south again), I made a pit stop in Phoenix Arizona to visit some friends. Here’s a quick recap of the personalities that I got to spend Super Bowl weekend with.

I’ll start with the owner of this new home, a girl I met playing with finger paint and Elmer’s glue back in kindergarten, Christie. This woman will add laughter and life to any gathering. With her sarcastic sense of humor delivered with pure love, she keeps those around her on their toes and usually running to the nearest bathroom doing the “potty dance”.
Here we are at age 5 together (rockin some rad hair) followed by a recent picture of her (rockin some rad hair). Thanks for letting me “play” with your golden locks lady!




Next up is Nate. The bodyguard, the the big kid and in my opinion a teddy bear disguised as a solid rock. This is why he makes an incredible travel partner! The first two pictures are from our trip to Europe a couple of years ago, followed by his “character” shot from the weekend. Love this guy!




Then there’s Hayden, I’ve known this fella for a solid 10, wait… over 15 years! To this day, he still has the ability to make me smile no matter what the circumstance. Unfortunately I don’t have any Jr.High pictures available, but if you focus on the two middle boys in the picture below, on the left is Michael (the owner of the bar I visited in Argentina) and to the right (the other red head), is Hayden.
Side note: Look forward to more posts of these two fine gentleman as they plan to hike Machu Picchu with me this year!


I’ll wrap up the friend descriptions with Christies perfect match, John. He happens to be my definition of “kind hearted”. I felt at home right away with this gorgeous power duo.


So it begins. Here is the house during construction followed by a weekend of playing in the dirt!








Did I mention that I love rocks?


A moment with my lady!



Break time with the crew as we take a quick road trip to prep for the Super Bowl!




What’s this? The ice-cream man! For all if my friends abroad who didn’t get the amazing childhood luxury of an ice cream truck, imagine this… A jolly man in a decorated vehicle driving around your local neighborhood. He’s playing familiar cheerful music that attracts children (and me) for a pick of any frozen dessert they desire! As creepy as it sounds when I describe it, it’s actually a very fond memory! Who didn’t love chasing down a van full of sugar?



I thought this was a fun idea to fill the void of an empty building.




Back home and getting ready for the big day. Food, drinks and far away friends? Check!
(Thank you for the great pictures Christie!)




Cartoons on for the small kids? Game on for the big kids? Check. Youngest follower looking at my blog? Excellent!




Appropriate dress attire? Not a chance.


A day of smiles with new and old friends for Super Bowl… Perfect.


What a sunset to finish up this brilliant weekend!



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