Body talk… are you listening?

There’s a health fair that’s made a beginning here in Barbados and I’m so thankful to have been here for it! Introducing natural products that many have known for centuries and are bringing to light for the general public.  From homemade soaps to herbs and teas, there was an abundunce of goodies to look through.   

What glorious health-promoting event would be complete without a yoga demonstration by experienced, radiant instructers?  What I didn’t capture was this lovely lady in a superwoman position propped up on the bare feet of another amazing yogi. Stimulating stuff for sure!

 I was impressed with the variety of body work represented.  Soul healing, basic massage, acupressure, Reiki, chinese medicine… and that’s just to name a few!   


As I walked home from this small event, I had the conscious thought of massive gratitude… being exactly where I needed to be at that very moment in time.  New friends that I was supposed to encounter, rejuvenating energy that I was in much need of and a bit more fuel for my fire of open minded experiences. 

Favorite sight of the day?  Naturally…  

Tomorrow will be my favorite place to get local fruit, veggies, snacks and smiles.  Off to the Holders Market with hopes to see the same vendors in years past!

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