Return to Club Suyai Wari!

After playing in the dirt and enjoying breakfast with the students, it was now time for the homework help, art and crafts, and anything else that kept them intrigued.

Real quick, I want to toot my own horn with the childish excitement I had when seeing my old painting still on the wall. Here is was in the process and finished last year…



…and it’s still here!


The kids arrived after school and were definitely ready for some quality time. These students aren’t orphans or homeless, just often times in need of positive attention. Traditionally, they go to school then wander the village or help their parents by farming or selling goods on the street. We’re here to supervise them being “kids” while directing their energy towards learning new skills to benefit their future.

All righty adorable little sponges, lets play! Option one is using your small motor skills and an imagination by playing with building blocks and hand braiding jewelry.






For the older group, homework help and a game of memory with English words.


Have more energy? Head outside for a game of fútbol!


Hungry or not, everyone loves chocolate cake!





Boys will be boys…





…and girls will be girls.



Once we played around the house for a bit, a few of the kids finally recognized that I was a familiar face. We had a little fun looking through old photos and comparing last years smiles to the present.


To see these precious faces last year with the unforgettable experience I had with them, click here for the direct link to that post.

For more information about Club Suyai Wari, please check out their website at

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2 thoughts on “Return to Club Suyai Wari!

  1. wanderingpears

    Hi, do you have an email address as their website isn’t working. We are in Peru and would love to get involved. Thanks

  2. Robin

    I’m now going to share in your joy in volunteering. Today was my 1st day as a volunteer at Kaiser Roseville and I loved it!

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