The little boy in blue

This was a fun post to compose since I wrote everything as it was happening right in front of me. Wonderful memories… Enjoy!

Her Happy Trails

I sit on a bench for a brief moment to look around to take it all in. My heart is racing, most likely due to the fact that I ran here, but I’d like to give a little credit to the idea that maybe at this point in time… I’m connected. I’m in Japan at a park in total peace. I am in the present.

I look to my right and just across the way is a group of 7 elderly Japanese people. 5 are looking directly at me with no expression and the other 2 seem concentrated in what appears to be a deep conversation. Next to them is a young boy in a bright blue helmet, that matches his royal blue bike. Attached are training wheels proudly boasting blue shiny wheels. Where are his parents? Probably watching him do the same tiny circular loop that Ive been observing.

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One thought on “The little boy in blue

  1. Jill

    You really need to be a writer. You right so visual.

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